Ahaa, this is not the real campus tour though. Haziqah just showed me around, the area she spent her time studying. But, since her hostel is very close to the university, I bet she went back frequently haha. Memandai je kau, Nina.

Awww, scrolling pictures of Scotland is another way to procrastinate. I feel like being flew back there. 

Before Haziqah told me she got an offer letter to pursue her Master here, I have no idea about Dundee. The only thing I know about Scotland is Edinburgh. Oh yea, the Scottish accent as well. Haha, I don't even know (or should I say I don't bother to know) that many scenes in Harry Potter were being shoot in Scotland. :p

So, let's walk around University of Dundee. 

It's been a while, don't expect me to remember most details T_T I should have write my journey every single day while travelling. 

image for Campus Walking Tour - University of Dundee
This is a part of university. I thought the buildings were actually apartments, but nay.

image for Campus Walking Tour - University of Dundee
The excited Nina. Well, if you wanna know, in Czech most universities have campus / department ALL AROUND the city. We just don't have a specific BIGGGG compound to occupy all departments. So, it was kinda exciting to see a big university that I used to see in movies like this. Will share more about differences in university in my future posts of Glasgow. Hopefully.

image for Campus Walking Tour - University of Dundee
Tadaaaaa, one of the best feeling when Isaw this during my travel. I am a person who always search for city mosques in every destination that I will go. Prayer rooms included as well. 

Do you know that, by praying with other people from different background, you can reflect yourself 'how berlapang dada you are?'. Sometimes, the way they pray are kinda different than I pray. Like, some people just pray barefoot (without any socks or extra clothes to cover the feet), some Imam don't recite Bismillah in every al-Fatihah (they recite in their heart), some always recite Qunut Nazilah in the last rakaat. 

These differences depend on the Mazhab as well. 
We are a variety of people.

image for Campus Walking Tour - University of Dundee
The place students hang out during breaks. I don't have this kind of area in my university though. 

image for Campus Walking Tour - University of Dundee
The same area I told you just now. It is called the Union. 

image for Campus Walking Tour - University of Dundee
A signboard there. 

image for Campus Walking Tour - University of Dundee
And me, the tourist. Lol. Welcome to University of Dundee!

Nah, short post.

How's your Sunday?
:p Hopefully no Monday blues tomorrow.

HK, Czech
First of all, this is actually a Whatsapp message forwarded by my beloved cousin, Fa. We are very close to each other since baby, especially when we are both the only daughter in the family. Trust me, I have a lot of male cousins, maybe that's why I am not that feminine T__T

Oh yea, I edited the spelling and rephrased the points to suit my blog yea. And it will be in Malay. :)

8 Perkara Untuk Renungan Bersama Sebelum Ibu Bapa Pergi Selamanya
Missing them. :)



  • Duduk dekat atau jauh dari mak / ayah, luangkan masa sebanyak mungkin dengan mereka. Call lah selalu. Sekurang-kurangnya tanya khabar mereka. Kalau yang mak ayah pandai guna smartphone, rajin-rajin la PM / ajak berborak kat dalam group.
  • Mak / ayah nak atau berkenan barang-barang anda? Bagi! Biar kita beli lain pun takpe. Biasanya mak ayah kita kalau nak apa-apa, mereka tak akan cakap secara direct. Mereka akan berkias, contohnya macam "Selesanya pakai kasut kamu ni...". Haa.. Dia berkenan la maknanya tu.
  • Bagilah duit belanja kat mak ayah walaupun RM50 sebulan. Berkat tau rezeki yang kita dapat bila kita berkongsi dgn mak ayah.
  • Peluklah, ciumlah pipi mak ayah kita sementara mereka masih ada. Bila mereka dah takde satu hari nanti, mesti kita akan rindu peluk cium mereka.
  • Bahagiakan mak ayah selalu. Buat mereka tersenyum dan senang hati. InsyAllah doa mereka untuk kita akan sentiasa mengiringi.
  • Selalulah selfie / wefie dengan mak ayah kita. Rakamkan setiap detik terindah supaya ada gambar  / video kenangan kita dengan mereka sebanyak-banyaknya. Bila mereka dah takde, gambar-gambar tu lah yang akan jadi pengubat rindu.
  • Mak / ayah sakit? Inilah klimaks kasih sayang seorang anak terhadap ibu bapa. Ikhtiarlah untuk sembuhkan penyakit mereka dengan apa cara sekalipun selagi berlandaskan Islam. Cari ubat & cara rawatan terbaik. Masa kita kecik dulu, bintat bekas kana gigit nyamuk pun mak ayah kita kalut nak sapu ubat. Takkan kita sanggup nak tengok mak ayah tanggung sakit, kan? Kita tak tahu mungkin sakit itu akan jadi sebab untuk mereka tinggalkan kita. InsyaAllah kita tak akan rasa terkilan sekiranya hayat mak ayah kita tak panjang sebab kita dah berusaha yang terbaik untuk mereka.
  • Selalu mintak maaf dan memaafkan mak ayah kita walau apa sekalipun yang mereka buat pada kita. Kita kena ingat, mereka juga manusia biasa. Kerana jasa mereka lah kita dapat tengok dunia dan jadi manusia berjaya.

Kepada yang masih ada mak ayah, amalkan tip-tip yang saya share ni. InsyAllah, anda tak akan menyesal kemudian hari.. :)

Adakala, masa mak ayah masih ada kita jadi alpa. Sehinggalah kita kehilangan salah seorang daripada mereka. Masa tu, kalau ada duit berjuta sekalipun, kita takkan mampu untuk mengundurkan masa.


I love this kind of forward messages on Whatsapp. They do not involve any hadith that I need to check before spreading it. And they are not "mesej berangkai" which say you will get pahala if you spread this, you will get sins if you don't. 

May Allah bless us :)

Salam Jumaat, semua. 

HK, Czech
I've been to Orlické hory maybe 2 times before for skiing, but... I think I am not into these winter sports. So, it has been a while since then. 

Orlické hory means Eagle Mountain. It's quite famous for winter sports for Czech people around east side of Czech, other than Špindlerův Mlýn (more snow, more famous, more people and more expensive). ;p

Duta hiking Czech lantik sendiri. 

As usual, it was a day trip. The plan that I will share here is more suitable to follow if you start your journey from Hradec Králové. I was expecting autumn trees but not every trees have change colors. Few areas, yes. 

Bus to Orlické hory.

My friend and I took a bus to Orlické hory, unfortunately there was no direct bus at that time. So, we changed to another bus in Dobruška. Your journey really depends on the schedule. Please check the timetable in idos.cz. It can be bus-bus, train-bus as well. 

In our case, we took the bus from HK at 6.35am, to arrive in Orlicke hory at 8.19am

A point not to be missed here is, we stopped at the final station - Deštné v Orlických horách, Zákoutí hot.Orlice as idos.cz, it only shows Deštné v Orlických horách, Národní dům

If you stop at Narodni dum, you need to walk for another 10-15 minutes to get to the starting point which is at Zakouti hot.Orlice. 

Hiking route that I used.

The hiking trails are like these

  1. Walk about 3.5km along green trail from bus station Deštné v Orlických horách, Zákoutí hot.Orlice to Šerlišský Mlýn.
  2. Walk another 1.5km along blue trail to Šerlich (you can step into Poland here :D)
  3. Then, walk along red trail for 3.5km toVelká Deštná - rozc., srub - you can stop at a small hut here for a cup of hot chocolate. 
  4. Continue to green trail for 2.5km to Luisino údolí. The first 0.5km, you will reach the highest peak of this area which is Velká Deštná (1115m)
  5. Last one, blue trail for 2km to return to the bus station.

Total walking-hiking is 13km, that time we took about 5 hours for the whole journey in Orlické hory (including stop for a while for a drink and picturesssss). I expected to finish by 3pm, as I always add at least 2hours extra to any hiking trip. But, unexpectedly we finished quite early. We managed to take bus to HK at 1+pm.


Okayyy, time for pictures!

I used mapy.cz on my phone to keep track my location. Offline map is very helpful, I don't have to use my data here. 

Cottage :D This is how Czech's house in countryside. :)

Green trail. 

Blue trail, I think.

Šerlich Masarykova Chata - there's a hotel /hostel I'm not sure but this area is located close to the border of Czech and Poland. 

CZ/PL wohoooo, hello again Poland. 

The markers for trails are different between Czech and Poland. In Czech, they usually show distance in km or m. But, Polish side use time in minutes or hours. Both have their own advantages, but I personally prefer distance. 

I cannot see you Poland. T____T

In Poland, with background of Czech. :D

Found this guy on the road. Lintah bulan?

While having a cup of hot chocolate in a hut here. Hikers around Czech always bring a hiking diary where they can have stamps in it. The stamps look like this. 

Continue walking to the highest point. 1115m.


What else to say... hijau?

Aaaaah, feel like I wanna build a small house here. 


And moreee green. 

Green everywhere. 

I always wanna try to take pictures of waterfall. Look at the flowing water... Huuuuu. ^_^

Hiking down was a bit challenging with these rocks on the trail. T_T

Yeay, the end point is at the end of this road. Blue trail.
Autumnnnnn :D

From our start & end point (Deštné v Orlických horách, Zákoutí hot.Orlice), we found out the next bus would be in one hour. So, we decided to cut off cost and not to waste time by walking to the next bus stop, Deštné v Orlických horách, Národní dům. 

Luckily there was a direct bus to HK this time! Yeay, a good chance to take a nap. :D

An interesting building in front of the bus stop. Pelik. 

Okayyy, that's all. :D
Till next hiking trip.

HK, Czech