Breathe by Beni Rusani | Book Review

January 30, 2018

While in preparation with all documents needed to start working, I am so happy I managed to read this book. I mean, another non-academic book. Haha is it really non-academic, Nina? I bet there are lots of medical knowledge inside it. :D

I just knew Popular (at least in AEON Klebang) does not sell Breathe by Beni Rusani. Don't really understand why this bookstore prefer this way, Doesn't the store know this is one of the best-selling books? I ended up buying it from MPH in AEON Kinta City. Funny isn't it, how Ipoh itself has three AEON malls!

Breathe by Beni Rusani | Book Review
Front cover.

: Breathe
Author: Beni Rusani
Pages: 260
Publisher: WhiteCoat Enterprise
Publication Date: April 2017


Basically, it is about Dr. Adam who is now a cardiologist working in National Heart Institute. And ironically a cardiologist suffered a heart attack while he was jogging. The book reminisces Adam's current situations and his memories back in 2003+- when he was a houseman (junior doctor who just start working)

This book also covers his love life, friendships, colleagues and a bit on family. 

Breathe by Beni Rusani | Book Review
Back cover.


A simple (yet complicated) story but a very interesting one as it is medical-related and I managed to understand most of the terms, diseases, managements mentioned in this novel. 

1. Life as a houseman.
It will be my life very soon. Just around the corner. In this novel, I can imagine how blur it will be on the very first day of working. Unsure what to do, where to go etc. But, I can observe how Dr. Adam struggled to maintain to be there, in his shoes as a houseman.

Be ready to admit that I lack clinical experiences.
Be ready to accept the fact that I need to learn hard and smart with all procedures - not on mannequins but real patients.
Improve and remember basic ideas on everything I do.

  • "Practice and practice until you bleed. It'll make you a better doctor." - Prof. Black
  • "Remember our mantra: See one. Do one. Teach one." - Mad Doc
  • "Your eye bags are not imperfections. It's a testimony to your hard work and dedication to your profession." - Prof. Black

Breathe by Beni Rusani | Book Review
Life goal.

2. Move on. 
Really. Easier said than done.

Move on in this case does not only mean letting go of failed relationship. 
But, letting go all the failure, mistakes in life.

Doctors witness death almost every single day. From medical staffs point of view, I can understand how many doctors I've met admit that they end up losing the normal reaction towards death - patients' death. I am a bit afraid to be like that as well. 

In this novel, we can appreciate how doctors actually cannot move on from their patients' deaths. Especially their very first one. T_T It basically give huge impact in their own life, even for the experienced doctors - losing patient after trying everything he can do - can be torturing. 

  • "To enter the light, you have to let go of your past."
  • "Someone I look up to once told me, horrible things could happen in medicine. Patients can die on us. We must learn from it and move on. So we can help the next patients."
  • "Forgiving others seemed easy while forgiving yourself was hard."

There are many more life lessons I can extract from this book. But, I think these two are enough for me now. :)

Pray that I will be a competent doctor.
Pretty please <3

My rating: ★★★★★

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