Are You The Heart of The Brain?

February 1, 2020

Found this on Facebook. :D

Sometimes, I feel like I am the heart, but at the same time I am the brain. Lol. Every single morning that I need to work, I surely need to calm myself and keep saying 'it is another day, I can face this.' It is not that I don't love the job, sometimes it feels so hard to face the people and the challenges. Dealing with human's life, somehow I feel like my own life is at the edge too. -_-' 

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Now that I am going to complete my housemanship really soon, it is difficult to think that in the future, I am not going to have my MO to counter check my clerking or management. And if I am fated to a district hospital, I will not have any specialists to counter check my management too! 

Nangis lah kau di situuuuuu. 

But let's pray for the best anyway :) 

I am considering to continue my studies, but with this contract doctor thingy, I am surely not entitled for Masters program, so... need to save few thousands to take parallel papers. From the experiences of my MO, they spend at least RM 4,000 - RM 8,000 for a paper and can you imagine if you fail? T_T

But again. 
Let's pray for the best and do the best!
Balancing with working life and time for families too. InsyAllah, may Allah ease :)

SM, Perak, Malaysia

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