Dropping by Blackwood Coffee & Chocolate

October 31, 2017

Just about 5 years of services, it has lots of franchises in Northern parts of Malaysia - like Kangar, Arau, Alor Setar, Sungai Petani etc. The first thing that came across my mind when my friend told me about this place was Bukit Kayu Hitam. Haha maybe the founder came from this town. 

Blackwood = Kayu Hitam? :D

Blackwood: Coffee & Chocolate

Check out the website for more details and prices of menu.

This is not a full review of this cafe, just to share my own experience. I just ordered a drink and a slice of cake, so can't say much about the other menu. But, the interior designs of the cafe are nice, calm and cozy. Plus the service was okay, not that long to wait for our drinks.

The menu.

Part of interior design #1. Coca cola - different styles of packaging etc.

Interior design #2

Interior design #3

Interior design #4

Interior design #5

Oreo pancake? haha totally forgot the name. But, it is quite unique and new for me but not my taste. 

I ordered Green Tea Latte (costs RM 15). Yummy.

Not really a fan of hipster cafes but I am okay if friends invited to hang out in these places (minus if I am on tight budget) :)

Maybe for the reason I can't tolerate coffee much or I am on my weight maintenance, I rarely go to hipster cafes in Malaysia. Plus, my parents are from different generation so these are definitely not their cups of tea, they can't accompany me.

Not to forget, the prices. A cup coffee worth 2 big meals at food court and even 3 at normal warung haha

But, once in a while, maybe why not :) 

Okay, dah, ikat perut.

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Gua Kelam, Perlis - Mission Dismissed

October 30, 2017

Right after Padang Besar, we went to Gua Kelam with the aim to walk in the cave. This plan reminded me of my experience with Postojna Cave, Slovenia in which I didn't know before that caves are peaceful places to enjoy. 

Gua Kelam, Perlis - located at Taman Negeri Perlis (Perlis State Park), it is about 20 minutes away from Padang Besar. 

Once you approached this area, you would be greeted by this big signboard. 

Welcome to Gua Kelam.

:D :D :D

Syair Gua Kelam.

I am not that good with poems but I love reading them.

-Syair Gua Kelam-

Di Kaki Bukit tempat letaknya,
26km dari Kangar jaraknya,
Lombong bijih timah zaman dahulunya,
Jadi laluan rakyat melaluinya.

Dikenali sebagai 'Jambatan Gantung',
Asalnya dibina oleh pelombong,
Jambatan kayu sebagai penghubung,
Jasa utama Datuk Loh Ah Tong.

Tahun sembilan belas empat puluh lima,
Kerajaan Negeri membina semula,
Jambatan kayu bertambah sempurna,
Mudahkan pelancong menikmatinya.

Program pembangunan sekitar gua,
Surau, gerai makan dan cenderamata,
Taman Orkid, kolam ikan, Taman Rusa,
Tempat rehat di dalam gua juga selesa.

Tepian mandi sejuk sekali,
Airnya jernih menenangkan hati,
Sesiapa yang datang melawat di sini,
Pasti ingin datang sekali lagi.

Karya: Siti Esah Musa (Harties)
Persatuan Penulis Perlis

From this syair, we can get rough idea about the history of Gua Kelam. :)

For summary, Gua Kelam was originally a tin mine that produced high quality of tin. This area was also used to connect people in Wang Kelian and Kaki Bukit. Here, there was a famous guy named En. Nayan (known as Tauke Nyan) - you can see his name for road as well. He was the pioneer of this mining activity in Gua Kelam before selling this area to Kong Fatt, a Chinese. 

The process of mining was done traditionally - through 'mendulang'. And there were some deaths noted there when the workers were unable to save themselves during raining season. Rain will cause the hole used to mine the tin to be flooded.

Only in 1988, this place was rebuilt up as taman rekreasi :)

Seems like there is hiking route here. 

RM1 for entrance fee (Malaysian adult).

The funny thing about our experience at Gua Kelam was.... we ran out of cash here! Like, I don't have any money notes left in my wallet. -_-' Simply because I forgot to withdraw money from the ATM and I already used mine to buy souvenirs. I even borrowed some from Puteri hahaha. End up, they had the same situation as well T_T

Korek punya korek beg beg tu, cukup laaa RM 3. Two pieces of RM 1 notes and few coins. 

The climax was when we found out later that the cave was closed to public (for now). Hahahaha. Punya lah gigih cari RM 3 sekali tutup. 

The cave was closed on that day because the pathway was a bit damaged due to previous flood. 

Loving this.

Us :D

Going to repeat Perlis for this place, insyAllah.

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Few Hours in Padang Besar, Perlis

The feeling to be here is quite similar to Rantau Panjang or any other shopping areas in Kelantan. Have been to Bukit Kayu Hitam when I was a child just I have no memories at all about the place, but I think it is similar as well. 

We parked the car around the complex, RM3 per entry and then we started window shopping. I did not have any plan to buy anything as seems like I don't need anything new for now, but of course I'll buy something for mak ayah abangngah. 

I used to love collecting postcards as I had a wall of memories (including postcards) when I was in Czech. Just, here in Perak I can't stick any random stuffs on the wall - they will damage the wallpaper. :D instead I have nature themed featured wall in my room right now that I feel so happy waking up in the morning to see it. :)

Well, situation changes. So do people.

So, let me show you around the complex :)

You can find many stuffs here to buy - either for your own use or as souvenirs.

3 of these moderate-sized bags for RM10. Or 4 of small-sized ones. 

Again, the famous day-trip backpack for short hike. :D Hahaha when I bought mine in Decathlon, Czech it was not yet famous in Malaysia. 99kc last time I bought but here in Padang Besar, around RM10. 

Shirts. I would really recommend you to buy T-shirts at the market outside the complex. They are way cheaper! Around Rm15-18 for adult-sized whereby in the complex, a piece costs around RM20+

FOOOOD. Another area I love although I did not buy lots - not a sour food person. 

Another food area :D

The complex from 1st floor.

A shop sells this. It may look fancy to some of us, but I am a person who consider practicality first. It seems so hard to handle this cloth if I need to fulfill my nature calls, in public toilets! Hahaha

Lots of shirts shops!

For lunch, we had some meals just outside the complex. To be honest, the price is not that cheap but still okay I think. RM5 for pulut mangga, somtam each. 

Padang Besar is located at the border of Malaysia-Thailand, about 35km from Kangar. If you are very good with bargaining, you are going to love this place even more haha

Done with Padang Besar!
Our next stop was Gua Kelam, till then :)

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Let's Join Me in 21Day Challenge Nov 2017

October 26, 2017

I really want to join any official running events in Malaysia but seems like it is quite hard to find good venue and time. There are at least two websites I would love to share here if you are interested to know any events around you. 

I can say there are lots of events organized around Malaysia EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND but mostly are around KL, Selangor, Putrajaya etc. Since I frequently travel to the capital city on weekends for some medical courses, I just don't feel like travelling for this running purpose.

Meanwhile around Perak, hmmm just a few running events here and there but mostly I am not available for them. 

Soooo. I will share with you an alternative!
Virtual Run!

21Day Challenge Nov 2017
The poster

Hahaha it is not that you can run virtually in your dream or whatever. It is still official but can be done anywhere, anytime you like. 

I will copy and paste here more details about this specific running event coming very soon this November.

21Day Challenge Nov 2017

21Day Challenge Nov 2017
This is how the medal looks like.

If you are interested and would like to know more details on how it is being done, click the link below.

Just rough explanation about the challenge:

  • You can choose any category you want to join - either 20km, 50km, 100km or 200km.
  • No cut off time needed - means you can run at any pace you are comfortable with.
  • It can be done in one / many run. 
    • For example, if you registered for 20km - you can run 20km at once or divide the distance into few days. Maybe 2 km per day so by day 10th, you will finish the challenge of 20km. Same goes to other categories.
  • Just use any running app (on your phone) like Nike+, Samsung Health, Running Keeper.
    • Pedometers are not allowed!
    • Then, every time you run, upload your progress at your dashboard.
  • The fee of RM 29.90 is for the finishers' medals (including delivery within Malaysia.

Well, this is actually my first attempt. 

50km in 21 days! 

Wish me luck! And if any of you would like to join me, feel free to let me know. I would love to know some new running buddies even though we can't motivate and cheer each other up offline. Well, via Whatsapp is okay what... 

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Short, Intense Hike to Bukit Lagi, Perlis

I feel blessed that Puteri, Kak Zira and I have the same interest. Hiking.

Even though I am used to hike in Czech, as expected hiking in Malaysia is roughly different. I am totally a newbie here, I don't mind that as at least people don't put high expectation. :)

In love with this hiking pose :p

Early morning of Sunday, we went to Titi Chai to grab breakfast and Puteri recommended us to try Pulut Ayam. I have never heard of this food before, something different that I know is Pulut Mangga nyum nyum nyum :D

Pulut Ayam was for post-hike though hahaha.
It is basically pulut with fried chicken.

We had nasi lemak and few kuih-muih for breakfast. A bit heavy for us but never mindddd, we are Malaysians!

Beautiful paddy field :D

Since I did not drive, I have no idea about the direction. Haha.

But, from Google Maps, in order to get to Bukit Lagi, please don't put 'Bukit Lagi' in the search box. It will lead you to a city area with buildings around.


  • Taman Awam Bukit Lagi
  • Taman Bunga Kertas Tuanku Lailatul Shahreen

There are lots of flowers around. I think it will be beautiful to spend time with family here in the evening. Since it is located close to Taman Awam, people can spend the evening with riadah and exercises :) 


Not really sure how many entrance to the hiking route. But you can hike and go down with different routes. 

As how I described the title of this post, YESSSS IT IS A SHORT ROUTE BUT INTENSE!

Haha, curam sangat mak ai.

Stamina demanding.
Ya Allah, the stairs are very steep and quite small hahahaha nangis weh kaki.

But, as usual, with a rough journey there will be some rewards at the end. Same like our life in this world, sweet moments with painful challenges but if we really live life accordingly, Allah will reward us with Jannah, right?

Same concept.

Hutan belantara. 

Calming shade.

Kak Zira and Puteri. They are so fit! 


At the peak.

Small, steep stairs.

Sap sap soi for them haha. 


Us at the peak :D

Yeay! If I am not mistaken, less than one hour needed for the whole hike :D

More details, maybe you can use this LINK as reference. :)

SS, Perak, Malaysia

A Weekend Getaway | Perlis, Malaysia

October 25, 2017

Honestly, I've been to Kuala Perlis before (actually yearsssss ago) and the main reason was my family and I were on our short holiday trip to Langkawi. As you guys know, there are three ways to gain access to Langkawi - either by ferry from Kuala Perlis, or from Kuala Kedah, or by flight directly into the island. 

That was it.

I didn't explore Perlis much that time. Had no experience to its attractions, no idea about any famous local food etc.

A Weekend Getaway | Perlis, Malaysia
Beautiful Perlis

Something Just Like This

October 24, 2017

Every time I have bad days, I will search for the sky. 
I know Allah communicates with me through this. 

The sky.

No borders in the sky, everything seems so free. 
I will recall every moments in the planes and people down there are very tiny just like small dots.
Similar to my problems, they can be solved. 
They are too small for Allah.
So, why should I walk away from His help?
I should not.

Thank you Allah :)

For all blessings, for all rezeki, for all helps, for all challenges.
May You always guide me to be someone You are pleased with.

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Deepavali or Diwali?

October 20, 2017

Even though I have friends from different races and religions, so far that I can recall... I have no experience visiting my Indian friends' houses on Deepavali. T_T

So, this year let's do something new. 
Acknowledging differences and togetherness. :D

I followed Puteri and went visiting her Indian colleagues on Deepavali :)

Although I have slight confusion on whether I can wish them Happy Deepavali or not, but I hope this effort will expose myself on this thing. And the more important thing, to value and to appreciate our multicultural life in Malaysia. :)
Deepavali vs Diwali
The best part was we were served with many food! Yummy!
Thank you Kak Kasturi & Kak Mala :)
Chicken curry, idli, putu mayam, udang masak daun limau purut (?)

Tosai :D Wooow

Nasi briyani :D

Puteri, Khai, Kak Kasturi, me, Kak Zira

I wish I had the self awareness of learning 3rd and 4th languages (Tamil / Mandarin) when I was younger. It is still possible now, but my brain is a bit slow for them. 

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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