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March 26, 2020

After more than 10 years of being a loyal Celcom customer, I finally decided to turn my back to it. To be honest, I think Celcom is one of the strong telcos in Malaysia. I have never tried any other Telcos anyway. 

Cute little simcard

But after paying almost RM110 per month (actually RM98 + tax) for my First Gold Plus plan, I realised there are few other choices out there that offer almost similar plan with cheaper price T_T.

  • 20GB free weekend Internet (5GB every Saturday & Sunday) 
  • 20GB weekday Internet
  • 100GB free Super VideoWalla for 12months
  • unlimited calls to all networks
  • unlimited social apps
  • ** unlimited Hotspot within those 40GBs

Sounds okay.

But look at this one!

  • unlimited data
  • unlimited calls to all networks
  • unlimited SMS to all networks
  • no contract
  • 10GB Hotspot

I have surveyed for Maxis, Digi, U-Mobile too, but none of them are interesting as how I am attracted to Unifi -_-' Maybe due to the reason that lots of my colleagues in ED use Unifi, most of them have given generally nice feedback.

It was a hard decision to make and I hope I don't regret it.
So, good bye Celcom!

On 10th February 2020, I finally decided to proceed with the plan :) I went to the nearest TM point and inform the officer about what I want. Alhamdulillah the process was smooth, with the help of the officer. If you want to apply the same Pek Jasa as I am, don't forget to bring your working ID as well ya. 

It is still early to give thorough feedback on this new data plan, but generally for the past 1 month:

  1. I have no problem assessing the Internet (on Unifi) as the data is unlimited. When I was using Celcom previously, it was really hard when the month approached the few last days. My job requires me to be on Mobile Data for 24/7, there are lots of PDFs to be downloaded, not to forget lots of movies/dramas to be watched on off days.
  2. Unifi coverage is not that broad compared to Celcom. There was one time I went to Sendayan for a Paediatric course and it was really hard to even get 1 bar! I don't know why but seems that friends using other Telcos have no problem with their coverage. Ehemm... but no problem so far in Manjung. 
  3. I can feel the difference of paying the bill! RM59 vs RM 98.  

I just knew that Unifi gives free LTE hotspot for 999GB till 1/4/2020. Alhamdulillah, I can use mobile hotspot to connect to my laptop :D

The charges breakdown. 

I am currently on Day 2 of staying at home due to some reasons that (maybe) I will share later. Please pray for me and my ED team :)

SM, Perak, Malaysia

The Rainbow Skywalk, Penang - Worth It!

March 9, 2020

This post was supposed to be published a week ago. But, I was quite lazy to open my laptop and I don't fancy writing over phone much. Hehe :)

This one is the Rainbow Skywalk (at level 68) of THE TOP, Penang. If you love heights or glass floors, this is one of the places to go :)

They offer official photos, but we have bought one from the observatory deck. We just asked the other tourists to snap photos of us :)

The entrance to the Rainbow Skywalk.

THE TOP will provide us with this reusable shoe covers, it is for free but you need to return to them later. The shoe covers are needed to walk over the glassy floor.

The world's first tower curved skywalk.

The view from the curved skywalk. 

One of the view up there. There is a restaurant if you want to try having lunch / dinner with 360 degree view :)

It is said to be wishing pot, people (as expected) will throw some coins inside to wish for something. It is a common view at wishing fountains all over the world though. 

This is the restaurant I mentioned earlier - Coco Cabana Bar & Bistro. I had no idea about the menus, but I was more interested to play this one :D

Tadaaa :D I used to play this one at home (when I was a child), you know the darts game we can buy from the night market. It was too expensive to buy toys at the mall at that time :D I guess, currently is is even more expensive hehe

That's the end of my Penang trip. Let's look forward to more trips. :) Haziq and I just finished our 1640km road trip to the south of Malaysia, please pray that I will write about the trip faster hehe

SM, Perak, Malaysia

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