Sunset from My Apartment

January 14, 2020

Have I told you I love being at high place? It can be on the mountains, on the hilly roads... even my previous house in Czech was on the 4th floor - rooftop one. 

Now, I am also staying in an apartment unit, on 5th floor, luckily provided with lift. ;)

Though, I think staying in this kind of housing is only suitable for small family or a couple, as there are the bad sides of it - like it is quite hard to buy lots of groceries, limited car parking, no private area for gardening on the ground etc. 

But it is still okay for now :) Alhamdulillah, at least I got this beautiful view. 

Would love to further describe about the good things and the challenges of staying in apartments etc :)

What kind of housing you would love to try? 

For me, I want to try a proper condominium with lots of facilities like gym, pool etc. Maybe when we are blessed with more kids, we are going to settle down with on ground houses later anyway. :)

Seri Manjung, Perak, Malaysia

3 Tips to Get More Cashback via Touch 'n Go eWallet

January 11, 2020

I am a big fan of eWallet. Maybe because I prefer not to bring lots of cash or to withdraw money as well. Or maybe because my phone is always with me. Before the wave of eWallet, I prefer paying via debit card and credit card. Credit card is very tricky if you can't control yourself from impulsive shopping though.

Anyway, Chinese New Year is around the corner, we can expect quite a number of 'promotions' is ongoing. But since I am not that shopaholic, I don't mind much about the sale. -_-' Just, few promotions via Touch 'n Go that attract my eyes are those involve groceries shopping or daily stuffs like toiletries, petrol etc. 

In Manjung, I prefer getting my groceries from Tesco and TF, while my husband loves to do so from AEON. Haha, big difference tho. I always have the idea that buying groceries from AEON is only for rich people. But to my surprise, after spending few times doing so with my husband, it is not really true, as long as you know when to buy, do good price comparisons and make full use of AEON member card/day :)

These are 3 tips I would like to share with you on how I make full use of cashback via TNG eWallet. Maybe you guys already know about it, let's embrace the similarities of idea together :) hehe

1. Pay in two different transactions.

  • Check how much you need to spend to get the cashback. 
    • Tesco - spend RM60 to get RM8 cashback.
    • TF - spend RM80 to get RM8.88 cashback.
    • Giant - spend RM60 to get RM6.88 cashback.
    • 99 Speedmart - spend RM40 to get RM8 cashback. 
  • Divide our groceries into two part - usually Haziq will pay via his TNG eWallet and I will pay the other half. So, after 3 days, we can get at least 2x the cashback (one of each of us). Looks complicated, but who does not want at least RM16 (RM8 x 2)  for free?

2. Buy in two separate days.

  • Check how many transactions you can do per month AND within the promotion period - usually 1-2x per promotion period.
  • Since I love walking around the mall (usually to spend time at the bookstore), I decided to buy stuffs in 2 separate days. This usually happen when Haziq is working and I am on my off day. I am not strong enough (anymore) to buy lots of groceries at the same time, so divide them into two phases is my alternative. Another point contributing to this is currently we are staying in an apartment, which makes me a bit difficult to bring back all the items I've bought to my unit. T_T Berat mak aiiii.

3. Buy from different stores.
  • Maybe it is a bit tricky if you need to face traffic jam to do so. While in Manjung, all stores/supermarkets are quite close to each other. So, I don't really mind to do so. 

Anyway, that's all.

Do share your tips to get more cashback (it can be via other medium too - Boost, Grab Pay etc). 

I just learned that Shopback is a good one too as it can be connected to Boost :D Since then, whenever I am paying with Boost, I will make sure I pay via Shopback-Boost, just to get more cashback :)

All in all, I still believe these eWallets should be used within our budget, please don't simply buy more than we need just for the sake of getting more cashback kay? 

Seri Manjung, Perak, Malaysia.

Eat Out | Black Canyon

January 9, 2020

Due to our limited free time together, usually we will spend our free hours at the beach, at home, at restaurant or at mall etc. It is a bit hard to get out of Manjung when we both have a quite opposite schedule. T_T. Sometimes, on my off day, Haziq will be working either 7am-5pm or 7am-9pm, so we only have few hours before another working day. While, on Haziq's off day, I will be working 7am-7pm or 10am-10pm. 


But, it is okay, I do believe as long as we spend few quality hours together, I feel a bit satisfied at least, even though I am still looking forward for more free times. Most of times, either of us will send a sweet drink to the hospital, just to meet each other. Haha. 

That's a challenge to marry a health care worker, no matter doctors, nurses, MAs etc - the working hours are not fixed at all. 

Anyway, this is one of our dating style (read as eating-and-getting-fat-together-then-regret-our-weight-gain). HEHEHE

6th January 2020
Black Canyon Restaurant, AEON Seri Manjung

One of my favourite restaurant when it comes to air-conditioned restaurants in Manjung. I am not really into fast food, still prefer rice and side dishes etc. Chicken Rice Shop is another good place to eat here. :)

This time, we decided to try other menus instead of the regular ones we usually had. So, here we go.

Roasted Whole Chicken Leg with Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables served with Rice (RM 11.90) - Haziq loves chicken very much lol. He prefer chicken for everyday meals.

Tomyum - a part of set meal. Tomyum at this restaurant is a menu that is highly recommended. It tastes delicious and you will keep craving for more. 

Spicy Stir-Fried Fusilli with Seafood and Hot Basil (RM 11.90) - the taste is a bit weird, maybe because the pasta is a bit dry. Even though I love basil, but this menu will not be in our future list :)

Thai Style "Kway Teow Ladna" with Chicken (RM 9.90) - the gravy soup is not that thick for me, but it is well cooked. Yummy as well :)

Mexican Iced Coffee (RM 11.90) - Haziq really wants to try this, we thought the glass will be a bit bigger (if you see the menu book), but nope, it is maybe around 300ml?

Muka baru balik kerja

Muka post night shift.

My other favourite menus in Black Canyon are:

  • Spicy Seafood Tomyum (RM 15.90)
  • Thai Fragrant Rice (RM 1.90)
  • Minced Chicken with Hot Basil and Fried Eggs (RM 11.90)
  • Stir-Fried Kailan with Salted Fish (RM 9.90)

The price is of course pricey if you compared to normal kedai makan outside. But, trust me, the portion is big enough to share between 3-4 people especially if you order rices and few side dishes. Worth the money with the portion and taste :) 

Other good points:
+ air conditioned
+ clean
+ good and fast service
+ polite staffs 

Till next food review :)

Seri Manjung, Perak, Malaysia

I am The Adventurer (ISFP-T)

January 5, 2020

I was reading a blog post of Ain Soofiyah about her personality and suddenly I wonder about mine. I think I have done the test before, but not really sure what was it. So, I decided to redo the test, well, I have been working for almost 2 years, I assume my personality will be a bit different. 

Summary of my personality based on the further explanation (they explained a lot!) Honestly their words are too beautiful and I can reflect myself a lot, like "woahh, I feel it!", "macam betul je niii."

Happy to Be Who They Are
  • Adventurers are unpredictable, even to their close friends and loved ones - because they love spontaneity.
  • They need time to recharge and during this time, they will reflect themselves then come back as a transformed one.
  • They will find ways to push their passions (more into gambling / extreme sports).
  • Can lose tempers after receiving criticism that are more biting / less mature 

Meaning is in Every Expression of Life
  • Biggest challenge is to plan for the future 
  • It is hard to develop and maintain a new habit, but Adventurers will use their strengths to pursue whatever they've come to love.

Adventurer Strengths
  • Charming - they are relaxed and warm - makes them likable & popular. 
  • Sensitive to others - can easily relates to other's emotions - can minimize conflict
  • Passionate - hahaha this is interesting. It says that when Adventurers are caught up in something exciting and interesting, they can leave everything else in the dust. :D
  • Curious - they need to see and explore first to confirm anything.
  • Artistic - have a way to visualize stuffs. 

Adventurer Weakness
  • Fiercely independent - if anything interfere with freedom of expression, it creates sense of oppression.
  • Unpredictable - tend to actively avoid planning for future - may affect romantic relationship / financial.
  • Easily stressed - they live in full of emotion.
  • Overly competitive - can escalates small things into intense competition, turning down long term success to be happy at the moment
  • Fluctuating self-esteem

Romantic Relationship
  • They prefer to listen than to express
  • If they are accepted for who they are, Adventurers are warm, enthusiastic partners
  • Tend to let partner to lead for long term plans, but they almost never run out of things to do at the moment.
  • Caring and loyal, love finding ways to surprise partners in fun little ways. 
  • Enjoy spending time with partner.
  • Adventurers believe in actions, not words – but it’s crucial that they know their feelings are shared.
Things are unlikely to ever grow stale – even the longest-term partners can be surprised by the secrets Adventurers keep.

  • Love spending time with friends doing casual, fun activities
  • Adventurers’ relaxed, non-judgmental attitudes make it easy for them to get along with others, but it’s not always the same way around.
  • Sensitive and takes time to build enough trust with new friends to open up and feel natural

  • Adventurer personalities’ natural warmth, practicality and relaxed nature help them to settle in and appreciate every moment of joy and hardship that comes with raising a child.
  • People with the Adventurer personality type love fun, hands-on activities, and as their children grow, they’re often encouraged to pick up extra hobbies that revolve around those kinds of activities.
  • Still, need to rely on partner for long term planning for kids.

Career Path
  • Adventurers personalities' greatest need: creative freedom
  • Whether organizing charity events, working with hospitals to make patients’ stays more pleasant, or laying stone to help make a house a home, Adventurers always seem to find a way to make the world a little more beautiful and exciting, and to make a living in the process.

All in all, seems like there are things I can totally relate to myself and quite a number that I don't feel the same. Maybe I should take the test again later. Haha. But, I guess you guys can take the test too, it is interesting to discover ourselves and maybe get to know something new about us too :D

SM, Perak

Best Eight in 2019 - What About 2020?

January 3, 2020

Haha, I was excited to follow the crowd to do this bestnine-thingy, yet to find that I don't even have 9 pictures to complete it. :D

But it was okayy, as all pictures in Instagram for 2019 are the selected one, to remind myself, how good my life has been. Thank you Allah :)

For this 2020, I wish to post and share my reflection more on my blog that has been away from me. I miss writing my self-reflection and actually Instagram is an easier medium to do so, but most of times, I feel my Instagram now is too public for me to share my feelings especially the one related to work. :)

I can't afford to write a long post which I feel really bad for that. I miss the moment I have free time to write. 

Things change. I am looking at the bright side of it, yeay!
Shorter post, but regular one :)

SM, Perak.

Things I Would Love to Improve in 2020

January 1, 2020

Alhamdulillah, we entered another decade. It is 2020, guys! The year I've been looking for since I was a kid. All those 'Wawasan 2020' chants, I believe most of us still remember how excited we were when we need to draw things we imagine in 2020.

2020 means I become a year older, approaching 30's. Of course I feel old, but somehow we need to grow and move forward. We can never rewind the time, except in memories. Thus, I believe, 2020 is the year I would like to restart documenting my life, so I can recall and appreciate all things that going to happen later. :) sure, gonna use them to reflect myself too. 

I started my 2020 in hospital, in which I had my night shift. Didn't have the opportunity to count down, but I was lucky enough to see live fireworks at 11pm (early one I guess). Emergency department (ED) never fail to have guests, I must say. Patients kept coming and cases that I've been expecting were real - those with burns and accidents. In medical setting, we call accidents as alleged MVA (motor vehicle accident) - it can be either motorbike (MB) skidded, motorbike vs motorbike (MB vs MB) etc - trust me, there are so many short forms for medical documentation which are not official but understandable. 

Oh, back to the title, I rarely have new year resolution (I think) as growing older, I learned to put less expectation but still work hard to achieve something if I have put my mind for it.

So, this 2020 may see another part of my planning - to list down things I would love to improve and maybe you can try them too.

1. Prepare proper medications at home.
  • I realised, there are a lot of cases in ED that really do not require patients to see treatment. It is not that the situations are not serious, but we do believe there are few cases that can be observed and proper care at home.
  • For example, you have fever started around 8pm, instead of going to see doctor at 12am (4 hours later), why not you try to take Tablet Paracetamol 1 gram first, then observe the temperature trend. It is way better if we have thermometer at home so that the observation will be way better.

2. Read more.
  • Since I have been binge-buying books during the previous Big Bad Wolf, I have been telling myself to read at least few pages per day OR to finish reading a book within 2-3 weeks. So, by the time the next Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair start, I have solid reason to buy more books.
  • For now, I am controlling myself not to buy books even restrain from entering Popular bookstore. 
  • I decided to read more fictions, as I realized my brain is too tired to consume all facts / reflections in non-fiction books.

3. Travel more.
  • Housemanship is obviously the phase where all junior doctors find it hard to juggle between work and life. After spending at least 10-15hours at work (the formal working hours), I find that my off day is only to be spent for sleeping or lazying around. I am too tired even to think, thus decided to sleep in my comfy duvet. 
  • This year, I would love to plan more trips around Malaysia and to attempt travelling around Asia or maybe Europe. 
  • I would love to plan for umrah again :)

4. To decide on further study plan.
  • I am a family person, even before marriage, I love to spend time with my parents. Just, housemanship restrict me to do so. Even though my working place is just 2 hours away, I am honestly tired to drive and as mentioned before, I prefer sleeping.
  • Studying is a another constraint. When I have spent 3/4 of my day at work, the time I have left is only for sleeping and relaxing. I find it hard to spend hours to do revision like when I used to be a student. I decided that I will try my best to study as much as possible during working hours. It works but honestly I still need to read back all theories - pathophysiology, the side effects, indications & contraindications of each stuffs.
  • Haven't decide yet on which specialty I would like to further. A part of my heart says 'just stay as chronic medical officer' but due to current dilemma in health system, a part of my heart are considering to migrate - in which, I surely need to further my study to secure a better place. 

All in all, I also have a plan to update my blog with at least 2-3 posts per week. Not sure how it is going to be, but will try my best. Short posts should be okay, I think.

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