Happiness Is When...

February 27, 2017

I came across this beautiful verse while reading few inspirational stories. Recently there was a recommended video on my YouTube feeds that I was very attracted to click and watch. 

1. "Happiness is when we can make others happy."

Have we realized that, when we are going through hardship or difficulties in our own life, there are some points we really would like to forget for a moment that we are actually in hardship / difficulties. Escapism; getting tired to talk about our problems, our physical deficits or our debts that we are in. And even, We would like to escape for a moment by not thinking about all those things. Then, we seek for someone with hope that they can give us a sense of being normal again.

But, trust me, the moment you said you don't want to think about something, is when you will continuously think about it. 

Be happy, be a person who can find joy in the life despite extremely difficult circumstances.


By entering joy to the heart of others. 
By bringing joy to a person's life.

Happiness is when we can make others happy

2. The idea of be able to smile.

I read a Razanah's blog post on how a simple 'Assalamualaikum' can change the aura of the conversation or affect the feeling of someone who is being greeted with it. Same goes to smile. A smile can means anything.

There is a smile that can cover all the troubles someone's living with.
Some people smile with a threat to another people. *gelakjahat* *senyumsinis*
There's a lot behind that smile. 

But there is a smile or even laughter that can change a person's day and change his life altogether. Who knows when we smile to other person, it can transform a horrible day for him into a lovely one. 

3. "Smile is an emotional gift, given and received by hearts."

When we smile at a person who is in great trouble, sometimes we are actually giving hope that there is something more that the problems that he can look forward to. To someone who think he is a burden to the society or he is not valuable, by smiling, we are actually giving chance to him to feel like we enjoy his company and we love meeting with them. 

"Smile on the face of your brother is charity" - Al-Tirmidhi, Sahih Ibn Hibban

A smile does not require any language. There's no English smile, American smile, Asian smile. We can simply communicate with a smile. 

Happiness is when we can make others happy.
Meaningful picture to me. :) How can you describe this? Drop your comments hihi.

4. How much does a smile cost you? 

Oh, maybe some contraction of our facial muscles. Haha

Think about when we enter our house after a long day of work. 
Think about the moment we get into the car, fetched by our father. 
Think about when we greet our parents during Skype video calls. 

Did we brought our misery at school or workplace as the first thing when we come back home. Why is it important to check this thing? 

It can set the way on how the rest of the day will go. And it can end up with arguments and fights. 

Think about if we greet them with happiness and smile, with few kind words. T_T It will usually be a good start. We can always share our sadness, our bad day afterwards with a calm heart in a comfortable scenario. 


We give to others what we want Allah give it to us. :)

HK, Czech

Port Dickson, For Our Quick Getaway Needs

February 24, 2017

Port Dickson is generally the quick getaway destination when people are in need of an escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life in Kuala Lumpur. Although I am not living in the capital city, I can say I get tired easily most of the time I have tasks to do there. Well, that's where most big companies, government and non-government organizations are located, right? 

Though the beaches may not be as glorious as what the Northern Malaysia offers, for that quick #vitaminsea and #beachplease needs, Port Dickson is totally the place to be.

If we are totally contemplating on heading there for the long weekends ahead, here are some of the best hotels that we should totally check them out. In fact, head on down to Port Dickson more often to cover all these amazing hotels. Most of them are where I would definitely love to stay in the future.

1. Avillion Port Dickson

Avillion Port Dickson is an award-winning beach resort right here in Malaysia that directly faces the Straits of Malacca. It includes over 258 awesome, luxuriously designed rooms, chalets and villas. From my reading, the design of this resort is inspired by the architecture of an Old World Malay fishing village. Furthermore, we can enjoy Malaysia's rich heritage, fused with modern style.

Lookout point. Credit - Avillion Port Dickson

I would really love to immerse myself with the activities offered by this beach resort. For example, they serve local musical performance like caklempong and other Negeri Sembilan's culture. As a sunset lover, its lookout point is also a place I am looking forward to! <3

2. Grand Lexis Port Dickson

Grand Lexis Port Dickson is a 5-Star resort (my ultimate favourite) is greatly inspired by the Balinese architecture. It can be clearly seen in their villas, sitting atop the majestic open sea and linked by spacious boardwalks. Grand Lexis offers their guests luxurious accommodation with 317 spacious villas that are totally Instagram worthy. ^_^

Oh yea, if you have the experience flying over this area, you can also see the hibiscus's pattern of resorts. That is Lexis Hibiscus, a part of Lexis Hotel Group which I saw it few times on my inbound and outbound flight.  

The private pool I guess? :D Credit - Grand Lexis Port Dickson

Here comes my favourite part – each villa comes with its own private pool!  For unsurpassed privacy and convenience, we can enjoy ultimate peace, tranquility and rejuvenation while being spoilt in all the luxurious this resort has to offer. Worth the money, I can say!

3. Tistle Port Dickson

This 5-stars beach resort is situated on a beautiful private 3km long of Port Dickson’s finest beach, Teluk Kemang. I personally often go to Teluk Kemang other than Port Dickson :D It offers 251 luxurious rooms no matter if we are heading there for a business travel, a romantic break or just a quick gateway with your family and friends. 

View of the beach resort. Credit - Tistle Port Dickson Resort

Not only that, for golfers who would like to hit it up in the golf course, you can do it over the magnificent view of the Straits of Melaka. Oh yea, every Friday and Saturday, you can enjoy few activities offered by Tistle like kite-flying, movie under the starts etc.

4. Avillion Admiral Cove

Avillion Admiral Cove is a sister of Avillion Port Dickson (just 10 minutes' drive away) that I've shared previously. Based on its motto 'Creative. Dynamic. Refreshing.', I can say this hotel offers a perfect tranquil getaway while guests can enjoy its clean contemporary feel with the ambiance of the sea, especially the beautiful view of Strait of Malacca. 

Look at the view :D Credit - Avillion Admiral Cove

An offer that attracts me is the 'Thrilling Holiday' offer. With a reasonable price, we can enjoy 2D1N stay together with breakfast buffet in this hotel. The price includes flying fox and high rope challenge PLUS steamboat dinner. 

Ehemmm. I can see food and adventure!


These are indeed some hotels that I absolutely adore and would love to stay in Port Dickson. Yes, I know they may be expensive but why not we spend once in a while for a comfortable, calm accommodation like these? :) Relax our mind and our body. 

Planning your trip already? Then don’t forget to book these hotels through Traveloka, the best website filled with travel promotions and deals up to 70%. Don’t miss out these great deals from Traveloka and the perfect, relaxing gateway in Port Dickson.

HK, Czech

Malaysian Backpackers I Met in Czech

February 23, 2017

This is kind of appreciation post for these beautiful and handsome people for letting me join their sweet escape in Czech. :)

I mentioned few times, I really love the moment when I heard any Malaysians coming to Czech, especially if they contacted me for any reasons about the trip. It can be about where I recommend to stay (any Airbnb would be more than okay), where are best hidden places to aim for, cheapest things to look for, where to buy souvenirs or simply asking me to guide them around. If they will be girls, I will invite them to my own flat, if it suits their plan (even though it is 2 hours from Prague).

Afiq, Zam, Tong, Haziq, Iran

Earlier this year, I am blessed to meet these people around. All of them are Malaysians studying in Russia. The boys for aviation and the sweet girl in the picture below is a doctor-to-be. If you have friends studying there, you may realized they have good sense of fashion. Haha. Totally opposite than me. 

The boys are 6 years younger than me anyway! Adik-adik sangatttt.


This is honestly a girl whom I can have instant chemistry. Haha. We contacted each other few times before meeting in Prague. She thought I am around her age, oh my god haha she is much youngerrrr than me. After walking around Prague, we took a train back to HK. We planned for Adrspach the next day but it was getting cold so we decided to walk around this town instead and talked about stuffs that people DON'T usually talk about on their first meeting. Lol. 

And I climbed the White Tower in my town for the first time ever! With her. 

I always adore solo female backpackers. She is one of them. :) 


Some interesting stuffs I learned from them:

1. How to answer Maths questions in an oral exam?
Final exams in Russia are similar to Czech, we have oral exam when we need to answer questions in front of the teacher / examiner / doctor. You are so dead if you can't focus your mind to the questions as you can't skip the questions to be answered later. Everything is on spot. And you will know you are answering correctly or not, on spot again. Haha. You can also get the results few minutes after your exam.

So, for Maths questions, they told me that they will be given time to solve the problem but if they got it wrong, the examiner will create more Maths problems / questions to be answered in front of him. Scary.

2. Knowing different types / names of Swarovski's products.
I don't know much about these. Actually, Swarovski is getting famous in Malaysia when 200 Swarovski crystals encrusted on dUCk scarves are sold for RM800. Well, Swarovski's products are beautiful, I followed few people into the stores. The watches looks so girly and sweet, anyway. 

3. Make up.
Haha, this is another thing beyond my skill. I never have proper make up on my face. I don't even know if moisturizers and BB cream are considered as make ups or simply facial care. Nisa shared with me few basic things about make up, I think I will try soon. Haha. 


If you are travelling to Czech soon and you happened to read this. Feel free to contact me, I may have busy schedules but I will reply you :) And nope, I don't charge anything, it is just I would loveeee to listen to your travel stories and experiences. That's way more than enough for me. Hehe.

HK, Czech

Parcels From Malaysia

February 22, 2017

After a while I have not received any parcels from Malaysia, wow it feels amazing. :) Receiving postcards is another story hehe.

It means a parcel / package in Czech.


Basically the method of receiving a parcel in Czech is similar to Malaysia. The postmen will come to your flat / house and ring your doorbell. If you are at home, you can receive the parcel right at your front door. Otherwise, they will leave you a letter to inform you can take the parcel at the post office mentioned. 

That's one of the reason why I don't usually use my flat address if I want to buy anything online. Or to send any parcels after I exceeded by 30kg luggage limit when I returned home for summer break.

Alternative - university's address.
This is the best address to send for any parcels from Malaysia. :D

My second parcel in Czech. 


Most of us always get our parcels stuck at Prague customs and we need to clarify the items and estimates the value of the parcels. These processes are easier when we can ask help from the student office to deal with customs. Especially when we need a confirmation letter that we are students of that university as well. 

Why the parcels stuck? 

I think maybe because Malaysians always have 'weird' stuffs (read: food) in the parcels. Hihihi. The best thing is the customs do not reject our food. :p So far I can recall. 

How track & track looks like. This one was from 2012.

Then, just track and trace via Česká pošta. Oh, you can also know you have a stuck parcel with this update, "...place the item into a temporary store" "...present documents for proving customs value". 

Usually it will take 1-2weeks until we can get the parcels.

It smells great. :)

My cousin sent me this, a sejadah :) Hihi. She went for umrah and we did not have chance to meet after she returned home. So she posted it instead. Thank you, Fa. Love it so much and love you too  <3

HK, Czech

Comparing Myself to Spring

February 21, 2017

Spring here is NOT the season. It is an object. The spring. :D

I drafted this post while studying for this topic. A month ago. It sounds kind of close to me and looks obviously possible to happen during my working life in the future. Recently, I read lots of news about doctors:

Studying to be one is hard enough and being one will be hard as well. Hahahaha. 

So, what am I trying to say about spring and how does it related to myself? 

1. Concept of a Spring.
First, we need to understand this. We use springs to keep things hanging or bouncing. One simple example is this, the cradle. 

Credit to popsugar.com

I am sure most of our parents used this when we were little babies, to keep us calm and to let us sleep. It is said to have a similar feeling of being in the womb - but I am not that sure.

To use the spring correctly, we need to set a weight limit so that it can return to original shape when we remove the attached load.

2. Spring and Us.
Same goes to stress and our mental strength or ability to cope with the problems

For some people, they know how to adjust or adapt themselves well to the situation, so they have better elasticity which means, they can return to the original person after the problems have been solved. They can smile happily, live in a normal life they used to have.

But, for another group of people, they just can't. They have less elasticity that they can't cope well and that what can lead to depression and in working life - it is called burnt out syndrome.

3. What does it mean with burnt out syndrome?
It is compilation of symptoms especially targeting the mental of a person:

  • Feel dissatisfy
  • Feel incompetence in profession
  • Depersonalization (not feeling the same person)
  • Deprive emotion

There are some mild symptoms of being anxious, tension, easily get angry, depressed, unable to focus. Then, that person will avoid any participation in family matters, from society and even have problem with marriage and friendship. The worst is to have psychological problems.

It is quite common in profession of doctors as they will reach up to the level of being less-sensitive, feeling-less. Just go ask few doctors how do they feel about seeing dying patients, most of them feel it as a common thing they can witness almost every day. While death is not something other people look as common, but, doctors and other medical teams get immune to it and just let it go.

That's how doctors cope with the stress trigger. Letting it go.
And it is totally easy to be said than done. Seriously, it needs help and practice. 

4. What to do if we have the symptoms?
Oh yea, burnt out syndrome can happen to anyone okay? Check ourselves and if you think you have the symptoms, please please please....do seek for supports. Some people are blessed with understanding family and friends but for others, you can seek therapy from counselors, psychologists or psychiatrists. 

Seeking help from psychiatrists or psychologists or counselors does not mean we are bad or crazy. For me personally, it shows we care about ourselves, our mental health. 

Let the problem out, don't keep it to yourselves.

Do things you love to do at EVERY free time you have. Eat out, live a healthy life, keep doing positive things, support each other. 

Till then, 
Keep ourselves healthy!
Physically and mentally :)

HK, Czech

Halal Pizza in Hradec Kralove, Czech

February 17, 2017

The feeling of being able to eat pepperoni happily in Czech!

Wow, this was a story from 2 weeks ago. But, I would love to share it here in case any Muslims coming to Hradec Kralove soon, hopefully this post can be helpful. 

We were in a cafe one fine day, not only my group studying for Internal Medicine, there was also my friends from the other group doing discussion on Obstetrics & Gynecology (O&G). 

Cross Cafe is a nice place to discuss as we can talk without worrying about other people. Warm place, serving good coffees, soups, cakes when we are literally 'shopping' for every meal. 

Feeling hungry, just go to the cashier and order anything.

Lovely people through thick and thin :) Love you guysssss, so much!

Then, some of us planned to have pizza for lunch. We thought many different ways how to sneak the pizza into the cafe hahaha. Unfortunately none of us have any food containers with us. And the pizza box was way too big and obviously other people would realize it. The smell too....

Well, we learned that it is quite inappropriate to take meals from one restaurant and eat them in another restaurant. 

So, we packed our stuffs and went to the pizza restaurant. Hmm I am not sure to consider it as restaurant or a simple kiosk or a small shop?

They also make pizza on request :)

It is a small place, used to be a fruits & vegetables store. I don't have any idea since when they renovated this place, obviously as this store is not in the route I take every day. 

The concept of this store is we can buy slices of pizza or the whole pizza. A whole pizza has 6 slices. The size of a slice of pizza is about our palm of hand with extended fingers. Haha, ignore the descriptions. If we just want to buy few slices, just choose the one that is displayed. But if you want the whole pizza, you can order anything you want. 

I hope I understand this correctly :)

Na rajcatove omacce (tomato sauce), Na smetane (cream)

One thing that make us curious is menu number 4 - šunková, which means ham. And ham, I think you know what it is. But, it is not the ham that we think about.

Just like we have hamburger in Malaysia, does not mean the ham is that ham

That's it. Although I am not sure how the Czechs will react to this ham-but-not-ham thing, but I am so happy to have any meats, sausages on my pizza! Wohooo. 

European style of eating - no seats.

The pizzas were delicious! A bit salty for me. But I would love to have pizza occasionally like this. :) And I don't know why I usually crave for pizza during exam period. T_T 

There was one time I ordered the vegetarian pizza for myself, of course I distributed them into different meals. Literally a day of pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner. And 1-2 slices to my housemate as well. 

Oh yea, they also give few cents discount to Muslims!

p/s - Maryam and I are thinking of doing a vlog on how Muslims live in Czech / Prague / Hradec Kralove. Hopefully we will have free time to make it into reality :D

HK, Czech

Goodbye Again.

February 12, 2017

4.15am Malaysia

She's gone.
My babysitter. 

Suddenly I remember you, Abg Long. You must be one of the saddest person to know about this. Your are the most closest to her among our siblings. Obviously, she is like a mother to us, kan Abg Long? We always try to visit her every year for Eid during my summer breaks. 

Oh I forgot, you are gone too.

And I am still here, thousand miles far away from people I treasure the most. 

Have a good rest, both of you.

Semoga kubur dilapangkan, semoga Allah lancarkan urusan di alam sana. 
Ku kirimkan doa dari jauh. 

Everything happened for reasons, Nina.

As I proceed with my life, I will bring along memories with you guys together.
Always in my mind.
Always in my prayers.

I can't imagine how my future will look like.
But I'm sure Allah will lead me.

See you soon, Abg Long & Kak Di. 
Let's be friends in Jannah, okay?

Ameen, ameen!

Allah, please give me strength.
Mental strength.

I know you know I can face all of these. 
Just.. just provide me with more strength. 

HK, Czech

He Granted You Almost Everything

February 10, 2017

There was one day I felt going through my emails again. Yes, I am a classic person sometimes. I do exchange emails and I used to have pen-pals when I had my first email. But eh why I think I was introvert? Haha.

I am ambivert now :)

Going through all those emails recalled my memories on how immature and childish I was. Haha very funny! Looking back on how I see things back then, it was like....'ya Allah, aku macam ni eh dulu?' There were few points I discussed with my friends on how our life will look like in few upcoming years (which is like.... now?). Only then I realized I am really a different person since then. And Allah actually granted almost everything I prayed for, in the most beautiful ways I have no idea it would be that lovely. Ouch, I can't describe the feeling but, hey could not we realized that Allah really listens to our prayers?

  • I wish for happiness. He gave me challenges that make me struggle for happiness. 
  • I wish for good friendship. He gave me friends who were not there when you are down, but He replaced with new friends who always cheer you up. 
  • I wish for good health. He gave me flu fever bits here and there to make me feel grateful to have more concern on my health status.
  • I wish for good life-companion. But for this one, I am still seeking for guidance and may Allah ease everything. InsyAllah, ameen.

Try it yourself, check how you look like yearssssss back. Hahaha.

There will be so many memories you wish you can skip but actually that's the point of having experiences. Different people with different stories and things do happened for reasons. Don't let them ruin your life, move on.

  • Improve our relationship with Allah.
  • Take care our connection with our parents and family.
  • Be good to our friends.
  • Spread kindness and love.

The most important, be grateful for EVERYTHING that happen in our life. This is the MAIN MESSAGE for myself as well. 

It's hard to be positive, but I'm trying my best :D :D :D
That's why we need reminders!

Salam Jumaah, guys.
Happy weekend!

p/s - Allah tengok usaha kan, Nina. Remember that. Do your best and leave the rest to Him.

HK, Czech

Random Stuffs From Twitter

February 7, 2017

Twitter is where I occasionally spend time to rant about life and study. Especially within exam periods, I always spam my friends' feeds with many medical stuffs I revising as I do scroll my own timeline and reread what I've tweeted. 

Sambil tweet, sambil belajar. Haha.

Well, Facebook is ALWAYS too public to update a new post. ALWAYS.

Sekadar hiasan. lol

Here are few things I found interesting on Twitter.
Well, social media is good for us if we know how to use it wisely. :p

1. Medical Jokes.

I have told you guys, patients in the hospital here really know which medications they are taking. They will mention statins (instead of ubat jantung / cholesterol), captopril (instead of ubat untuk buah pinggang), allopurinol (instead of ubat gout) and maybe the easiest one, paracetamol (instead of panadol if in Malaysia). They know the generic names, I mean the chemical names of the drugs.

A good point to take here, please know the medications you take, especially for life long treatment (hypertension, diabetes etc.). Keep the name of the drugs on your phone's notes maybe and it would be better to record the dosage as well. :)

2. Motivations.

Well, there were some times I looked down at myself. I am so much better now, I am more confident with who I am. I would love to thank all people around me who always give positive vibes and encourage me to go strong.

What do you feel when people keep coming to you asking 'how do you stay motivated?' Hahaha.

Allahu, if and only if they knew the tears I had, the struggles I made, the complaints I shared. I may look tough but I own a soft heart. T_T

3. Reminders.

I watched a live video of Farah Lee on Instagram few days back, at that time she was sharing the verses from my favourite surah, Ash-Sharh (Insyirah). 

Verily, with the hardship, there is relief.

I always remind myself not to complain 'what if I did like this before, what if I choose the other road...' if we continue with that thought, it is never going to end. Always do the best in whatever we are trying to achieve. Honestly, it is really a hard struggle. But, let ourselves open for the happiness. Every sad thing happens in our life, Allah gives another blessing in a way we do not even realize. 

p/s - My exam is postponed to 16th Feb, need to use the extra 3 days wisely. I'll keep praying for the best results. Ameen. 

HK, Czech

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