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March 12, 2013 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Assalamualaikum Spring!

The best feeling of the season is when you have extra companions to talk to :)

I still remember someone special once said to me when we walked together in Adršpach, a famous nature reserve here in Czech.

"Pokok-pokok ni semuanyaaaa makhluk Allah. Diorang ni tak pernah berhenti berzikir, memuji kebesaran Allah. Kita ni pun kan makhluk Allah. Jadi, kita pun kena la selalu berzikir, ingat kat Allah selalu tak kira masa kita susah atau senang"

I love spring, really! I really appreciated the beauty of flowers that Allah has give me chance to enjoy them. The self-feeling (a.k.a. perasan -_-') assuming that they always smile to me and greet me in the morning every time I wake up really make my day :) The calm feeling that I get after a whole tired day of studying and feel like they are whispering to me, "You have done good job today!"

It sounds crazy enough to hear people talking to plants. But I know they can listen. Love them, and they will love you. Who knows, they will always pray for you too. Wah, it is a bonus!

The greatest feeling of all is when they always remind me of Him. SubhanAllah :)

Ad-Deen, Buzulucka

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