Happiness Is When...

February 27, 2017

I came across this beautiful verse while reading few inspirational stories. Recently there was a recommended video on my YouTube feeds that I was very attracted to click and watch. 

1. "Happiness is when we can make others happy."

Have we realized that, when we are going through hardship or difficulties in our own life, there are some points we really would like to forget for a moment that we are actually in hardship / difficulties. Escapism; getting tired to talk about our problems, our physical deficits or our debts that we are in. And even, We would like to escape for a moment by not thinking about all those things. Then, we seek for someone with hope that they can give us a sense of being normal again.

But, trust me, the moment you said you don't want to think about something, is when you will continuously think about it. 

Be happy, be a person who can find joy in the life despite extremely difficult circumstances.


By entering joy to the heart of others. 
By bringing joy to a person's life.

Happiness is when we can make others happy

2. The idea of be able to smile.

I read a Razanah's blog post on how a simple 'Assalamualaikum' can change the aura of the conversation or affect the feeling of someone who is being greeted with it. Same goes to smile. A smile can means anything.

There is a smile that can cover all the troubles someone's living with.
Some people smile with a threat to another people. *gelakjahat* *senyumsinis*
There's a lot behind that smile. 

But there is a smile or even laughter that can change a person's day and change his life altogether. Who knows when we smile to other person, it can transform a horrible day for him into a lovely one. 

3. "Smile is an emotional gift, given and received by hearts."

When we smile at a person who is in great trouble, sometimes we are actually giving hope that there is something more that the problems that he can look forward to. To someone who think he is a burden to the society or he is not valuable, by smiling, we are actually giving chance to him to feel like we enjoy his company and we love meeting with them. 

"Smile on the face of your brother is charity" - Al-Tirmidhi, Sahih Ibn Hibban

A smile does not require any language. There's no English smile, American smile, Asian smile. We can simply communicate with a smile. 

Happiness is when we can make others happy.
Meaningful picture to me. :) How can you describe this? Drop your comments hihi.

4. How much does a smile cost you? 

Oh, maybe some contraction of our facial muscles. Haha

Think about when we enter our house after a long day of work. 
Think about the moment we get into the car, fetched by our father. 
Think about when we greet our parents during Skype video calls. 

Did we brought our misery at school or workplace as the first thing when we come back home. Why is it important to check this thing? 

It can set the way on how the rest of the day will go. And it can end up with arguments and fights. 

Think about if we greet them with happiness and smile, with few kind words. T_T It will usually be a good start. We can always share our sadness, our bad day afterwards with a calm heart in a comfortable scenario. 


We give to others what we want Allah give it to us. :)

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