When You Shine Brightly, But...

April 21, 2017

The weather is playing tricks lately. 

I have experienced a beautiful sunny day, just right after heavy morning rain. There was once, the city's sky delivered us hail stones instead of snow in other cities.... in spring. Yes, it was snowing in few cities to the south of Czech! Haha. 

It is sunny right now. It looks very warm outside from the position I am writing this post, sitting on the bed while looking out of my rooftop windows. But, when I try to open the window... ouch, the cold wind suddenly blows onto my bare face. Checking the forecast right after that, hahaha no wonder. 

-2 but shiny and 70% chance of rain tonight... wow

Seems like I need to postpone my morning run again. There were few times, I went out running without checking the weather... I don't think I want to repeat those days. :p

I have been eating too much sweets lately... cakes, pastries, cookies, brownies. T_T My bad for not being able to constrain myself. My tummy is full but I really want to chew something. Something is wrong with my satiety center, maybe.... 

But, the smell of these food in the cafe is sooooo tempting!
And the weather is cold enough to have more food inside of me. :p

Banyak betul alasan.

Just few days ago, somewhere in Sumava mountain, Czech.


I happened to read an article on How to Keep Your Light Bright by Kate, not really sure how I managed to be on this website but well, we have no idea where this virtual Internet world will lead us. :p

This article is about how a girl (maybe we can call her Nur) used to fancy her first girl crush (Siti) and felt like that crush was simply adorable, perfect, wonderful... generally Siti was something special. Until one point, Nur felt very uneasy to be around Siti. It is not like she hates Siti or something, just Nur felt inferior in comparison with Siti. 

I believe each of us have this feeling at least once in our life. 

In that article, you can read how the writer shared about plans she could do to deal with the feeling, how to escape the feeling of being outshone and what she finally did to overcome the situation.

“It does’t matter how rich, how pretty, how clever or how bright you are, there will always always be someone bigger and better than you.” - her dad.

When you already shine brightly, but you don't feel that way.
When you already shine brightly, but you think other people outshone you.
When you already shine brightly, but you fear you are not special in every single thing.

Take few minutes of our life daily to think about how we have encountered that day. Think about good things we have done, not to forget bad attitudes that we can improve ourselves. 


The writer said at the end of the article, it depends on us to value ourselves. Know that we are special, love ourselves in the best possible way. If we can't feel that way, maybe we need to do something to shine as bright as others - in our own ways, our own capabilities.  

Well, I agree, human will never satisfy with what we have and we tend to keep comparing. From one point, it is good not to stay in the comfort zone as we will keep improving ourselves. But, from another point, I bet we will get tired to be deeply jealous with other people. 

They have flaws, so are we. 
They have specialties, trust me, we have them too! 

Love ourselves, okay?
Love others as well :)

p/s - Salam Jumaat and have an awesome weekend, everyone!

HK, Czech

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