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April 21, 2018

One of the bloggers who love to read :D

I believe good environment will nurture the good habits in us - like this one, reading.

So this time, I am joining another giveaway by Siqah. The presents are wonderful, guys!

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Nak tunggu beli sendiri dUCk ni memang macam tak nampak dalam imaginasi. Haha. 

I always love all good soft words from this author :)

I love the color!

Siqahhh, sorry for the very short post. Your blog is beautiful enough to my eyes, posts are very beneficial as well :)

M, Perak, Malaysia

Off and Food

Day 47+ of working and life is still bearable, alhamdulillah. 

Laksa and rojak by the sea.

I am such a happy young-at-heart kid every single time I have proper meal. :D 

Honestly, I feel guilty to tell / ask patients to take care of their lifestyle (like to get well-enough sleep, eat proper food in good quantity, reduce stress in life) - when in fact, I am the one who are lacking of them. I am sorry. 


Well, it is just me who are still adapting to find time to have meal in between work, plus feeling guilty to eat while other colleagues are doing their work. The hospital is small compared to any other hospitals but I still find the cafe to be far from the wards that I feel bad to leave to buy meals. 

  • "Eh, doktor, bila masa ada kat sini? Tak perasan pun... tu la, kecil sangat."
  • "Ehhh, I think I saw you there, since when you are here?"
  • "Tu la doktor, meh akak transfer lemak ni, baru la tak sejuk dalam OT"
  • "Kau senang lah nak cari baju kat online shop tu, badan kurus."
  • "Weh, lainnya muka kau dalam nametag."
  • Doktor, makan roti je ke? Patut la kurus."

Honestly, these kind of reaction are new to me. T_T 

Usually, on off days, I will prepare myself with enough stocks of breads, Gardenia will always be my preference haha. 6 tahun duduk Czech bukan main payah nak jumpa roti lembut. So, I will bring 1-2 packs to work plus plain water and air kotak. So, in case I don't eat proper meal, I have my backups :D (in which most of the time tak sempat nak makan pun hahaha)

Sunset in Lumut :D

One good, valid reason to work here is the sea :)

My vitamin-sea. :D

Thank you Allah for this life plan. You surely know the best. Alhamdulillah. 

M, Perak, Malaysia.

Breakfast by the River - Sungai Sitiawan

April 19, 2018

One of the way to treat myself on my off day is to have good, proper food. :)

Since this town is still new to me, there are so many things to explore. I have not much idea on yummy food around, not much experiences on best restaurants that I should try. So, I asked people around (my colleagues of course) and Google!

So, it leads me to this place.

Roti Canai Pak Tam Kg Sitiawan

If you are looking for good roti canai with good view to relax your mind, this is the place. I am not sure about other menus, but the nasi lemak served there was also delicious. Not to forget, you can always buy kuih muih from few stalls around - like lempeng pisang, otak-otak, etc. Yummy too!

My friend and I went there on a weekday morning and I believe this place is quite popular as there are so many people! I bet on weekends will be even crowded over here.

Check the directions and more details on Google Maps :)

M, Perak, Malaysia

Wisdom to Differentiate

April 18, 2018

Working life is so far bearable. I have no thought of giving up or resigning and hopefully none of them till the end. 

There are ups and downs every single day. You can be congratulated and scolded by the same person in just few minutes apart. But, slowly I developed a barrier to my heart to accept the good in any bad things. 

I feel very happy when the MOs have the same diagnosis and plans as mine. Here, every single thing need to be discussed with the MOs in which in one way, is very good as juniors can avoid making mistakes or improper plans can be prevented to be done to the patients. On the other hand, sometimes I feel bad to inform the MO for simple stuffs like, if I can give even Tab. Paracetamol (panadol) to the patients if their temperature rises, or syrup MMT if they complained epigastric pain. 

But, in real life, MOs surely have FAR MORE EXPERIENCE than the juniors. They can give other plans that juniors can't relate enough, yet.

One thing junior doctors need to do well - is to know the patients well like any important antenatal problems, any previous medical illness, any allergies and current conditions of patients. With this, junior doctors are basically helping A LOT with the MOs plans.   

Few things I learned - I need to:
  • Be someone who can contribute to the patient's good progress even though I am not the one who decide the right plans for them.
  • Be brave enough to double confirm the plans especially if the MOs give out the plans too fast and I can't keep up with them.
  • Be calm but fast.
  • Be careful in everything without affecting the speed of the work.

Change the things that can be changed, accept those that cannot, and have the wisdom to know the difference.

Another thing I can do is, to change myself and my approach to every situations :)

M, Perak, Malaysia

A Morning Stroll at the Mangrove Park

April 17, 2018

Haha, I can't tell how much I miss blogging and blogwalking. 

Anyway, it is another off day today. Going to share something I did on one of my previous off days - which was hmmm, more than 10 days ago? There are postcalls that I am still strong enough to still drive home - for 2 hours ride one way. But, there are some days I totally dozed off upon arriving home, took my bath and performed my prayer. The moment when I thought I would take only 30 minutes to an hour to rest before driving... would turn out to be 4-5 hours sleep. Heee.

And the day I went to this Taman Paya Bakau was that kind of day.

I decided to stay instead. 

That morning, I went breakfast with a good friend - we used to know each other during high school and our parents are friends to each other as well. And turn out, we are colleagues in the same hospital right now. I have no idea to know someone here, but the moment I know she is in the same place as mine, I feel happier :)

After breakfast, I proceeded with this mangrove forest plan, while she had something else to do.

So, yeah, I went there alone. There were other visitors as well, but they came in a group.

Mangrove trees

To be honest, the place is FULL of monkeys! I warned you guys, there are a lotttttt of them. Since I went there alone, I thought I could survived till the end until I was nearly ambushed by one of them.

Gosh, I wonder how I survived my high school life with monkeys.

See. They were waiting for me. 
But, I finally succeeded till the end! :D

Tadaaaa, the view was so amazinggggg!

The river. 

It is interesting to see the mangrove trees and imagining how they help with the ecosystem to prevent flood. Something I used to see from books.

Well, I think my parents had took me and my brothers to this kind of place when we were still small kids.

Good view, good air.
Thanks to this family of three for allowing me to join them. :D

Life survival skills of mine, please stay with me and never fade away :) After nearly being ambushed by the monkey, I slowly retreated until I saw this family started walking approaching me. Gently, I asked permission to join them walking together.

"Boleh je dik, takde masalah :)"

Kak Farah and family.

The mangrove roots searching to water source, maybe?

All in all, this place is very nice to hang out with friends and family in the evening of during weekend. Just, because of the monkeys, please be careful with the bags, phones and please please don't bring any food with you. I can say, the safety is about 6/10. But, the pathway is well taken care of. Very clean too! :)

There are jambatan gantung as well, just under renovation right now. 

Here, I attach a map to this place. :)

Till next post.

M, Perak, Malaysia

Segmen: Making A Blog List by Blog Siqahiqa

April 8, 2018

Having an off day and I decided to stay here. A bit tired to drive home, insyAllah next off day I'll be back to my hometown. 

So, let's spend few minutes for the blog :D

Anyway, Siqahhhh, here I am, joining your segment :D

Click the banner for further details okay?

Everyone who join this will be included in her blog list, anyway. Let's join this one!

M, Perak, Malaysia

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