Meeting Amazing Camels :)

January 20, 2018

Second day of ziarah luar, meeting camels was in the tentative :)

Well, I personally have never see camels in real life and I have no memories of meeting them in the zoos as well. Are there camels in zoos in Malaysia?

With the friendliest camel there.

As we all know, camels were the popular transportation in deserts like in Saudi Arabia. Camels have the capability to carry from the heaviest items to the lightest. And the mutawwif told us that during previous Hajj where buses were not yet available, camels were used to carry pilgrims' luggage. :O

"(Mengapa mereka yang kafir masih mengingkari akhirat) tidakkah mereka memperhatikan keadaan unta bagaimana ia diciptakan?" - Quran 88:17


Camels are such interesting animals!

Camels can survive in the middle of deserts without meals up to three weeks. The hump does NOT contain water as most of us believed - instead it stores fatty tissues that can be metabolized into water when needed. Another point is that it concentrates the fat at the hump so that camels can survive in hot weather. I mean, if the fats are distributed through out the body, they are easier to be metabolized. 

Like abdominal fat. Haha. This is the most stubborn fat to lose!

I am too sad that the camels are staying in this kind of area T_T

If you have seen camels by yourselves, have you realized camels have different bending of legs than other animals? I am trying my best to explain this T_T.

Mummy and baby.

If you observe the picture above, can you see the camels bend the front legs at two sites?

Most people including me would think that the joint that I make an orange circle to be the knee joint. In fact, it is actually carpal joint (equivalent to our wrists). Meanwhile in the blue circle represent the knee joint. 

So, knee joints of camels bend backwards instead of forward like humans do. All these special anatomical bones of camels help them to carry heavy stuffs on top of them. 

Fascinating, right? :D


Just, avoid lots of contact with the camels and wash our hands (or use sanitizers) after touching them. Avoid raw milk and poorly cooked camel meats as well. T_T

Makkah, Saudi Arabia

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Around Muzdalifah and Mina, Makkah

January 19, 2018 Mecca Saudi Arabia

After visiting the hills, our group was taken on a bus trip to visit the places people will go during Hajj - like Muzdalifah and Mina. 

Around Muzdalifah and Mina, Makkah
Somewhere along the way

Muzdalifah is simply a desert, between Mina and Arafah. Usually, after the pilgrims go for wukuf in Arafah, they will stop by Muzdalifah around Maghrib and pray Maghrib and Isyak (as jamak qasar), then wait till Fajr prayer. I have been told that the pilgrims also will collect the stones that will be used for jamrah (melontar jamrah - I am not that sure the meaning behind it)

Around Muzdalifah and Mina, Makkah
Mina station

Picture above is Mina station. I have no idea there is public transportation like MRT here! And yes, it exists :D Just, the trains are only used for only 3 days per year (for Hajj I guess)

And we were also brought to see a mosque here in Muzdalifah - named Al-Mash'ar Al-Haraam and I've been told that this mosque is open only once yearly.

Tidaklah menjadi salah, kamu mencari limpah kurnia dari Tuhan kamu (dengan meneruskan perniagaan ketika mengerjakan Haji). Kemudian apabila kamu bertolak turun dari padang Arafah (menuju ke Muzdalifah) maka sebutlah nama Allah (dengan doa,"talbiah" dan tasbih) di tempat Masy'ar Al-Haraam (di Muzdalifah), dan ingatlah kepada Allah dengan menyebutnya sebagaimana Ia telah memberikan petunjuk hidayah kepadamu; dan sesungguhnya kamu sebelum itu adalah dari golongan orang-orang yang salah jalan ibadatnya. - Quran 2:198

Around Muzdalifah and Mina, Makkah
Can you see the building on top of the hill? I am not sure if I heard this correctly from the mutawwif but it is said to be the area where the slaughtering of Nabi Ismail was replaced with kibas (what is kibas in English anyway?) 

To be honest, I am confused with all the tents and photos T____T

I can't remember which one is Mina, Muzdalifah etc. Sobsss.

Around Muzdalifah and Mina, Makkah
Interesting facts about the tents - they are left open through out the year. They are even waterproof and fireproof :D

Around Muzdalifah and Mina, Makkah
Other than tents, pilgrims who can afford to stay in hotels can do so. 

Around Muzdalifah and Mina, Makkah
I am not sure but I think the building is for Jamratul Aqabah.

Around Muzdalifah and Mina, Makkah
Another part of it.

Around Muzdalifah and Mina, Makkah
Another hotel, I think?

Finished touring around, we went to the nearest Miqat - Masjid Ja'ranah. Same like other places, there were huge crowds and it was a bit challenging to even go to the toilets and to take wudu'. Here, I was very glad with the existence of spray wudu' :D hehe.

Around Muzdalifah and Mina, Makkah
Bring along sarung kasut - so that you can take the shoes with you inside the mosque :)

To those who plan to perform another umrah can pray solat sunat ihram and set their niat here.
Otherwise, you can simple do solat tahiyatul masjid or do some shopping around the mosque :)

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Why Muslims Visit Jabal Rahmah?

The second hill that we visited was Jabal Rahmah. Other name is Jabal Arafat and it is about 70 meters in height. The view that I remembered was a hill in the middle of large open space - dataran. There are so many buses around (same in other places as well) that sometimes I confused which bus was ours.

Point number one - always take note the bus number. Not the plat number but number in front of the bus. I guess Saudi Arabia is well prepared with its buses that it comes with numbers to make it easier to remember. 

Why Muslims Visit Jabal Rahmah?

Why this place is important in Islam? 

1. Meeting point of Nabi Adam a.s. and Hawa.

It was said that Nabi Adam a.s. met Hawa in this area after being cast from heaven to different locations on Earth. 

Why Muslims Visit Jabal Rahmah?
On top of the hill, a monument was placed here that said to mark the meeting site of Nabi Adam a.s. and Hawa. 

2. Wukuf in Arafah

Wukuf in Arafah is one of rukun haji that pilgrims need to be there when they are in ihram (between 9-10 Zulhijjah). It is the area around the hill and I just know that it is known as Plain of Arafat in English.

On this day, all pilgrims can make full use of the time there to perform prayers, make du'as, zikrullah etc. 

Why Muslims Visit Jabal Rahmah?
It was very pack to climb the hill, anyway. The view during Hajj may look even amazing :) 

3. Mustajab place to pray.

One of the common du'as made here is to pray for a good partner. Once we step into Padang Arafah (Plain of Arafat), focus more on our du'as. In fact, while we are in Makkah and Madinah, always make prayers. :)

Why Muslims Visit Jabal Rahmah?
After all, all prayers need to be done facing our Qibla yea? Not towards the hill. 

4. Allah revealed a verse that said He is pleased with Islam as the Deen.

Here, at Arafah. 

......This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion...... (Al-Ma'idah 5:3)


We were given around 20-25 minutes here.  At first, none from our group wanted to climb the hill. I think maybe because the fact that quite a few of them had been here before and most of us were elderly. Hehe. I was that enthusiastic to do so and alhamdulillah my shoes was fit enough to climb. 

I was in rush so I climbed on the rocks that were not really used as normal pathway otherwise I need to wait for turns. T_T Running out of time as the bus was waiting for only me, I can say 10 minutes are doable to hike up and get down :)

Why Muslims Visit Jabal Rahmah?

Honestly, there were quite a number of rubbish on the hill - not to forget pictures. I am not sure why but I could even see passport sized pictures there in between the rocks. -_-'

Till next post!
I am going to share my experience of hiking Jabal Nur and visiting Gua Hira'.
Do you remember Gua Hira' and its stories? :D

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Important Stories of Jabal Tsur, Makkah

January 18, 2018

Based on my previous post on daily activities in Makkah, this post will focus more on the third day. :)

Day 3 (20th Dec 2017)
- Ziarah to Jabal Nur, Jabal Tsur, Jabal Rahmah, places for Hajj.
- Niat for Umrah at Masjid Jaranah
My parents and I with Jabal Tsur as the background. 

In Islam, Jabal Tsur (some spell it as Jabal Thur / Jabal Thawr) is one of the significant and special hills. 

Do you still remember what Jabal Tsur was well-known about?

Yes, the event when Rasulullah s.a.w. took a shelter with with Saidina Abu Bakar in the cave on top of Jabal Tsur when they were on their way to Madinah. The hill is about 1400 meters high (well, high enough as Czech's highest mountain is only 1600+meters) and I am sure the pathways to get to the top is not that easy, with rocks etc. 

Around 7.30am local time, we left the hotel to visit places around Makkah. 

These are how buildings in Makkah look like :)

People and cars. 

After about 30 minutes leaving the hotel, we arrived at the first hill - Jabal Tsur / Jabal Thur / Jabal Thawr. There were lots of buses and of course people. Our mutawwifah reminded us about the dust from the sand and told us to cover our nose and mouth. Unfortunately, I totally forgot to prepare ourselves with face masks. So, we basically covered our face with hands and scarves. 


What happened in Jabal Tsur and its Gua Tsur?

1. Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w.) and Saidina Abu Bakar (r.a.) took a shelter there escaping Quraisy. 

Through Allah's guidance, Rasulullah s.a.w. and Saidina Abu Bakar managed to escape successfully from Quraisy who planned to kill him as migration to Madinah started. 

People at base of hill.

2. Encountered a poisonous animal inside the cave and see how Saidina Abu Bakar r.a. reacted to this. 

Saidina Abu Bakar r.a. was the closest companion and always put a trust on Rasulullah's words. He was a protective person too and loved Rasulullah s.a.w. very much that he was willing to put himself at risks before Rasulullah s.a.w. 

Saidina Abu Bakar offered to enter and check the cave first. Then, he invited Rasulullah s.a.w. inside. The cave was not that big though, just enough for two of them to sit. Rasulullah s.a.w.fell asleep on Saidina Abu Bakar's lap and this was when Saidina Abu Bakar was bitten by that animal.

I am not sure if it was a snake or scorpion.

Bearing the pain, Saidina Abu Bakar did not move any inch and finally his tear dropped onto Rasulullah's face and Rasulullah woke up. 

Saidina Abu Bakar was so amazing!

Jabal Tsur
3. Miracles!

Knowing the pain, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. rubbed his saliva on the bitten area and it washed away the pain. :)

Other than that, as I mentioned before, Quraisy were hunting both of them and the people eventually arrived at Gua Tsur. With Allah's helps, Rasulullah s.a.w. and Saidina Abu Bakar survived there. It was said that Allah made the cave looked like as if no human has ever entered it - with spider webs and pigeons laying eggs. 


After 3 continuous nights, finally Rasulullah s.a.w. and Saidina Abu Bakar left Makkah to Madinah, with the help of Abdullah bin Uraiqat to guide the way. 

Alhamdulillah :)

Makkah, Saudi Arabia

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Tips Sihat 2018 dari Pertubuhan Kesihatan Sedunia (WHO) - Bahagian 3

January 17, 2018

2 more parts to go :)

Gambar sekadar hiasan. Missing the sunshine lately haha

7. Good hygiene.

Kebersihan bukan setakat diri sendiri tapi keliling kita (alam sekitar / makanan / pakaian / rumah). 

  • Mandi, jangan tak mandi. Kita ni duduk kat Malaysia, cuacanya buat kita berpeluh selalu. Haha
  • Basuh tangan sebelum dan selepas makan. Tak lupa jugak bila masuk toilet untuk urusan apa pun. Nanti lain pulak yang dimakannya. 
  • Sebelum masak, basuh dulu bahan-bahan masakan tu. Masak properly jangan asal nak siap je. 
  • Jangan meludah / buang sampah merata-rata.

I believe clearing our own table at fast food restaurant / food court or anywhere applicable as a good hygiene too :)

  • Tukar cadar / tuala selalu.
  • Potong kuku bagi kemas. 
  • Jangan bersin / batuk pada orang lain / makanan. Tutup mulut dengan tisu / sapu tangan.
  • Elakkan bekas air yang terdedah - potensi nyamuk Aedes tumpang membiak T_T
  • etc etc etc

Rasanya ramai je aware apa lagi yang perlu untuk good hygiene kan? :)

8. Jangan memandu laju / jangan minum alkohol dan memandu.

Walaupun autobahn kat Germany tu banyaknya takde had laju, rasanya bergantung pada adab masyarakat tu jugak. Contoh macam kat Malaysia ni, memang tak dinafikan cara memandu orang kita selalunya mendukacitakan. Signal tak pandai nak guna, tertib potong kenderaan pun entah kenapa boleh lesap, apatah lagi nak patuhi had laju. 

The trip I received my first speeding ticket hahadoiii

Mabuk dan memandu. Dulu masa selalu baca K-entertainment news, banyak jugak la jumpa berita pasal artis ditahan sebab memandu dalam keadaan mabuk.

Mabuk maksudnya kat sini refer kat kandungan alkohol dalam darah. Setiap negara ada limit masing-masing. Saya pun tak tahu berapa legal limit kat Malaysia. Hoho. Jap, nak cari.

The legal limit is 0.08% (w/v) or 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. A person having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) higher than 0.08% is considered to be driving under the influence of alcohol. - Jabatan Kimia Malaysia

Wow, surprisingly Malaysia antara negara yang tinggi legal limit nya - 0.08% (maksudnya bila check guna breathalyzer dan convert value, untuk tak kena penalty... orang tu kena kurang dari legal limit ni) 
  • 0.00% - Czech, Australia, Brazil, Brunei, UAE
  • 0.02% - China
  • 0.05% - Thailand, South Korea

9. Pakai seatbelt bila memandu dan helmet bila menunggang.

Pernah tak dengar ayat "it’s more dangerous to drive a car than to fly on a plane." Dan based on statistics, kemalangan melibatkan kenderaan atas jalan raya adalah lebih banyak berbanding kapal terbang. Cumanya kalau kemalangan di udara ni, biasanya sesuatu yang sangat serius T_T

Kalau dalam kapal terbang pun kita kena pakai seat belt (yang rata-rata orang tak faham, apa yang bahayanya dalam kapal terbang tu), apatah lagi kalau naik kereta. Untuk yang berbasikal / bermotorsikal, pakailah helmet jugak.

Need to get myself a good helmet too T_T

Untuk budak-budak, guna child safety seat. Mungkin tak significant dalam cara hidup orang Malaysia tapi benda yang baik, apa salahnya kita apply dan amalkan kan?

A thing to ponder... ramai yang kata kalau kat kawasan tak sibuk, tak payah pakai pun takpa. Especially kat kampung yang mendamaikan. Cuma, pengalaman saya sendiri, banyak jugak nyawa terkorban atas jalan raya nak ke kampung saya tu T___T


Next part will be the final one :D

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Tips Sihat 2018 dari Pertubuhan Kesihatan Sedunia (WHO) - Bahagian 2

January 15, 2018

Okayy, kita sambung dengan point seterusnya yea.

4. Jangan guna tembakau dalam bentuk apa pun.

Tembakau ni dalam English ialah tobacco. Hehe rasa lagi familiar bila guna tobacco -_-' Dan tembakau ni bukan setakat dihisap (dalam rokok, cerut, paip dan seangkatan dengannya) tapi boleh jugak dikunyah. Kalau pernah tengok orang tua zaman dulu, memang banyak dikunyah tembakau... dan biasanya dibalut dengan daun sireh. 

Kenapa tembakau ni bahaya? Sebab dia ada nikotin.
Kenapa nikotin ni bahaya? Sebab dia sejenis perangsang... kiranya senang nak addicted.

Sejenis rokok di Czech. Gambar kat atas rokok tu - lung operation

Dan semua orang tahu berapa banyak bahan berbahaya dalam rokok tu, majoriti boleh menyebabkan kanser. So, dengan nikotin, bertambah-tambah bahaya. Merokok tu sendiri bawa risiko banyak masalah kesihatan, pada semua sistem badan! Dari jantung, buah pinggang, paru-paru etc. 

Untuk yang merokok, cuba fahamkan kenapa kena berhenti merokok especially ingatlah keluarga tersayang. Cuba cari alternatif untuk bantu korang konsisten berhenti. Untuk yang teringin nak mencuba. PLEASE DON'T. T_T

5. Elakkan / kurangkan alkohol.

Di Malaysia, alkohol mungkin bukan satu isu utama kerana ramainya beragama Islam. Tapi alkohol sama macam rokok jugak, salah satu risiko untuk dapat banyak penyakit - terutamanya penyakit jantung, stroke, darah tinggi dan juga hati. Hati kat sini saya refer as 'liver' okay? Bukan hati perasaan.

Sejenis beer di Czech. 

Tapi alkohol pun boleh bagi kesan kat jantung dan hati perasaan sebenarnya. Boleh tengok orang yang sangat bergantung pada alkohol, apa kesan jangka panjang dalam hidupnya - duit habis, masalah kerja, masalah keluarga, masalah sosial, seks bebas. 

Untuk perempuan yang mengandung, alkohol boleh bagi kesan pada baby tu T__T Dalam medical kita panggil fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Bila ada word 'spectrum', maksudnya kesannya luas, boleh jadi tumbesaran, IQ, anggota badan. Anything can happen. Kesian okay bila dari baby dah kena hadap macam-macam dari kesilapan maknya. 

6. Kawal stress (untuk kesihatan fizikal & mental)

Stress. Satu perkataan yang tak asing lagi dalam hidup kita. 
Yang kalau berterusan tanpa dikawal boleh menyebabkan depression.

Depression is a mental disorder. Memang perlukan rawatan dari segi sokongan dan ubatan.

Dan stress ialah benda yang memang susah nak elak sebab aktiviti harian kita menyumbang kepada stress. Traffic jam, problem tempat kerja, kos hidup yang mendesak etc.

Untuk yang jenis release stress dengan makan.... ni tricky sikit haha

  • Dari agama, solatlah. Kalau masyarakat tak beragama (macam kat Czech dulu) buatlah apa-apa meditasi, yoga dan sebagainya.
  • Dengar muzik yang menenangkan.
  • Tonton atau baca bahan-bahan yang kelakar. Benda lawak ni boleh release hormone happy.
  • Spend time dengan orang tersayang - tak kisah la bercuti ke, main game ke, tengok movie ke. 
  • Massage / berehat / tidur
  • If it's getting worse, seek help - kaunseling / support group etc.

Till next points :)

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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