Pasar Presint 8

October 20, 2020

Finally I found a place that I can do groceries shopping without having to worry about the price. Thanks Kak Mulan :)

For the early 2 weeks of my stay in Cyberjaya, I kept on buying stuffs from Grocers (name it - Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, Star Grocer yada-yada), so I posted Instagram stories asking for help and opinions. A lot of information came into my message box.

One of them is Pasar P8. It is actually very close to Hospital Putrajaya.

So, I went there on Saturday with Haziq and haha of course I love the place!
It is a market in a neighbourhood surrounded by apartments, a school, a food court, a local library in Presint 8.

The price of vegetables, fruits, fishes, meats, chickens etc are affordable. I can say, it is almost similar as in Mydin etc. 

The market will be the place for me to get my groceries on regular occasions :)

Here is the map. Luckily it opens daily. 



October 19, 2020

HO: Doktor, ada banyakkkk coklat kat pantry, mak ayah Bed X bagi.

Hehe I was excited to be honest. We usually received some food from discharged patient, sometimes brownies / cake / breads etc and we will just put them in the pantry and make announcement to other colleagues. 

"Cepat-cepat, nanti habis."

And to my surprise, we received a box full of sweets!
Though I didn't really eat these but it did give me happiness and put a smile on my face behind the face mask. :)

Thank you for the thoughts :)

May Allah help and give us courage to continue working with good quality. Ameen. 



These Tiny Tubes

October 18, 2020

Poking babies for some blood investigations is not that easy. First, we need to decide if poking them / to insert IV line (branula) is really needed. Then, of course we need to explain to mothers why we need to do that.

I always tell my patients (since housemanship phase) that our blood is like our identity. I think I have mentioned this in previous post too. We can check many things from few drops of blood. :) And I love the facts that we can do so.

In paeds, blood taking procedures are RARELY be done bedside (means most of the time, we will take the babies / kids to the procedure room) and we will ask the parents to stay outside of the procedure room, or simply stay in the patient's room. Why? I don't think people loves to see their kids crying with the pain initiated with poking them. Right? I have witnessed lots of mothers (usually) have tears flowing on their cheeks every time they hear their children crying in procedure room.

And to be honest, kids have really good memories - name it from their eyes and even from their body memories. Huhu. Every time we just hold to check their hands & foots for any possible veins, they usually will start crying. But some others are cool haha. Some will only cry once the needle is inside.

From left: EDTA tube for adults - EDTA tube for paeds - plain tube for adult - plain tube for paeds

EDTA tube - usually for full blood count, full blood picture

Plain tube - for renal profile, liver function test, serology etc. 

Tricking the children with some videos are helpful to be honest. It helps to distract the kids. For babies, I discovered that playing some sleep lullaby can help to calm the babies. :)

I always asked my husband why on earth would he prefer Paediatrics compared to Medical Department. He said that both are busy departments, one handling general medicine for babies & children while the other one for adults. But, at least seeing cute babies sooth his mind to continue working. Lol. He handles kids better than me though we both are the youngest in the family.

And now, both of us are Paediatrics MO. Haha. Life is very funny sometimes.

Anyway, please pray together with us to be blessed with kids ya :)

I still remember I will ask your prayers when I was in medical school & housemanship. Hopefully, you will not mind to keep praying for me too.

May Allah bless your day :)



Open the Book, Seek Help.

October 11, 2020

Have you seen this book before? Hehe

This is a famous book in medical setting, especially in Paediatric Department. It is available in PDF form but most superiors prefer the juniors to have this book in pocket. 

It is called Frank Shann.
A book consists of name of drugs and doses used. In Paediatrics, the dosages depend on the weight of the baby / children, hence you can see doctors start to open this book every time endorsing medications. Plus using calculator too.

For example, the most common drug used for fever / pain relief in kids.
Syrup Paracetamol 15mg/kg/dose 4-6H (max 4g/day)

Which means, 
- the name of the drug: syrup Paracetamol (brand name can be like Panadol)
- the dose: 15mg/kg/dose. For example: a kid with weight 10kg, the dosage for him is 150mg. 
- maximum dose if 4000mg/day
- 4-6H: means taken every 4-6hourly
- if taken every 6 hourly: the kid will consume 150mg x 4 times = 600mg (still below the maximum dose) 

There are too much of information that health care workers need to remember. And again, it is really hard to know every single doses for every drugs in this world. So, this book makes it easier. Of course, it is helpful apart from calling the pharmacists and double confirm the dosage hehe.

Same goes in life.

Have we ever feel we had too much of things happening in our life? 
We are human beings. We are not robots.

Even robots have the guidebook, so do we.
And what do humans have?


Open the book, seek help. :)
Don't be ashamed.
This is simply a reminder for myself. Huhu.


New Life, New Adventure

September 26, 2020

Assalamualaikum, hello guysss!

Hehe actually I am not really sure who's still reading this blog, but whoever you are, thank you for dropping by.

So, where should I start?

First and foremost, I just moved to Cyberjaya and work in a hospital in this area. I can say, it is so-called 'first class' hospital as it does not provide 3rd class beds so far that I know. Still struggling to adapt here though I have been working in this hospital for a month. 

The environment is different.
The colleagues are different.
The system is totally different.
The approach is different.
The working 'politic' is different

Well, different hospitals have different styles. That is common. 

I only know one person who used to work together with me in my previous hospital. And to be honest, the main reason I choose this hospital is because of the location - in between Perak & Johor so that we can take turn to go visit our family. Oh yaa, my husband is originally from Johor.

Luckily I choose to rent a unit of 2 bedrooms quite close to the hospital. About 10minutes journey. Quite a number of people suggested for me to rent around Seri Kembangan, Dengkil, Bangi, Puchong etc for a cheaper rent. But, I am from Perak, I am not used to drive 30-40minutes just to go to work, passing through highway with tolls and facing traffic jams. 

"Dah kerja kat sini, kena la lalui. Itu lumrah."

Well, yeah I understand.

I tried to look for alternatives. It was either I spend money for lower rent (which was RM100 lower?) for cheaper place to stay but need to face those journeys... or I spend higher amount for somewhere closer.

I chose the latter.
But, I totally respect those who choose the former. :)

During the first few days, I can already feel the differences in living cost - where it was not easy to find a small kedai runcit, simple kedai makan etc. So I initially doubted my decision. However, after I went through my first oncall which was working at 8am today only to punch out at 5pm the next day... I finally relieved with my decision. Having microsleep while driving was totally not good. I was glad that my unit was not that far. 

I honestly dislike oncall system. I had experienced oncall system when I was at early phase of housemanship (where the system was changed to shift system later). Staying awake for 36hours from 5-6am till at least 6pm the next day... I hate it. -_-' Some people maybe don't really mind oncall system but my body actually cannot take it.

I didn't get the department I choose. So that's another challenge. To make decisions for managements on something I don't have passion about... is really a challenge. People always say 'just try first, maybe you will develop your interest.' I tried. A month passed, still the feeling is not there. Haha. 

Why are you pushing someone to do something they don't like? 

But again, people will say, 'bersyukur lah kau masih ada kerja.'
Hahaha okay then, I rest my case.

Don't worry, I will still do my best. I will always try to do my best within my limit. :) 

“Dan boleh jadi kamu tidak menyukai kepada sesuatu padahal ia baik bagi kamu, dan boleh jadi kamu menyukai sesuatu padahal ia buruk bagi kamu. Dan Allah mengetahui sedang kamu tidak mengetahui.” Al-Baqarah ayat 216

Last few days, I had a talk with a colleague who is currently in the same boat.

S: Perasan tak, Allah uji kita benda yang kita tak suka.
H: Kan... Lagi kita tak suka, lagi Allah bagi. Memang nak ajar kita kesabaran. Mungkin nak kita overcome perasaan tak suka tu.

And yeah, we are the chosen one to join the Covid team at quarantine centers in November-December. Alhamdulillah tak kena deployed ke Sabah. T_T 

Doakan yaaa. 

p/s: anyway, sorry for the negative vibe post. Haha I just need to rant it out first then I will be cool insyAllah.


MARA - End of Repayment

June 30, 2020

Just before I finished my housemanship last March, I managed to settle my study loan with MARA. :)

I have been living as 'anak MARA' since my secondary school as I entered MRSM till I completed my Form 5. Then, I applied for MARA convertible loan to further my studies for A-Level and Undergraduate in Czech. 

Thank you MARA for giving me opportunity to study abroad while exploring the diversity of mankind. 
Thank you MARA for the first opportunity of European-bound flight. It was from KLIA-Frankfurt to be exact.
Thank you MARA for monthly allowance to help me survive. 
Thank you MARA :)

When I was a student in Czech with the others, we have two bank accounts - one in Euro currency (as our allowance was given in Euro) and another one in Czech Koruna (for debit card etc). Every time we received the allowance, we need to go to the counter to withdraw the money in Euro and there would be some fee applied for every transaction.

What I did was, after I calculated every single details of my monthly expenses and decided to withdraw a lump sum of 3 months expenses. What I mean is, I do not have to do frequent withdrawal (hence I saved some money from paying the fee). 

It was scary to hold a large amount of bank notes. So, after paying the apartment rent to my landlord in cash (she preferred that way, her unit was downstairs anyway haha), I immediately put the money into my Czech Koruna account. Then, all transactions to buy anything like groceries or cafe hoping (to study yea) or train rides were done by waving the debit card. 

I honestly learned and appreciated the existence of debit card when I was in Czech. :)

MARA actually gave two choices on the method to pay - it could be either lump sum (with some discount) or pay monthly. I chose the second option just because the money I saved from Czech were needed for other stuffs (especially to settle down back in Malaysia after returning for good). It involved a lot of travelling to and fro- Kuala Lumpur for lotssss of stuffs plus I went for some medical courses while preparing for housemanship. 

Anyway, payment is settled!

Thank you Allah for all of these experiences :)

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