A Moment To Ponder

April 7, 2012

I re-shared this here :) 

Let take a moment to ponder, how Allah deals with our life. And on how we react to all difficulties throughout our journey in which we used to blame Him for everything that we don't want them to happen. 

I've experiencing this situations a lot and I'm pretty sure we have been in the same boat too. Right?

I have Histology test last Thursday. Since I started to love Histology this semester, I try my best to do revision as much as possible. I shared my knowledge with my friends because I know this is one of the ways to help improving myself too. During the test, I tried to answer all the questions with tawakal to Allah. Alhamdulillah, my mind didn't get blurred and confused at all.

When the result came out, unfortunately I was not able to achieve my target. Thank to Him, I still passed it.

I think I learnt something. My knowledge and understanding has their limits. Some of the facts that I used to hold and remember are not so accurate due to wrong interpretations. Yeah, people are not perfect, not everything that I found on the Internet (on other universities' learning websites) are same with what my professor teach. 

Actually, the main point is I have to keep my focus during lectures. I must try not to miss what the professors said which is not further elaborated in the lecture notes until I have to find ways to know it through Internet. Ahhh. 

Now I feel so scared if I have spread wrong information to other friends during discussions. 

Sorry guys. :( 


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