Halal Pizza in Hradec Kralove, Czech

February 17, 2017

The feeling of being able to eat pepperoni happily in Czech!

Wow, this was a story from 2 weeks ago. But, I would love to share it here in case any Muslims coming to Hradec Kralove soon, hopefully this post can be helpful. 

We were in a cafe one fine day, not only my group studying for Internal Medicine, there was also my friends from the other group doing discussion on Obstetrics & Gynecology (O&G). 

Cross Cafe is a nice place to discuss as we can talk without worrying about other people. Warm place, serving good coffees, soups, cakes when we are literally 'shopping' for every meal. 

Feeling hungry, just go to the cashier and order anything.

Lovely people through thick and thin :) Love you guysssss, so much!

Then, some of us planned to have pizza for lunch. We thought many different ways how to sneak the pizza into the cafe hahaha. Unfortunately none of us have any food containers with us. And the pizza box was way too big and obviously other people would realize it. The smell too....

Well, we learned that it is quite inappropriate to take meals from one restaurant and eat them in another restaurant. 

So, we packed our stuffs and went to the pizza restaurant. Hmm I am not sure to consider it as restaurant or a simple kiosk or a small shop?

They also make pizza on request :)

It is a small place, used to be a fruits & vegetables store. I don't have any idea since when they renovated this place, obviously as this store is not in the route I take every day. 

The concept of this store is we can buy slices of pizza or the whole pizza. A whole pizza has 6 slices. The size of a slice of pizza is about our palm of hand with extended fingers. Haha, ignore the descriptions. If we just want to buy few slices, just choose the one that is displayed. But if you want the whole pizza, you can order anything you want. 

I hope I understand this correctly :)

Na rajcatove omacce (tomato sauce), Na smetane (cream)

One thing that make us curious is menu number 4 - šunková, which means ham. And ham, I think you know what it is. But, it is not the ham that we think about.

Just like we have hamburger in Malaysia, does not mean the ham is that ham

That's it. Although I am not sure how the Czechs will react to this ham-but-not-ham thing, but I am so happy to have any meats, sausages on my pizza! Wohooo. 

European style of eating - no seats.

The pizzas were delicious! A bit salty for me. But I would love to have pizza occasionally like this. :) And I don't know why I usually crave for pizza during exam period. T_T 

There was one time I ordered the vegetarian pizza for myself, of course I distributed them into different meals. Literally a day of pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner. And 1-2 slices to my housemate as well. 

Oh yea, they also give few cents discount to Muslims!

p/s - Maryam and I are thinking of doing a vlog on how Muslims live in Czech / Prague / Hradec Kralove. Hopefully we will have free time to make it into reality :D

HK, Czech

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