5 Four 'Questions' That Intrigued Me

November 30, 2016

Haha I don't know why I really want to try this tag. It is on Facebook anyway, just I don't really post on Facebook much so why not I post it here :D My blog; my space, my life although it is still open for public to read.

Four names I go by:
1. Hanis
2. Nina
3. Aman
4. Miss Abdul Mutai

When I was a child, my cousins used to call me 'Amoi' as I did look like a Chinese little girl. Haha, everything changed when I started going to school, being active with sports were totally my preference. So... that's why. Actually I am sure genetically my skin is originally dark, just it didn't show much during my childhood. 

Four places I've lived:
1. Sg. Siput, Kuala Kangsar, Lenggong, Taiping; Perak
2. BBST; Selangor
3. Hradec Kralove; Czech
4. Kubang Kerian; Kelantan

I consider I live in that place when I spend at least 2 weeks there. 

Four places I would love to visit:
1. Makkah + Madinah
2. Fjords in Norway
3. Paragliding site in Switzerland
4. Moscow, Russia; to start Trans-Siberian train

My wish lists. May all of them will come true, one fine day. :)

Four things I love to eat:
1. Tomyam Udang
2. Laksa
3. Potato chips
4. Chicken Chop

Honestly I don't really care about food. I mean, I love food and I love to eat. Just as long as the food is edible, I am okay with that. No special menu needed.

Four favorite drinks:
1. Plain / mineral water
2. Hot Chocolate
3. Watermelon Juice without sugar
4. Mocha (as laxative lol)

I can live without any fancy drinks as long as I have plain water. I am totally not a lover of coffee or tea but yes, I drink mocha or any caffeinated drink to increase my bowel activity. It helps anyway. -_-'

So, what about you? Share yours in the comments below :D

HUSM, Kelantan, Malaysia

6 'Awkward' Moments at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey

November 25, 2016

Yes, as some of you already know, I am in Malaysia right now. You will not see my visit from Czech Republic for a while on your blog's live.feedjit widget. :D

Gonna spend about a month doing elective in a hospital here. It's going to be hard (maybe) as I am doing alone. Pray that I can go through every single day with calmness and ease. :)

Again, this time, my homebound journey is by Turkish Airlines via Istanbul. I love this city, honestly but I don't fancy much the airport. Maybe I've set a bench mark of Dubai as my favourite airport for now (despite it's so busy as well). Even though it was my 5th time transit in this airport, I still don't have ideas what should I do here. I've been to almost every inch of public area, walk from gates to gates, I don't know what else to explore.

And the free 2 hours WiFi over a week. Hmmm. Man, I have at least 4 hours to kill here. 

I landed Ataturk airport on Wednesday at noon. No security control, no passport control needed - I went straight to connecting flights. Planned to perform prayers, here was the first awkward moment for me. 

Can I have that tissues, please?

I went to the ablution room, it was not that big. The first thing I did was to take the tissue from the machine, well I don't want to let my socks wet and smelly. Use tissues to wipe the feet before putting the socks on. When I was literally collecting tissues from the machine with hand sensor, I already took about 4-5 layers of tissues. Suddenly, a lady came to me and ask, 'can I have that tissues, please?'

It was seriously awkward for me.

Like, why? 

Prayers time.

The frame that show list of prayer times was not working. I had no idea if Zuhur was already over or not. I didn't know should I do jamak takhir or jamak takdim. There were some lady in the prayer room as well, but they couldn't speak English. 

The only thing I ask with appropriate hand gesture was...

"Zuhur..?" "Asar?..."

Awkward, but luckily she understood. She said "Zuhur. Asar no."

"I'm sorry, but your transit time is only 4 hours and half."

And I need only 30 minutes more to be eligible for free meal voucher. HAHA. I would love to persuade him to just give me the voucher, but.... it was a bit awkward.

Told ya, I was so boring that I walked around the airport with my hand luggage and backpack. Gigih sangat. Expecting to meet some Malaysians but I couldn't see any. Wow, that was weird. 

Walking around too much, I suddenly feel hungry again. I didn't want to spend € 10 just for a sandwich, so I tried my luck to ask the care point for any meal voucher. At the care point, there was some argument between a passenger and a worker. Not really sure what were they arguing about but it made the rest of us to wait in a long queue. And it's getting longer until a new counter need to be opened. Haha.

So, I didn't get any voucher. And I was hungry. 

I checked my backpack if I have any sweets. I totally forgot my friend prepared slices of bread with Nutella. Ya Allah, I feel so ashamed of myself T_T

Thank you Bainun :D

"But, I thought the book is only € 8?"

I went to a bookstore to see the book I've been eyeing since my previous transit. Yes, it's still there and I think I should buy it for my next 10hours' connecting flight from Istanbul to Kuala Lumpur (although I know I would sleep most of the time).

Decided to buy, I took the book to the counter. After scanning, the guy over the counter said 'the total is € 8.50" Eh eh, mana datang lagi € 0.50? "But, I thought the book is only € 8?"

The guy passed my transaction to a lady. Actually, I don't care much about that € 0.50 but duhhh the lady who's helping the guy (I guess he's a trainee) responded to me without answer. She even repeated how much the book costs with a rude face. I was not sure she originally looked like that or she got irritated when I re-asked about the extra € 0.50. 

At the end, she still didn't answer. Awkward silence. I just gave my card to be swiped and before leaving the store, I told her, "I'm sorry but please make sure you check the prices from time to time before putting price tags on the book"

I am so sorry to say this. But, at least answer me with something like "I am sorry but maybe there's something wrong with the system." A single sorry can soften someone's heart, remember that.

I learned from someone's experience when he accidentally payed about RM 50 for a bag from Mydin when it was actually cost RM 15! 

"Eh, I thought I have one hour more?"

That's my inner thought. 

Guess what, I was so nervous when I saw the flight schedules. I was supposed to be at the boarding gate about 18:05 (the flight was scheduled to take off at 19:05). At that time my phone's clock showed 17:05. Eh, why? I have one hour more, right?

Surprisingly, again I totally forgot Turkish Airlines sent emails so many times to inform me that Turkey decided not to follow daylight saving time (DST). The funny thing was, I set my phone's clock to auto-update based on the location since the day I bought it. It never failed to show the correct time. But, I think (maybe) Turkey's decision was quite sudden that the world clock didn't managed to update itself. :p

Seriously, the wall clock in Ataturk Airport showed 18:05 when it was 17:05 on my phone. T_T

What if I go to the gate at 18:05 (my phone's clock)?
Hahaha, I don't want to imagine that! Awkwardly terrifying!

So, moral here is be alert with the local time!

"Boarding completed"

The moment the cabin crew made this announcement, it simply means, they will not receive any upcoming passengers and they will close the door (from my understanding). 

I was quite shocked when I heard this announcement, then I looked around inside the plane, "there's still many empty seats?"

And yes, you can imagine how empty the plane was when we literally have a row per person to lie down comfortably, conquering 2-4 seats, 2-4 pillows, 2-4 blankets, 2-4 screens for EACH of us.

Awkwardly heaven.

p/s - Have you experience any awkward moments at the airport? 

SS, Perak, Malaysia

New Interface of Blogger Dashboard, I Guess?

November 23, 2016

Morning, people!

I used to have problem to spend time on Blogger dashboard on mobile, but suddenly this morning, I have no problem to scroll the reading list on my phone! I even realised there is 'something' different about Blogger interface. No very significant changes, it looks similar though. 

When I search blogger.com, it directed me to this interface. 


On the very first page, there's no more list of blogs we own. 
No more reading list on the first page. 

It shows list of posts we have (either published or draft).


So, how can we read other blogs that we follow?


At the bottom of menu (above Help), we can see Reading List.
There you go.

What do you think about this new interface?
Have you received the dashboard update, anyway?

p/s - I miss Blogger Reader. Why did you take it down, Blogger? T_T

Vaclav Havel Airport,

Nina's Version of Blogger Tag

Obviously this tag is from Erin :D 

I do feel we have kinda different preferences but seriously I love her ideas a lot. You know, when you get to know other people and their lifestyle, you can take few things into your life and adapt to them. 

For example, maybe I don't even care about my template before but after many attachments to Erin's posts... this girl is really something. :) She managed to deliver something simple as superb ideas!

Let's get started. :)

Going to miss Czech forest. 

I am not sure how to answer this. Every time I measure my height, it keeps changing. :p Between 158-160cm. 

Seriously, I took a very a long time to think about this. I even need to ask my housemate about my own talent. :p But, I think, I can mingle well with random strangers. 

Is that even a talent? T_T

Auto-play musics. 

People without OBVIOUS common senses. T_T

I know that different people have different level of common senses, depends on how they grow up, with whom they spend time the most. I once shared about my self-reflections after watching a football match and honestly I was scared to see and watch people's behaviors nowadays.

I have no specific favourite songs. Prefer any ballad songs - Malay, English, Indonesian, Korean. Oh, I love almost all songs in Shahrukh Khan's movies :)

Blog is obviously at the first rank. 

I love every specific social media. Instagram is good enough to share photos, but I prefer to post photos in bulk in a blog post than spamming my Instagram timeline with many photos. Meanwhile, I love Twitter for the short and sweet news. Facebook is the best to stalk people. 

What's else? That's the main media I guess.

Cycling to school with this view.

Hiking if the weather permits. 

If it's raining, I prefer to make myself a cup of teh tarik (instant lol), stay under the duvet and do drama marathon.

Oh, I love reading random weird stuffs on the net. You can check Quora if you wanna join me :) Haha

Choki-choki, haw flakes, Oreo

Any chips (potato chips, vegetable chips) omg I love these so much that they are so hard to resist.

Used to live in the same house with Atan. But after we moved into different houses, Atan now lives with Maryam & Azila. I visit him regularly, especially if Tesco makes any promotion for Whiskas. Hihi.

Atan is a cat who behaves well when taking shower. :p

Can I say all Hlovate's books?

I am sure that the books cannot be categorised into only non-fiction or only fiction. Because, they are too awesome to fit into both!

I'm still a newbie in this beauty things. I learned about Lush few years ago and I love the products after indirectly being persuaded by Maryam & Azila. :p

My favourite for now maybe Pantene shampoo & conditioner? Will try Lush shampoo soon.

When one of my juniors tweeted about BTS.

I honestly thought she was watching some behind the scenes of any movies, apparently BTS is a K-pop group! 

Haha, sorok muka.


But I think I will try hard to find any sources of water. That's it. 

When I was in primary school, I watched at least 15-minutes scenes of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai almost every single day. There was no Youtube back then, so, my siblings and I use a video tape player and fast forward the movie. Sometimes, we even left the tape in the player. T_T 

Prinsip Perakaunan / Principles of Accountancy 

I have a thing for numbers. Although Maths is not a subject I scored every exams but I seriously give all out for Principles of Accountancy. The teacher was so lovable and caring, she always brought us food during classes - nasi lemak, bihun goreng, nasi beriyani. It's hard to find a teacher as cool as that. 

The results for that subject, yeah everyone got A1's!

But now, I even find it hard to do simple calculation like 13+29. ;p

Canada, Turkey, Australia.

If Czechians speak English as 1st language, fuh I would definitely love to stay here. 

Hi flight. :) See you.

#17 PC OR MAC?
I would like to try MAC but for now I have no significant problems with PC. So, I'll stick to PC for the mean time.

When your friend know there's something wrong with you when you think you hide it well :)


Secret. ;)

Well, that's what the question ask.

There are few friends who manage to perform well on other things while pursuing medicine. Yes, them - for all these young adults stuffs.

I want to be gentle, patience, high-spirited as Prophet Muhammad - it is a long way to go.

The blogs on my dashboard and on my list down there. Yes, please scroll around. If you can't find your blog anywhere, please let me know. Would love to put yours :)

I fancy sports items. So, it is Adidas, Nike and anything equivalent. But, I only buy them occasionally. 

Running shoes, altogether as walking, hiking, school shoes. Haha. 

Student and on my way to get to know business :)


After reflecting myself, I keep on thanking Allah for giving all these happiness and challenges for me to be a better Nina. Shouldn't I be proud of myself for trying hard to keep holding on to Him? T_T <3

Feel free to join the tag as well. Would love to know more about you.
You can refer the original post here :)

HK, Czech

Think Before You Ink: Tattoo and Us

November 22, 2016

I'm sure most of us know what is tattoo. Or at least, know how tattoo looks like. It maybe not common in our society (at least people around me) as it is not allowed in Islam (Sunni). But, I do believe the number keeps increasing nowadays.

Maybe due to factors people want to look cool in front of others or they want some significant identity on their skin. Some may find it difficult to cope with life after few stress-triggering incidents - so, they seek something like the pain that can make them ignore their problem.

What is tattoo actually?

It is said to be an art, the proper one will be made by professionals. Kinda pricey, depends on the styles and professional skills. In this blog post, I am not talking about tattoo stickers, yea. What I want to say that, the real tattoo is about permanent markings on the skin - made using needles and ink.

How tattoo is being done?

By inserting ink to a skin layer - dermis.

Fast forward the video to 3:15

My experience with tattoo. 

No, I don't have tattoo on my body. It looks totally painful, even for me to see.

I met a patient few days ago with tattoos all over his body. Even though patient like this may come with problems other than skin problems like muscle pain, chronic stomach ache, long term diarrhea, chest pain....etc, I've been told that medics need to ask more information regarding the tattoos as well. For example, when did the patient get it, what was the reason, where did he/she go to get the tattoo.


Skin with tattoo can be a site for infection. And the instruments used to make tattoo as well. Here, people are free to have tattoo (even though some people may find it worrisome to watch the person with tattoos). Just, they are highly recommended to go to the best professional who provide this service. Make sure all needles used are sterile, and the ink does not have side effects to the skin.

Why you need to think twice (or even thousand times) before getting a tattoo?

1. For Muslim Sunni, it is prohibited.
**sorry, I don't have the English version of these.
  • At-Tabrani menyatakan yang bermaksud, "Rasulullah SAW melaknat perempuan yang mentatu dan minta ditatu, serta yang mengikir gigi dan yang minta dikikir giginya" - reference Fiqh Medik by Dr. Zaharuddin Abd Rahman

If we refer to Mufti Pahang's website, we can find another hadith that is against tattoo.
  • "Daripada Ibnu Umar R.Anhuma, sesungguhnya Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda “ Allah melaknat perempuan yang menyambung rambut dan minta disambungkan rambutnya, perempuan yang membuat tatu dan yang meminta dibuat tatu.” (Riwayat al-Bukhari)

2. It is painful.

Maybe painless for some people, but I met so many people who are scared to needles. The main reason is the pain. So, why people need to choose to be in pain?

3. Risk of infection.

The ink used in tattoo usually is certified, but it is the problem with the conditions when the tattoo is being done.
  • "When you are injecting a substance into the skin, you risk infection," - WebMD
The effects could be hepatitis (inflammation of liver - most common), Staphylococcus infection or warts. When the skin is punctured, it leads to bleeding - so, more blood-borne infections.

4. Tattoo removal process is crazy. 

Can tattoo be removed?

Well, I already answer this question in just few lines above.

Yes, it can be removed, but the procedure is very expensive, time-consuming, painful. There is a blog post on how tattoo is removed by Dr. Azwan, maybe you can check it out for more details. I can conclude this person may need to undergo surgery or laser treatment.

In this video, you will understand why tattoo is permanent but eventually fade away a little.

  1. http://tattoo.about.com/od/AboutTattoos/tp/First-Tattoo-Faq.htm
  2. http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/features/tattoos-are-they-safe#1
  3. http://drazwan.blogspot.cz/2008/06/tatu-tattoo-masalah-dan-perawatannya.html
  4. http://www.thevocket.com/kisah-abang-long-fadzil/

p/s - this post is not to encourage you to get tattoos okay? I just wanna share general ideas what tattoos are all about. And for medics like me, this is important as well at least to know something. 

HK, Czech

How To Leave Clickable Link in Blogger Comments?

Disqus is one of my biggest blogging sins - that I keep on doing. Till this exact moment.

I know that Disqus is not friendly anymore with Blogger, I mean it doesn't sync at all now. I tried searching around how to change back to Blogger comments without losing the comments I already have on my posts. But, none. T_T

Sad truth.

I am so sorry for those who find it difficult to leave a comment in my blog. I have no idea what should I do with this. Deep inside, I really hope you won't find it hard to leave comment by logging in to Facebook, Google or Twitter. Honestly, Disqus is almost perfect EXCEPT the sync problem. T_T

This morning.

Oh, do you guys know what is Disqus actually?

It is a 3rd party comments section for blog. Told ya, I was a big fan of Korean dramas and shows - those sites were the starting point I learned the existence of Disqus. And after I found few other blogs using Disqus as well, honestly it looked totally cool!

I wish Disqus can sync with Blogger like it used to be. T_T

What is hyperlink?

On Disqus comments section, you can leave a link without extra codes needed. Like, if you leave a Youtube link, it will even attach the video on the comment itself. 

But, on Blogger comments, the 'link' will not hyperlink on its own

Let me show you the examples:

1. The link/text without hyperlink
2. Hypertext - link/text with hyperlink

For the first example.
  • You need to select the text --> right click --> select 'go to xxxx'
    • This is possible ONLY IF the blogs allow readers to do 'right click'
    • Although I don't really understand why people disable 'right click', I respect your decision anyway.
  • Alternative = you can also select the text --> control + C (copy) --> control + T (open a new tab) --> control + V (paste) --> enter
    • If you are very good with keyboard (especially with shortcuts), this is very simple for you.  

So, why not make it easier for other people to click the link on blogger comments by directly make the text / link as hyperlink?

See the 2nd example.
  • You can click directly on the hyperlink to open the link on the same tab. 
  • Alternative = if you want to read it afterward, just right click on the link --> select open link in a new tab. 
    • You can continue reading the page before continue with the next tab. 


How to do it?

You just need to add this HTML code:

<a href="http://www.hanisamanina.com">hanisamanina.com</a>

The result will be like this: hanisamanina.com

For the code, simply change the text in quotation mark "http://www.hanisamanina.com" into the link you want to share. Next, change the text in between the arrows >hanisamanina.com>< - this is how people will see the hyperlink. 

I think you realised that I put this hyperlink at the very end of comments I left on your blog :) The very exact reason why I inserted my blog hyperlink on each comment I left is I don't like both Blogger profile and Google Plus profile when people click on my name. 

I had experience once - when I read any interesting comments, I really want to reach out the person. So, when I click his/her name, I was directed to a Blogger profile with most of times the blogger may have 3-4 blogs listed! Why oh why?


Tips :
I saved the HTML code on Notepad on my laptop and pin it to taskbar. Every time I do my routine blog walking, I'll make sure I already open the Notepad and copy the HTML code. 

p/s - People may think the link as spam, I do as well. Just, try to hover on the hyperlink first to see where the link is directing you.

HK, Czech

3 Important Life Lessons I Learned This Week

November 18, 2016

I shared in past few days that my friends and I are opening orders for awesome LUSH products in previous two entries. Yes, you can still do so before Saturday, 19th November 2016, 12pm (Malaysia time).

Honestly, this is kinda my first experience to be a personal shopper like this. I have my own reasons to do that. For example, it is good to exercise my mind that I need to do something while waiting for job or interview after graduation. And alhamdulillah, what I am doing right now is preparing myself for that.

Nice view to start Friday :D

Friday is a good day to reflect our hectic week while our heart already looking forward for the weekend. So, let me share what I gained through out these past few days. :)

1. It is hard to earn money.

I feel ashamed of myself for NOT trying business EARLIER. I am too scared and feel too awkward to approach people. Being an ambivert, sometimes, it feels kind of hard to meet MANY random people but seriously it is quite fine right now. 

And, Czech is not a place where students can do business with its products, like Malaysian students in India always come out with Indian sarees' business, in Korea with Korean cosmetics products. What's famous in Czech is first, the beer. Maybe next one is Swarovski's crystals and jewelries. You know, the one Neelofa put on her Hijab's products. But, they are kinda expensive to make pre-order or ready-stock.

But, maybe I should try? HAHAHA

Hmm, the other thing I realised that I move around a lot; walking and cycling - which took a lot of muscle works, especially in late autumn like this. Haha. Sometimes, I need to survey the prices from different shops to quote the best prices to the buyers. Oh, in this case I am talking about being a personal shopper for Czech's traditional honey cake ordered by my graduated seniors. I can say they miss everything about Czech right now. They requested so many random items - like university car stickers?

I am more than happy to serve them :D

Czech's Traditional Honey Cake 

2. Business is about sacrificing our time, money and energy.

I described already about energy consumed to do this job. :) But, it helps me to exercise at the same time and I love it. Move our body, people!

Glad to have free week for the time being. I still have classes in the morning to focus on. To be able to differentiate what is my priority at a specific time is the key to all of these. 

3. Entertain customers and provide the best services to them.

I am a shy person, but I can be loud as well to people who share / speak about common interests :) Hehe. Otherwise, being a listener is what I always do.

Maryam and I have different personalities, but I can say our differences a bit supporting each other. She's way more creative than I am, while I am more outspoken than her. Only Allah knows how was our conditions when we discussed this plan. Only He knows how many times we kept on repeating, "Ya Allah, segannyaaaaaa." Haha. Yep, the first step is always the hardest. Same like a small baby trying to take his first step. Similar situation.

We are on our way to overcome this weakness, and I feel grateful to say we improved A LOT.


A photo posted by @maryamnabihah on

All in all,

I love what I am doing right now! :D Haha.

So, anyone who are interested to buy any LUSH products, feel free to contact me before Saturday, 19th November 2016 at 12pm Malaysia time. :D

Please contact me via:


p/s - Salam Jumaah everyone :)
HK, Czech

Top 5 LUSH Products Maryam Loves The Most :D

November 16, 2016

Tadaaaa, Maryam in the house, she contributed this amazing post!

As I mentioned in previous post, Maryam will share top 5 LUSH products she loves the most. So, shall we start?

Let's go!

1) Let The Good Times Roll (Facial Cleanser)

This wonderful face and body cleanser has maize flour, polenta (cornmeal), corn oil and a dash of cinnamon powder. It’s a gentle yet scrubby cleanser which leaves your skin feeling totally smooth and soft with the caramel popcorn scent! If you love sweet scents, take a sniff at this cleanser and it’ll blow your mind away!

Credit to LUSH
You can even find the real popcorn in this product! - Credit to http://www.elaloves.com/fall-lush-haul/

Quick tip : take a pea size amount. Add water to make somewhat like a paste. Massage on face while indulging it’s heavenly scent. Rinse off with warm water.

2) Mask of Magnaminty (Face Mask) 

This is hands down one of the most popular products from Lush. It consists of peppermint oil to stimulate the skin, marigold oil to treat the skin, evening primrose seeds to gently exfoliate, kaolin to nourish and honey for antibacterial properties.

This mask is suitable for all skin types, whether you’re dry, oily, combination or even acne-prone. It pulls out all the impurities and brightens the skin! 

Credit to LUSH

Quick tip : take a good size amount and apply to the face, immediately feel the tingling feeling from the peppermint! Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes. Remove with water by circular motions to obtain exfoliation.

3) Honey I Washed My Hair (Solid Shampoo)

Yes you read that right, it’s a solid shampoo! It consist of wild orange, bergamot oil and honey which gives you soft and shiny hair. It’s an awesome alternative to a regular shampoo because it’s travel friendly! Just toss it in your bag and you’re good to go! 

Credit to LUSH

Quick tip : glide it around 3-4 times on your scalp and it lathers instantly! 

4) Tea Tree Water (Face Mist)

Great for mopping up those excess oils in the skin. It’s a very good antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial mist that keeps away all those nasty bacteria! Grapefruit is rich in vitamins and juniper berry helps keep skin clean and clear. 

Credit to LUSH

Quick tip : use as often as you’d like! After cleansing and before moisturizing is your best bet, but you can always refresh your skin whenever throughout the day! Spraying this on your pillows to keep them fresh and free from bacteria is one way to use this as well.

5) The Experimenter (Bath Bomb)

For those of you who have a bath tub at home, please try one of their bath bombs or bubble bars! This one in particular smells incredible, and it turns your bath into rainbow colours!

Credit to x
Quick tip : throw it into your bath and watch the magic happens ☺


How to order:

  1. Tell us the name of products you desire
  2. We’ll give you quotation of price + shipping price
  3. If you agree, we’ll inform you our account number
  4. After making payment, send us proof of purchase 
  5. Give us your details (name, address, phone number, email)
  6. Just in case products are out of stock, we’ll offer you another product or full refund.

Please contact me via:

Place your orders before Saturday, 19th November 2016 (12pm Malaysia time) :D :D :D

Hope to hear from you :D
Hihi, till next post.

HK, Czech

Calling For LUSH Lovers! We Are Here For You :D

For those who follow me on Instagram, you might have come across this one. Tadaaaa, my new project with Maryam. 

Yams, you are so significant in my life to be mentioned many times in my blog. Haha. 

Cantik kan flat lays kitorang :D

Are you a LUSH lover? 
Or you would like to buy LUSH products but the shop is not yet in Malaysia?
Or you do not know how to buy?

Well, we are here to help!

Basically we are going to be your personal shopper :D

This is our first time doing it and insyAllah may Allah help this journey to gain experience.

A photo posted by @maryamnabihah on

First of all, let me introduce you what is LUSH.

LUSH consists of cosmetics products, including almost everything - just name it; shower gels, cleansers, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, masks, lip balms, lip scrubs etc. I knew this shop when I started my study in Czech, well actually I knew most famous brands when I live here. Lol.

Points from its website.

The best part of LUSH is the products are organic and handmade! All of them smell so good and you would love to spend time in the shop for hours. One of the best invention of LUSH for me is the bath bombs. You can watch the example in the video I attached below :D

Isn't it cool? :D


If you guys are interested to buy LUSH products, you can follow the steps below. I will bring the items all the way from Czech to you (delivery in Malaysia via PosLaju), you will receive them between middle December to middle January. 

How to order:

  1. Tell us the name of products you desire
  2. We’ll give you quotation of price + shipping price
  3. If you agree, we’ll inform you our account number
  4. After making payment, send us proof of purchase 
  5. Give us your details (name, address, phone number, email)
  6. Just in case products are out of stock, we’ll offer you another product or full refund.

Please contact me via:

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How To Kill People With Kindness?

November 14, 2016

I just realised that yesterday was World Kindness Day. This day is celebrated every 13th November. Maybe it is quite late to share a post on this, but again I just realised my juniors and I discussed about Rasulullah's kindnesses as well yesterday. So, why not sharing them with you guys here :)

Credit to https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/

Selena Gomez's Kill Em With Kindness.

Have you listened to this song? I'm not a fan of Selena Gomez but I do listen to her songs and find out this one to have affection to me.

Your lies are bullets
Your mouth's a gun
No war and anger
Was ever won
Put out the fire before igniting
Next time you're fighting
Kill 'em with kindness
Kill 'em with kindness
Kill 'em, kill 'em, kill 'em with kindness
Kill 'em with kindness
Kill 'em with kindness
Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead now

I am not sure if I've been in any significant backstabbing events, maybe yes and I don't care much. But, I don't want to describe other people's weakness or sins. I personally have a lot of them. 

Do we realised that most of quarrels start with arguments? Arguments are good only if they are done in appropriate ways - no hate words or bad words. I do agree that most arguments that we can find online with those b*, s* words (mostly in Twitter) are though-provoking even though I don't like those words. However, I believe the arguments are better to be conveyed in another way - kindness. 

There is a story that is very significant to me. 

I think you have listened to this, before. Or maybe I've shared in my blog?

There was a blind Jew beggar who always cursed Rasulullah SAW and said that he is a liar. Even though this old blind man don't even know how Prophet Muhammad looks like, he kept on swearing at him. When Rasulullah received the news, he went to visit the old man and helped feeding him every day.

After the death of Rasulullah, the old man kept wondering why the good man did not come to feed him. Rasulullah's companion (Abu Bakr) went to continue Rasulullah's habit towards that old man when suddenly the man got angry at Abu Bakr. He realised the way Abu Bakar feed him was different than Rasulullah.

"No! Do not lie to me! The man was so nice to hold hands, and the food he gave was very easy to chew, because he softened it to me..."

Abu Bakr started to cry and explain that the man who visit the blind man was Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The Jew beggar was shocked and said the syahadah. T_T

A good attitude is the one capturing someone's heart. 

We don't have to go that far, just imagine ourselves. Do we want other people to say harsh words or bully us mentally, physically?

If yes, there's something wrong with you.

So, why are we doing those bad habits to others?

Kindness Boomerang.
The video above is very famous I am sure you've watched it at least once if your life time. Why not, watch it again?

Kindness is not only verbally, but physically as well.

To help the blind crossing the road is kindness.
To hold the door open for stranger is kindness.
To share the food we have with poor people is kindness.
To help taking care of neighbour's house when he is outstation is kindness.
To make donation is also kindness.
To help our parents with the house core is kindness.


To smile is kindness.

Happy Belated World Kindness Day :)

Hradec Kralove, Czech

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