The Infinity Pool by Damai Laut

January 31, 2020

I've been to one infinity pool in KL - to be exact The Expressionz By Kl Suites with my parents. The pool was awesome, just at that time I didn't have any swimming attire yet, so we just enjoyed the view. 

I am not sure if this pool in Swiss-Garden Beach Resort, Damai Laut can be considered as infinity pool, but to me, it looks like that. Hehe :D

"An infinity pool is a reflecting or swimming pool, where the water flows over one or more edges, producing a visual effect of water with no boundary. Such pools are often designed so that the edge appears to merge with a larger body of water such as the ocean, or with the sky." - Wikipedia

Let's enjoy the view. 

Still early in the morning, not so many people yet. Look at the view, looks like the pool is connected to the sea, right? :)

We were enjoying the view, really!

My first ever burkini.

My first burkini is Slazenger Womens Burkini 3 Pieces Suit - bought in SportsDirect. I have always wanted to have a proper swimming attire as I found it extremely difficult to enjoy pools in any hotel. They always reject women without any swimming attire, though I have once tried wearing some jersey's type of clothing. And I was a bit jealous of Haziq enjoying his swim before. HAHAHA. 

That's it, I was like.... can I have my own swimming attire, pleaseeee?

There you go. 

This part of the pool is DEEP, not for kids. I barely can walk inside. At least up to my chin was under water. 

Another swimming stuff that I surely need to buy is a waterproof casing/bag. During that time, I was putting my phone on the line by walking in the water with the phone on my head - just for the sake of photos. Haha. 

I don't have much personal / random photos since I got into housemanship -_-' , so... I really want to have memories of this view. 

Me at the end. 

Our room was just behind the big, red pail. 

Oh yeah, you can also enjoy few random animals by the pool - at that time, I can see this tortoise and iguana. Wait, is this tortoise or turtle?

After a slide!

This is a very niceeee showerrrrr. 

After a good one hour dip in the pool, we decided to have our breakfast. There were lots of food available. Actually Haziq was the one selecting our breakfast food while I was securing a table outside the dining hall, facing the sea. 

Quite a variety of meal I must say. 

With our wet attire, we were allowed to have our breakfast anyway, just not inside as the seat was covered with pillow, unlike outside, it was more to garden chairs. 

After a good breakfast, we went back to the room and prepared to have some sport activities. We actually planned for some jets-kiing but the staff in charged told us the water was bit low-tide at that time, we should wait till evening. There are at least 2 horses if you wanna go horse riding though. 

The counter to book and pay. 

Choices of activities and the prices. 

Another fun activities to choose from.

There were few animals that you can enjoy too - chicken, gooses etc. If you are coming with kids, I am sure they are going to love this!

Since we already had experience with ATV, we went for buggy ride. It actually feels like driving a car though, not that adrenaline rush as ATV. Next time, I am going to choose ATV instead. 

Haziq's favourite. Archery. I am not that experienced with archery, hence I blamed that for my bruises on the elbow. Hahaha, salah angle tarik bow diaaaa. 

This is called longkang fishing. Interesting to do with kids, there are lots of fishes in different colors, so kids can learn how to fish and put them into different containers according to colors. 

All in all, I really enjoyed this short trip. I've been told that if you want to do all activities, it is still doable even without the need of checking into the resort. If you love golfing, there is a 18 holes golf site too :)

Gonna miss the view and I look forward for next trip!

Now, let's go back to working reality. Haha.
SM, Perak, Malaysia

Dinner by the Beach

January 30, 2020

Actually we have experienced a number of dinners by the beach. Haha :) Well, Manjung is very close to the sea, I've told you, right? There are few other dinner places you can try while enjoying the view. 

But, this time, we decided to have dinner at the resort we're staying - just to get the experience (tutup mata bayar T_T) I'm glad the resort accepts Boost and since I am eager to use the shop back app, never mind the price then. We have not much time to spend our money together though T_T Limited free time!

Meal of the night.

Prior to dinner, we went back to Manjung for Haziq's futsal tournament - my first time watching him on futsal court. He blamed his weight gain after marriage for the loss. LOLLL. It's okay sayang, we can still try exercising after this (though this mission always fails due to lots of eating T_T)

He was the goalie :)

Sunset from the futsal court. This place was used as one of the tournament venue during last SUKMA, anyway.

We had our Maghrib prayer at AEON mall, on our way back to the resort.

At the resort, we didn't wait much as we already pre-ordered the food and decided the time for dinner. So, once we arrived, the food was served on the table.

Nasi Goreng Damai Laut *ithinkso* there were nasi goreng with chicken, prawns, sate, egg

While this was nasi goreng with rendang tok. 



Overall, the food is quite delicious. Just the price is to be honest, priceyyyy. Hahaha. Of course we can get few more side dishes with that price, outside. But, it is still okay if we just do this once a while. 

Till next post, the (?)infinity pool! 

SM, Perak, Malaysia.

2D1N Stay at Swiss-Garden Beach Resort, Damai Laut, Perak

January 29, 2020

Manjung is very close to the beach, one of the most beautiful sunset view ever. This town is blessed with few strategic locations to enjoy the view - Lumut, Teluk Batik, Marina, Teluk Senangin, Pangkor Island etc.

There is a resort that Haziq and I always looking forward to go and experience.

Swiss-Garden Beach Resort, Damai Laut.
23rd-24th January 2020

I was on my post night shift that 23rd, came back from hospital around 11am. Haziq was also on his post night shift, already home 1 hour earlier. His luggage was already packed while mine was not yet though I already separated the stuffs I want to bring.

I sat on the sofa, asking that can I sleep till 12pm, please? (in view of the check in time would be at 3pm). As soon as I woke up, it was already 3pm!

Haziq said I look very tired, he didn't feel good to wake me up. So, there I go, quickly take a shower, packing my stuffs and we were ready the leave for the resort around 4pm. The journey from my apartment was about 30 minutes.

The resort is quite isolated and we need to go through a lonely road far from town to get there. But, once we arrived there, I totally fall in love with the view!! It was amazingggg!

The entrance 

Walking to the counter, there are lots of parking available. Since we were there on the first day of school holidays, there were LOTSSS of familiessss!

Welcome drink - lemongrass water

The route to our room. Most rooms are facing the sea, anyway. Even though ours were with garden view, we could still enjoy the sea view from the balcony. 

The bathroom - it is open concept. I mean, the sink is at the common area in the room while the bathroom and toilet are separated with glass doors (without lock)

Selfie at the big mirror in the room. :D

The room - the furniture looks a bit old but still okay I can say :)

From the room's balcony - it is the swimming pool! Though there is no direct passage for us to use the pool, but I assume it is quite easy to climb the corridor and swim and slide down without having to go do properly to the pool itself.

Another view from the balcony.

The pool from the ground floor

Another view.

Since Haziq had a futsal tournament around 6pm+, we didn't do anything particular at the resort yet, except exploring around first to see where is where, etc. There is a private beach that we can access from the resort, but I am afraid swimming at this beach is a bit dangerous as there are lots of jelly fish. 

All parts of the resort are picturesque!

The beach.

Clean beach :)


Till next part, I am going to share the view from the pool itself!

If Kuala Lumpur is famous with its infinity pool with the background of KL Tower and KLCC, here you can expect similar view but this time it is the nature! :D

SM, Perak, Malaysia

Birthday Surprise for Husband - Failed Attempt

I am not the kind of person who really 'celebrate' birthdays. Really. I have been growing with this kind of birthday 'celebration' - mak ayah will wish me happy birthday with some prayers too, then if we are free on that specific day, we will go out for some meal, buy the cake together and if lets say they offer any birthday gifts, we choose together.

So, I can say I suck at birthday surprise, birthday party whatsoever T_T

Got married to Haziq is a point where I learned all these things. Honestly, I am still learning about him, but I kind of sense that Haziq loves surprises. Studying far away from home like me, the different is he loves going back home suddenly without informing the parents in advanced - just to surprise them haha. That's totally opposite to me, where I always update my whereabouts to my parents. :D

But, no worries, marriage is where we learned to appreciate different approaches, different personalities - on how to live with diversity in peace and harmony, I believe.

Haziq's birthday is on 25th of January. 

I planned to surprise him in the ward (we were both working on that day, duh.) The surprise in charge was informed what kind of brownies I would like and bouquet as well, we agreed to surprise later in the evening - not to disturb his morning and afternoon round. 4pm was the exact time, I assumed there will still be lots of friends in the ward - to share the brownies and the chocolates. 

Suddenly, at 12 pm....

          Haziq: "I am going to Ipoh to accompany a patient for scope."

To make the story more interesting, the patient he was in-charged on that day need OGDS (means to insert camera to the digestive system to check any bleeding and proceed with intervention to stop bleeding if any). 

OGDS can be done in Hospital Manjung actually, but.... right now, we are blessed with only one surgeon --> the surgeon is a Chinese --> 25th Jan is Chinese New Year, so all procedures and operations cannot be done in our hospital as there is no surgeon oncall to supervise them. All selected procedural cases need to be send over to HRPB Ipoh for further intervention.

          Hanis: "When are you guys leaving?"
          Haziq: "Hmmm, around 2pm? We already booked the ambulance."

I tried to estimate the time when he would return to Manjung. Hahaha. As I have experienced few ambulance rides to HRPBI, I can asssume 2 hours to go there, 1-2 hours to wait for doctors to review our patient, another 2 hours ride back to the our hospital. That will sum up to at least 5 hours, and he shall return around 8pm, plus minus 9pm.

And to conclude the day, I decided to just celebrate him at home - with some dinner as my shift on that day was from 7am to 7pm, I thought I will have time to organize few decorations here and there. Hahaha.

And guess at what time Haziq returned home? 
11.30pm! Hahahaha.
I was 90% sleepy at that time. 

InsyaAllah I will understand the reality of doctors' working life as I am one of them. But I feel bad that he did not get proper celebration on this day as the first time celebrating it as a husband. :)

Here we go, my surprise-but-not-that-surprise birthday celebration! Haha, though I failed the attempt but alhamdulillah I am satisfied with my effort. Lol *syoksendiri* Will improve myself for the next one :D

Sharing this IG for those searching for surprise presents around Manjung :)

Alhamdulillah. :) Happy with the results nevertheless - delicious brownies, beautiful bouquet of fresh flower with helium balloon :)

SM, Perak, Malaysia

Sunset from My Apartment

January 14, 2020

Have I told you I love being at high place? It can be on the mountains, on the hilly roads... even my previous house in Czech was on the 4th floor - rooftop one. 

Now, I am also staying in an apartment unit, on 5th floor, luckily provided with lift. ;)

Though, I think staying in this kind of housing is only suitable for small family or a couple, as there are the bad sides of it - like it is quite hard to buy lots of groceries, limited car parking, no private area for gardening on the ground etc. 

But it is still okay for now :) Alhamdulillah, at least I got this beautiful view. 

Would love to further describe about the good things and the challenges of staying in apartments etc :)

What kind of housing you would love to try? 

For me, I want to try a proper condominium with lots of facilities like gym, pool etc. Maybe when we are blessed with more kids, we are going to settle down with on ground houses later anyway. :)

Seri Manjung, Perak, Malaysia

3 Tips to Get More Cashback via Touch 'n Go eWallet

January 11, 2020

I am a big fan of eWallet. Maybe because I prefer not to bring lots of cash or to withdraw money as well. Or maybe because my phone is always with me. Before the wave of eWallet, I prefer paying via debit card and credit card. Credit card is very tricky if you can't control yourself from impulsive shopping though.

Anyway, Chinese New Year is around the corner, we can expect quite a number of 'promotions' is ongoing. But since I am not that shopaholic, I don't mind much about the sale. -_-' Just, few promotions via Touch 'n Go that attract my eyes are those involve groceries shopping or daily stuffs like toiletries, petrol etc. 

In Manjung, I prefer getting my groceries from Tesco and TF, while my husband loves to do so from AEON. Haha, big difference tho. I always have the idea that buying groceries from AEON is only for rich people. But to my surprise, after spending few times doing so with my husband, it is not really true, as long as you know when to buy, do good price comparisons and make full use of AEON member card/day :)

These are 3 tips I would like to share with you on how I make full use of cashback via TNG eWallet. Maybe you guys already know about it, let's embrace the similarities of idea together :) hehe

1. Pay in two different transactions.

  • Check how much you need to spend to get the cashback. 
    • Tesco - spend RM60 to get RM8 cashback.
    • TF - spend RM80 to get RM8.88 cashback.
    • Giant - spend RM60 to get RM6.88 cashback.
    • 99 Speedmart - spend RM40 to get RM8 cashback. 
  • Divide our groceries into two part - usually Haziq will pay via his TNG eWallet and I will pay the other half. So, after 3 days, we can get at least 2x the cashback (one of each of us). Looks complicated, but who does not want at least RM16 (RM8 x 2)  for free?

2. Buy in two separate days.

  • Check how many transactions you can do per month AND within the promotion period - usually 1-2x per promotion period.
  • Since I love walking around the mall (usually to spend time at the bookstore), I decided to buy stuffs in 2 separate days. This usually happen when Haziq is working and I am on my off day. I am not strong enough (anymore) to buy lots of groceries at the same time, so divide them into two phases is my alternative. Another point contributing to this is currently we are staying in an apartment, which makes me a bit difficult to bring back all the items I've bought to my unit. T_T Berat mak aiiii.

3. Buy from different stores.
  • Maybe it is a bit tricky if you need to face traffic jam to do so. While in Manjung, all stores/supermarkets are quite close to each other. So, I don't really mind to do so. 

Anyway, that's all.

Do share your tips to get more cashback (it can be via other medium too - Boost, Grab Pay etc). 

I just learned that Shopback is a good one too as it can be connected to Boost :D Since then, whenever I am paying with Boost, I will make sure I pay via Shopback-Boost, just to get more cashback :)

All in all, I still believe these eWallets should be used within our budget, please don't simply buy more than we need just for the sake of getting more cashback kay? 

Seri Manjung, Perak, Malaysia.

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