Warsaw, Poland (Part 3)

February 21, 2014

2nd day - it was raining slightly in the morning; gloomy - dark, heavy clouds, unclear sky. Haih, what to do, we need to continue the journey. Tapi indahnya kalau dapat sambung tidurrrr. 


We missed the bus again. It was not our fault, but that bus driver! How could he drove away a minute earlier from the stated time? T___T Spent 20minutes at the bus stop, yeah maybe Allah wanted to remind me that I have not read al-Mathurat yet. Alhamdulillah. Aha, I guess most of us know what is al-Mathurat, right? It is like compilation of du'a that we can recite everyday - morning and evening. :) Macam du'a beri kesihatan yang baik, du'a mintak Allah jagakan kita sepanjang hari. Try it, you will feel peace after that. Really. 

The destination today, Lazienki Krolewskie (Lazienki Park), the largest park in Warsaw. What is interesting about the park? It was involved during Warsar Uprising which I mentioned in previous post - a bit destroyed. But the park and the palace were reconstructed after World War II.  

It is really big; 67 hectares! For sure, we did not go to every inch of the park. ;p

Chopin Monument.
If Austria is famous with its Schubert and Mozart, Poland is significant with Chopin; a pianist.

What I love about going to park - is the preserved nature itself. Being in four-seasons country; it is meaningless if I don't appreciate the changes in all four seasons. And now it is winter here (ending soon, I guess) - the trees with no leaves, depend totally on Allah to survive. Well, we learn about what the trees need in order to live? Water, sunlight etc. It is just amazing to see how the look-like-dying-trees start to bloom again when the spring is around the corner. :)

".....Not a leaf falls but that He knows it...... - 6:59

Do you know the exact amount of leaves in this world? We don't even know the exact amount of our own hairs!

MashAllah, He is the Greatest. He knows everything - the thing we express it out loud and also anything we kept to our heart with nobody knows about it. Except Him. 

Journey to Poland will not be completed if we do not go to this kind of restaurant. Polish cuisine - the one that I can suggest; because I have try it - is the pierogi (dumplings). I'm not sure why they are considered to be traditional cuisine - as I thought dumpling is more famous in Asia - maybe China? 

Just try it, yeah. More that 5 menu for vegetarians - so, you can just order each of them and experience the taste. :) Yummy. And healthy too; if you asked to boil them instead of fry. :p haha

Pierogi - cheese

I would like to declare one thing about a part of my previous post - eating meat in Poland. I just read news about there will be no more halal and kosher slaughter methods used there. Plus in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

Reference - http://www.worldbulletin.net/news/128887/denmark-to-ban-halal-and-kosher-slaughter-methods

Yeah, my travelogue to Warsaw, Poland will end here. Alhamdulillah for the journey of improving myself. 

Warsaw; it may look like a modern city; maybe like Kuala Lumpur - but it worth going if you set your niat right, insyaAllah. 

Lets discover the other parts of Poland soon! <3

Ad-Deen, Buzulucka

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