[PFTW] | No. 1 & 2 | Canada & Malaysia

February 21, 2016

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I have fun collecting postcards from where ever I go. And now I think it's time to exchange postcards with others :) 

So, after I get to know Wak Tiga Lalat's blog, he introduced me to postcrossing.com. Actually, I am easily influenced by amazing stuffs like this. Go check out his blog, lots of postcards exchanged between him and the rest of world! :D

Anyway, I have already received my first postcard via postcrossing.com! :) 

[PFTW] | No. 1 & 2 | Canada & Malaysia

The first one is from Karilyn, Canada. She sent a postcard with beautiful pictures of wildlife in Canada. Her favorite are polar bears. :) I love polar bears too, but I prefer penguin over bears. Hehe

Reading this, suddenly I remembered an milk advertisement about 'polar bears do not eat penguin'. I bet we all know why :D For me, thanks to Anmum, I knew that fact from the advertisement itself.

I found some beautiful facts about them. 

From what I read, we have 2 hemispheres - northern (Arctic areas) and southern (Antarctica). We can only find polar bears in the norther hemispheres while penguin in the other one :)

"Arctic" is actually a Greek word for "bear".
"Antarctica" is "the opposite of bear (ant-arctica)" which also means "opposite of the Arctic".

[PFTW] | No. 1 & 2 | Canada & Malaysia

And this one is from Wak! :D

I always look forward for this kind of postcards. You can easily know fun facts of the country, any special occasion, famous people, suggested places to go etc etc etc.

Do you know that the world's largest roundabout is located in Putrajaya with 3.4 kilometers of length! 


Thank you, Karilyn & Wak. :)

Have a nice day, guys!

p/s - PFTW means postcards from the world. 

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