He Is Coming Home :)

June 16, 2017

I hope you guys are doing great. Honestly I miss blogging a lot, I miss reading your stories. :(

But, seems like I have a lot of other priorities to do before I am leaving for good. Fuhhh. Just bought one way flight ticket home and it will be the final home-bound flight from Europe, together with the other girls. After all these 6 years, finally I am going home for good :) Alhamdulillah. 

Anyway, someone is coming home as well! It was out of my plan actually, but it turned out that he's coming home! Those who've read my blog for awhile, I guess you know what it is, right? Hihi.

See you in Malaysia soon, Kelly :)

Be safe throughout your journey crossing the world, I am so happy that you are going to travel a lot. 


We are now in the final 10 days of Ramadhan, hopefully we are still striving our best to perform well this Ramadhan. :)

The most important thing I've learned throughout Ramadhan so far... is patience. Every day is a brand new challenge, honestly it feels totally different upon finishing the studies haha. Keep strong, Nina. At least, you've lost few kg. :p

InsyAllah, I will sit down properly to write a better post, very soon ameen ameen!

Salam ramadhan, people :)

Hradec Kralove, Czech

Life Unavoidable Dramas

June 6, 2017

It felt like yesterday when I finished this struggling journey and to be honest, I realized I missed A LOT of things happening around me within this period. You know when you suddenly came out of your comfort-but-not-that-comfort zone, dush there you go, a brand new life that you need to think and decide. 

Enjoying life dramas. :)

Yes, my life is full of dramas currently, including quarter-life crisis. Hahaha. Too old. I am not going to share here specifically but well, life is a continuous battle, just like how medicine is a continuous learning process. Arguments over nonsense ideas, debates over unnecessary things - that are the headache parts. Not to forget, discussion over the next stages of life - working, settling down, further study, having a family, contribution to own family. 

Wow. I feel like an adult when I am basically already an adult. A young adult.

I think students always think about future (at least I do), but all these 'future' things become much more significant when a tiring phase of life is done. I am not saying studying is a burden, in fact all people need to study and always in the process of learning to be someone better. But, I think you get the point, right? 

It's never too late to start over. If you weren't happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don't stay stuck. Do better. - quote

Take a seat and think about all the possible consequences. Fight for your life target as the route is full of roses and thorns. Move on if life is NOT according to your plan only AFTER you've try your best. It is just not meant for you. 

You. Me. 
Yes, I am talking to myself. 

I always have this thought that "Am I too old for this?" "Am I too late to make changes?" And the answer that I decided to hold on to for now is 'no'. :)

Goodbye is approaching really soon. Gonna miss this. 

p/s - Goodbye Transsiberian route, I'll get back to you in a more proper way :) 
p/s/s - Any post-graduation / jobless / working life advice, please? Hihi

Hradec Kralove, Czech

A New Life Chapter

June 3, 2017

Assalamualaikum and hi guys! :)

I keep on writing and backspacing right now but still I can't put my feeling into words. Ya Allah, it was such a wonderful feeling when the doctors announced the results that time. Nerve-wrecking.

1st June 2016 2017. hehe, thanks!

Just to imagine, that was the day to see where the future will lead me to. And how my life in this beautiful country will come to the end. Deep inside, I kept on praying hard hoping with Allah's blessings and the barakah of Ramadhan... I really want to get it done. But, I knew I need to accept whatever Allah has planned for me, if maybe it would not be according to my plan. 

Alhamdulillah, a new life chapter, with new responsibilities.

I know the life ahead will be more challenging and heart-aching but insyAllah let's just feel this moment, just for a while :)

Alhamdulillah for all the awesome and bad experiences. 
Alhamdulillah for all the strengths to stand up to face all challenges. 
Alhamdulillah for the body, mind and soul for allowing me to do this, something I have regret sometimes. 

Special thanks to Ayah Mak AbgLong AbgNgah for the continuous prayers, for never-ending supports and for not being annoyed with all the whining and complaints I shared with you guys through out these 2+6 years. Ya Allah, I can't believe I took 8 years to reach this position. When the study timeline was a bit diverted than other people but insyAllah right now I feel blessed to have been going through these years and to be exact to be in this country, in this university. 

Thank you dear friends who have been with me together in this journey.

"Do we realize we spend 1/4 of our life here, at the age we can remember all those moments, with all technologies to record all the memories?" - Jawahir

Thank you guys for reading the blog and keep on praying for my friends and I. Thank you so much for missing me in this blogging world *terharu*. InsyAllah I will keep doing appreciation through out my life, so many people to be mentioned if not here, insyAllah you guys will always be in my heart and prayers. 

Salam Ramadhan everyone. :)

And once again, thank you so much. All of you. 

Hradec Kralove, Czech

Golden Rapeseed & Hiatus

May 22, 2017

A thing to look forward in May is definitely rapeseed field! :) And it is the time!

I posted a blog post about rapeseed last two years, you can check it H E R E.

Somehow, I am still confuse the differences between canola and rapeseed. They are both plant-based cooking oils that are originated from the same breed with slightly different chemical properties. From what I read, canola is created from rapeseed after removing two undesirable components via genetic breeding. 

rapeseed field
The 'flower' of rapeseed.

In Czech, among Malaysians we don't call these bright yellow plants as canola, but more to rapeseed. Canola is more famous in USA & Canada, even canola is combination of "Canadian" and "Oil Low Acid" - CanOLA.


Last Thursday (11/5/2017), some of us decided to have a walk along the river. Studying can be tiring so much when we literally do revision all day long except walking to the toilet and daily prayers. Since the weather was nice that day, why not to have a photo shoot sessions with the rapeseed. Hehe.

rapeseed field
Unfortunately, I am not photogenic so, you can't expect any model poses from me :p 

rapeseed field
The girls :D

Do you guys know what is the main product of rapeseed?

Yes, the oil.

I think, palm oil is very limited here (I can't see any palm plantation anyway), but rapeseed oil is one of the most famous one used by Czechs, other than sunflower oil. 

Here I would like to share a video on how the rapeseed oil is made. Hmm actually, I can't find the one for rapeseed but since canola is quite similar to rapeseed, I guess the steps are almost the same :)

For those who don't want to watch the video hehe but want to know how it is produced, I compiled here the steps. Honestly, I never knew that we can get many other products from these plants other than oil. Thanks to the video, I learned some new information :)

rapeseed field
Rapeseed and sunset

  1. The seeds are cleaned in vibrating sieves.
  2. At the same time, foreign materials like plant pieces are filtered out.
  3. These plant pieces can be further processed as animal feeds.
  4. The seeds are then passed through a magnet - to remove any metals.
  5. The seeds are passing through a roller mill - to crush into thin flakes.
  6. The thin flakes are then squeezed with high pressure to get the oil (40% of canola seeds are oil).
  7. The remaining of flakes are once again processed to get the oil.
  8. Flakes are then formed into animal feeds, again.
  9. Oil is then centrifuged (spin) to clean and remove any natural impurities. The natural impurities are sent to soap manufacturers (maybe to make soaps?).
  10. The oil is cooled to 5 degree Celsius to thicken the waxes. (Canola oil is originally clear, but it may contain natural waxes that make it looks cloudy).
  11. Waxes then can be filtered out and can be used to produce vegetable shortening.
  12. After the canola odor is removed, the oil is finally refined and ready for bottling.

rapeseed field
9 days left T_T palpitations. 

A thing I can reflect from the rapeseed is a lot of components of rapeseed can be useful for human and animals. That's a thing we need to do as a human being - to be beneficial to others. Physically, mentally, spiritually and with our knowledge :)

A reminder to myself, it is very encouraged to help people but please check our priorities. If we are in situation that will not allow us to help with that specific thing, don't. Learn to say no, politely.

Check our priorities. Lesson learned.
Take care of our own heart, if not us to take care of it, who else?

p/s - sorry, I am on hiatus. Will be back soon.

HK, Czech

Pantai Timur Road Trip - 1150 KM

May 11, 2017

23-25th December 2016

After completing my elective / practical (whatever it is called) in HUSM, it's time to go home. Instead of taking the usual route; Kota Bharu - Jeli - Gerik - Sungai Siput, my family and I decided to take the other way around. It was never a mistake. At least, I managed to go to Kuantan, finally for the first time! 

Hanis Family's Road Trip 2016

Our stops were basically the capital towns of each states. And yeah, we went to beaches in each of them. Well, the best part of road trip was we didn't really have to worry about our luggage as we would always have spaces to store them. Just, towards the end of the trip, we need to stop buying stuffs as the car was almost full even to the passenger seats. -_-'

Too many good dry food to buy,
Too many reasonable souvenirs to take home.

All of us can drive so driving was not a problem and the car itself is an automatic car - which make the trip easier. My turn of driving was always on the highway. Haha. I was not encouraged to drive on complicated, dangerous routes like Karak Highway, Genting Highlands etc. Naah, never mind. I have Abang Ngah to take over the car if my dad feel asleep. 

1. Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
It was raining that Friday morning. We still went out to Pasar Siti Khadijah to buy some dry pre-packed keropok and to have brunch. Not so many people there yet, maybe because of the weather or maybe due to Friday. At the food court, I ate a plate of rice one with a big squid, a scoop of vegetables, I was charged RM 15. It makes sense that the squid was expensive as my mother's meal was only RM 5, she didn't take the squid.

I wish I can eat you. T__T

Do you know what are differences between squid, cuttlefish and octopus?

They are not fish but included in mollusk family of seafood. Octopus has round head meanwhile squid and cuttlefish have triangular head. Cuttlefish is different than squid by having cuttlebone.

Before heading out of Kelantan, my mum mentioned she would love to see Pantai Senok (hehe maybe because I showed her pictures of the beach, especially the beautiful trees that people said to look similar to Nami Island). Yeah, we went there, but seemed like the weather was really bad even there were signs of flood. So, from Pantai Senok we drove to our next destination - Kuala Terengganu.

2. Pantai Penarik, Terengganu
On our way, we stopped at Pantai Penarik. Hehe, I am not sure about the specialty of this beach. We were starving. There was a small 'warung' there, nope I don't know the name, just random 'warung'. :)

Underneath pokok kelapa. 

Even though it was raining a bit, there were still lots of people walking along the beach :)

Tadaaa, these were what we had that time. Finally, I managed to get myself cendol, once a while. Just like other beaches and especially in Terengganu, you can see lots of keropok lekor and any seafood tempura everywhere. :) At least the prices of the food in Pantai Timur are still reasonable compared to last time I went to Lumut and Pulau Pangkor T_T

It was my first time to try coconut shake (I think), the taste was a bit weird but... okaylah as long as it is edible, I don't have any problem with it.

Cendol, keropok lekor, sotong goreng tepung, coconut shake.

3. Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu
Arrived in KT about Maghrib, we checked in to one of beach resorts close to Batu Burok. Honestly, the last time I went to Batu Burok was like 2002 (maybe) and I think I bought a big kite that time.

We had dinner at a random restaurant as the one that we aimed for was busy and there was no empty seats, people were queuing as well. After that, my dad drove us around the city. He used to have lots of teaching and administration courses there. Well, both my parents are teachers and as you know Terengganu is always one of the best states in Malaysia for any exams... that's the main reason I think why most of education courses he attended were held here.

It felt like my dad was reminiscing his memories there. He can even mentioned when exactly some buildings were built, what was there before....

Still, we got lost anyway. HAHAHA

Isn't it lovely? It reminded me to the mermaid in TLOTBS at that time. 

Since our room was just like 100 meters away from the beach, watching sunrise was the first thing to do after Subuh prayer.

One of Korean dramas that my mum watched that time was The Legend of The Blue Sea (TLOTBS). Believe me, every time I skype with her, she will elaborate the dramas that she follows that time and I ended up watching them myself. :p

We are Kdramas buddies hahaha, I slowed down a bit when I went to Czech because despite the high-speed Internet, watching dramas consume a lot of time and emotion to wait for the next 2 episodes which can be watch after at least 6 days.

Chicken soup, nasi dagang, satar, coconut jelly

We had breakfast at Pasar Payang (the concept of this market looks kind of similar to Pasar Siti Khadijah) and keropok kering here was sold at cheaper price! One of my parents' attitude (and most of us insyAllah) that I think I should follow is buying souvenirs for other people. Usually my parents will buy something for their big families and our neighbours.

Since Masjid Kristal is famous for the architecture and I have not been here before, my dad drove us here. In the praying area, I can see exhibition area about the history of Masjid Kristal. That time, I just knew the mosque was actually planned to be built with gold. But there are many other mosques in this world using the same material so the designer changed it to glass with crystal's effects.

Cost saving :)
Still, it looks beautiful.

4. Kuantan, Pahang
Later in the evening after another round of keropok lekor haha, we continued our journey to the next city, Kuantan. It was my first time in Kuantan anyway.

I am not sure when was the Lebuh Raya Pantai Timur built, but our GPS was so out-dated. 

My backpacking friend listed few places to go in Kuantan and a restaurant he recommended is Ana Ikan Bakar Petai (because it is famous lol). So, off to that restaurant for dinner. Unfortunately, there were A LOT OF PEOPLE that we ended up waiting for more than 1 hour just to get our food. Late dinner and that was one reason why I gained 4-5kg in that one month. T__T

Fried rice, buttered prawn, sotong tepung, ikan bakar petai (siakap ke entah?). 

They were tasty, but I am not sure worth the money or not. Hehe.

The next morning before checking out, we headed to Teluk Chempedak. It was the best beach among the five that I've been to when I was in Pantai Timur! It was much more clean as well! Had breakfast there and we went on a walk along the wooden bridge as you can see in the picture below.

Captured my heart :)

Would love to be there again.

My family used to call these makhluk Allah as my friends. Haih!

On our way back to Perak, we stopped by RnR Temerloh for lunch and I had ikan patin for myself. In my family, my late abanglong and I are the only one who eat ikan patin T_T I just knew there are two types of ikan patin - buah & sangkar. Maybe someone can tell me the difference?

Drove along Lebuh Raya Karak, we tried to go to Colmar Tropicale / Bukit Tinggi but took the u-turn afterwards when it did not worth the money for that specific time. InsyAllah, we will make another trip there later :)

Rough journey.

That marked the end on my family's Pantai Timur Road Trip.

My family's trips are always like this, random plans. 
We don't expect much for the trip but to treasure the fact that we are together. 


Anyway, this post is finally published after I saw a Traveloka's contest poster. Not expecting much to win or whatever, but I took this chance to not letting my post in the draft for another monthssss. I've been missing beaches a lot after reading Siqah & Nadia's posts. Haha. 

More details,
Click HERE


Feel free to join :)

Salam Nisfu Sya'ban, guys. Doa banyak-banyak :)

HK, Czech

Being Transparent (Part 2) | Blue Sky Tag

May 8, 2017

I may not be tagging anyone else, just I would love to share more about myself (lol, that confidence) by answering these questions from lovely Fatin and Eyja.

To answer questions like in this tag thingy... it is quite challenging I guess. It depends on you, to share or not and if you decided to share more about yourself, bear the consequences hahaha as the blog world is open to anyone out there! Some questions leave me helpless to answer in details or simply rough, general answers. :D

Thank you so much guys for tagging me ^__^

1. Between baking and cooking, which one do you prefer?

Depends on my mood. Haha. I am not that picky with food. Sometimes I love savory more. Once a while, I have a sweet tooth when it comes to cakes, cookies etc. But wait, baking does not include roasting right? Even though both of them use oven to get to the final form of meal?

I am bearably okay (maybe.....) with both I think but it does not mean, I love doing them. T_T 

I am cooking or baking to live. 

2. Do you enjoy cooking?

Not as much as I enjoy doing outdoor activities. 

I am very bad in estimating the salt and sugar. If I cook for myself, no salt and sugar for me but I can still enjoy the meal. :) Obviously it would not be okay to serve people. Allah knows how nervous I am when I need to put spoons of sugar or salt into the dishes. My housemate is always my life saver for this. 

3. What time do you usually wake up in the morning to get ready to work?

When I wake up for Fajr. :) It is going to be tough during Ramadhan though... Fajr will be at 3am. 

4. Beside your family/husband/wife/children, share 5 things you cannot live without.

I wrote a post on this, not five but ten instead. Hehe.

5. Which book genre do you enjoy to read?

I think I prefer non-fiction. I am still trying with few fiction novels but seems I enjoy non-fiction more. Travelogues, motivations, real life journeys are my preferences :)

These are few books that I reviewed in this blog, not that much though. 

6. Do you have a crush on fictional characters?

Haha can't think of any specific one but personally I love strong characters like Mulan and the latest one, Moana

7. Can you share your most and least favourite books (if you are not into books, you can share on movie/drama)?

Have you guys watched Inside Out? It is a very good movie from my perspective!

It is hard to decide specific titles for this question. But, I love anything that I can relate to myself and self-reflect. 

8. Have you ever experience anything supernatural?

In my dreams, always. Hehe

9. What kind of animals have you kept as your pets?

Always cats.

Just because I love you, I'm not giving you privilege to scratch me! :p 

We have Atan here in Czech and I have few cats at my house in Perak. They are not really pets that I kept in the house, but they are always there - for food, for shelter. My dad even took them to the veterinarian if they got sick. 

10. If you been given a chance to travel into a new dimensions, would you take that chance?
Absolutely yes. I would love to analyse the new dimensions and return with ideas on how to live life in different, interesting ways.

11. What would like to tell your another version from another dimensions?

Be yourself, in a good way.

And another tag by Eyja. :D

1. Tell me about yourself in 50 words.
I used to love pink so much that few years later I avoid myself from buying pink stuffs but sometimes I still ended up with pink. I can't help to choose my most favourite color but I have this calm feeling with white and all kinds of earth colors. 

2. Open my About page. Is there anything that you want to comment?
I just knew that you are the only child. :D

3. What lipstick that you use daily?
Vaseline - that is not lipstick anyway. T_T

4. Would you love to have bridesmaid during your wedding day or not? Why?
HAHA tricky question! First of all, this question asks about the real bridesmaids who will wear similar cloth among themselves, right? And usually they are friends of the bride, right? 

I lived in few places and I have friends that I am close to and still contact each other, but... to choose less than 10 (how many actually?) among them is a very hard task for me. 

Just, I will definitely more than happy to have you on my wedding day, okay girls? Or if not, prayers for my marriage will be more than enough. 

5. What colour might you wanna wear on your wedding ceremony?
AHAHAHA. I don't have exact plan yet for this. May Allah ease the way towards marriage first, insyAllah. 

6. Your favorite color is/are..
All colors are lovely, I just can't choose T_T Maybe refer Q1. :)

7. When is your birthday?
15th August. I was actually bounded to go to India for my degree. I've imagined how interesting it will be to have my birthday on the Independence Day of India. Holiday, guys!

8. Close your eyes... What do you think of?
My family and I can't wait to meet them. Very soon.

Going back to Czech for 3rd semester.. 2012 I think.

9. Any achievement for this year so far? And what is that?
Surviving exams and one more to go. The last one before going back for good. Doakan ye. 

10. Why you choose to be a blogger?
To share my experience and to help me appreciate all things that happen in my life. 

11. Be honest... Do you like my blog? Why?
I have good first impression on your blog, honestly but I can't comment much yet as I am still on my way exploring your posts and blog. :D

Till then...

HK, Czech

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