Deepavali or Diwali?

October 20, 2017

Even though I have friends from different races and religions, so far that I can recall... I have no experience visiting my Indian friends' houses on Deepavali. T_T

So, this year let's do something new. 
Acknowledging differences and togetherness. :D

I followed Puteri and went visiting her Indian colleagues on Deepavali :)

Although I have slight confusion on whether I can wish them Happy Deepavali or not, but I hope this effort will expose myself on this thing. And the more important thing, to value and to appreciate our multicultural life in Malaysia. :)
Deepavali vs Diwali
The best part was we were served with many food! Yummy!
Thank you Kak Kasturi & Kak Mala :)
Chicken curry, idli, putu mayam, udang masak daun limau purut (?)

Tosai :D Wooow

Nasi briyani :D

Puteri, Khai, Kak Kasturi, me, Kak Zira

I wish I had the self awareness of learning 3rd and 4th languages (Tamil / Mandarin) when I was younger. It is still possible now, but my brain is a bit slow for them. 

SS, Perak, Malaysia

October Book Giveaway by Blog Siqahiqa

October 19, 2017

Yeay, a lovely blogger, Siqah is currently organising a book giveaway. 2 books are offered to 2 winners (one each) and since I am into books right now, I think I should grab this chance. :D

Well, my saving right now needs to be prioritized for few other stuffs so I try to tune down my on travelling and not to buy any flight tickets even though I am so eager to do so. T__T

Other than learning few new skills (or maybe more to sharpening my hidden skills), reading books is one of the alternatives for my daily activities. It allows me to travel in my own imagination and to make it even real, I open Google Maps if the story line involve lots of travelling (like one of books I've read - Until I Say Good-Bye) :D

I  am a bit lacking in imagination and creativity, to be honest. 
More to a fact person and I think I've improved a bit during my years in Czech. I hope during my jobless period, I'll improve more. 

By reading, insyAllah.

Let's join this giveaway, guys! Who knows maybe the book is fated for us? Hehe

It is very simple to join, just follow the steps:

  1. Follow Siqahiqa's blog.
  2. Follow BLOG SIQAHIQA's Facebook page. (LINK)
  3. Follow Instagram @haqisfila. (LINK)
  4. Comment on any post in her blog.
  5. Copy the banner and write a blog post entitled “October Book Giveaway by Blog Siqahiqa” with backlink.
  6. Publish your blog post and leave your post's link HERE

The giveaway will end on 12th November 2017.

All the best, Hanis Amanina! Hahaha ^__^

SS, Perak, Malaysia

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]

October 17, 2017

I will share the steps in numbers. Honestly, there are MANY STEPS to finally get our photo book, a bit hard and time consuming for first timer but trust me, you will learn and improve as you play :D

**** Don't skip the captions, okay?

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]

1. First, buy the photobook voucher / code.

There are many ways to buy one:
  • Directly from (LINK)
    • The price depends on any promotion going on or not.
      • with promotion, can be as low as RM 1!
      • without promotion, the normal price is RM 79 per photo book.
  • Fave (previously group-on) (LINK)
    • The cheapest so far is RM 2 per photo book.
    • Advantage - the code is available right after the payment.
    • Disadvantage - you can only buy 1 photo book per purchase. So if you need more, it is a bit struggle to do the same process over and over again.
  • Lazada (just knew about this - I haven't try buying anything from Lazada yet hee) (LINK)
    • The cheapest one! RM 1 per photo book.
    • Advantage - you can buy many photo books with one payment. 
    • Disadvantage - the code will be available within 3 working days.

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
3 websites that I know.

2. Activate your code. (or just skip to step #3)

You will receive the code after the payment (via the website itself or via email)

Honestly, I didn't activate my codes for my photo books except the first one. I realized it makes no difference if I activate the codes or not. Why? I still need to key in the code when I submit the photo book for printing.

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
Just key in the data and click submit. 

The purpose of activating the code is to keep a record for our purchase and the let to send us reminders when the expiration date gets closer. If you buy from Fave, they will remind you as well. 

3. Download Photobook Designer software.

You can get the software for free from website.

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
3.1 - Scroll to the bottom part of the page.
3.2 - Then, click the one with arrow. 

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
3.3 - Click "DOWNLOAD". You can download on your phone as well (but not sure how it works as I usually design my photobooks with my laptop)

4. Open the Photobook Designer program. 

It will appear like this:

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
4.1 - Click "Create a New Project"

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
4.2 - Next, double click on "Photobooks" or click Photobooks >> Next

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
4.3 - Choose "Hardcover and Softcover". Ignore the price as this is only a software to design the photo book. You will redeem the code later. 

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
4.4 - Choose "6x6 Mini Square Softcover" for this tutorial. If you buy any other designs in the future, click the equivalent one .

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
4.5 - Enter your project name. 

5. Now, you can start designing your photo book ;D

I personally take minimum 2 hours to design one - from sorting the photos to adding caption, editing the size, preview etc.

After you enter your project name, your screen will turn into this. I will explain the basic functions of every parts that I've put arrows.

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
Orange - Click "+" to add photos that you want to use for this photo book. (See next picture)
Red - This area will show every page of the photo book.
Purple - Buttons to edit the photo book (undo, redo, save, add picture, add text etc). The play button is to review the photo book. The trolley is to submit the photo book (will be used later after you finish the design)
Green - Working area
Yellow - Choices of design.
Blue - Area to edit text and box etc

The software will actually help with guidance throughout the process. You don't have to be connected to the Internet in this designing phase. You can also save the project to edit any time later.

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
This is how my photo book cover looks like. To edit a text, you need to make sure you SELECT EVERY SINGLE ALPHABETS. You can play around with this actually.

For yellow arrow area:
How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
You can add any of these to any pages that you want.
How? Just CLICK AND DRAG into the working area (green arrow)

6. Preview and save your photo book.

Important to see the final result before you submit and order the photo book. If there is anything you need to change, do it as changes cannot be done once you submit the order.

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
Play button - to preview.
Trolley button - to order.

7. Order the photo book.

Click the trolley button. Then, this notice will appear on the screen. Now, you need to make sure you are connected to Internet :)

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
7.1 Simply tick the box >> Start.

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
7.2 - Then, another box will appear. DON'T CLICK ANYTHING as you will be redirected to website. 

8. Sign in to Photobook.

Or if you don't have account yet, you can create one. No matter what, you still need an account to order the photo book.

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
It is not that hard to create an account :)

9. Now, you can see your cart. Change the type of paper.

I know that you are surprised with the price. Don't worry, you will redeem the voucher / code soon!

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
9.1 - Change the type of paper you want to use. 

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
9.2 - Just select the first one - Photo Lustre Paper. You will save RM 4.90. This type of paper is still of good quality for the photo book :)

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
9.3 - See, the price reduced a bit! Now, click "Continue".

10. Choose shipping method.

The first one is already good :)

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
10.1 - Click Express Shipping >> Continue

11. Redeem your voucher.

Scroll down a bit until you reach 'payment details'.
Here you can finally redeem the code! Yeay!

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
11.1 - Key in the code >> click "Redeem".

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
It will become like this. 

12. Pay the shipping cost.

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
11.2 - Now, you only need to pay the shipping cost (+ GST lol).
Choose any online banking etc >> then click "Confirm Order"

Just proceed with the normal processes of online payment. :) I believe most of us know how to deal with this, hehe.

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
Click "Proceed"

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
It will redirect you to the chosen online banking.

13. Now, you are done with voucher redeem and payment. 

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
You will return to Photobook website with your order number. Just exit the page. No need to worry as you will also receive the order number via email for future reference. 

14. Now, it is time to upload your photo book :D

This process takes quite some time, depending on your Internet speed.

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
Click "Upload Order" >> then "Continue"

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
Simply wait for the upload. Just do other stuffs while waiting. 

15. Upload completed!

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
Just click "OK"

16. Check your photo book status.

You can either check the status via email or Photobook Designer software.

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
You will get lots of emails regarding your payment / order / status. 

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
On Photobook Designer, click "Open an Existing Project"

How to Buy and Design Photo Books? [Full Tutorial]
Now you can check your photo book status - In Production. Once they deliver the photo book to you, it will change to Order Completed. 


Looks complicated, isn't it? Haha yes, I need to admit that. However, it will be much easier through out time and when you want to design your next photo book, you will spend shorter time on it. :)

Have fun with this tutorial and hope it helps!

Can't wait to see your photo books as well! :D

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Photo Books - A New Concept Album

October 16, 2017

Since the day I came back from Singapore, I tried buying and designing my very first photo book. Right now, I can say I am addicted to photo books and honestly, this is an awesome alternative to enjoy our memories. I always prefer physical albums actually. Just, for the printing part, fuhh I need to calm down to know the price.
5 photo books so far, few more coming soon :D

But now, I don't need to worry much! With the TOTAL cost of approximately RM10 +-, I can get this!

6" x 6" Mini Square Softcover Photobook with 40 pages

My parents obviously love this approach to our photos together. Easier to hold, sharp images and not sure why but there is a beautiful feeling every time I see the photo books. ;)

This is how it looks like inside. You have the freedom to organize the photos.

So, wanna grab yours?

I will share in the next post on how to get photo books for yourselves :)
Will post it as soon as possible.

p/s - Just sharing stuffs that I love <3 
p/s/s - Thanks Siqah for the flat lays tutorial :D hehe

SS, Perak, Malaysia

My First Cross Stitch Project

October 15, 2017


Alhamdulillah, finally I managed to finish this! It took few days if I really commit the whole day but since I still have lots of other stuffs to do, I am satisfied enough with few weeks :D

I've shared on Twitter about the progress. A thing I was looking forward to is to learn something a girl would have to know. I've been growing up with the idea of being strong, being capable to anything involving energy, being independent... when now I realized there are so many feminine stuffs that I should let myself experience - cooking properly, sewing, stitching, designing.


Yes, that's the word.

Just few minutes doing it, I told myself, this is totally something different! Throughout the process, I kept on questioning myself, "Kenapalah aku buat benda ni? Cabut rumput kat luar rumah lagi menarik."

Mak kept on motivating me, "This is supposed to be for fun. Janganlah stress sangat nak cepat siap. It needs your continuous commitment."


Another thing I learned.

Well, most things involve patience. Maybe I am getting used to what I used to do, patience is not something I worry about. Really, when we challenge ourselves out of our comfort zone, the feeling is different. The patience is challenged in a totally different way - but still, it is about patience.

Be patient, Nina. :)

p/s - my SPA updated that my application passed the requirements. So, housemanship is just around the corner, maybe? May Allah ease, ameen.

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Get The Blues!

October 11, 2017

Baru-baru ni, saya follow akaun twitter WHO (World Health Organisation) dan dah jadi salah satu favourite saya. Boleh katakan setiap hari, WHO akan share hari-hari yang diraikan. How should I explain this.... hmmm, lebih kurang macam Hari XXX Sedunia macam tu. 

Dan hari ni, 11 Oktober 2017 ialah...

Hari Obesiti Sedunia.

[Photos] Curry Palace in Prague, Czech

October 10, 2017

No, it is not a real palace but a restaurant. :)

13th July 2017

Curry Palace, Prague, Czech

It was my first time there with parents after my graduation day - an Indian & Bangladeshi restaurant, suggested by my friend, studying in Prague.
Curry Palace

Curry Palace in Prague, Czech
Curry Palace in Prague, Czech

Yes, they served halal food (beef, chicken, mutton etc) but don't be surprised to see 'alcohol' in the menu for drinks. I can say 98% restaurants in Czech served alcoholic drinks (even the one that serve halal food). It is different than in Malaysia where we have so many other choices of restaurants. 

Just, order non-alcoholic drinks and say that you don't want any alcohol (best way is to say you are allergic) in the food either. 

Curry Palace in Prague, Czech
Prawn madras
- a typical dish of medium hot and sour taste
- prepared with chilli powder, lemon juice and tomato puree
= 195kc

Curry Palace in Prague, Czech
Chana masala 
- chickpea cooked with Indian spices
= 155kc

Curry Palace in Prague, Czech
Lamb biryani 150g 
- specially prepared with basmati rice, nuts, raisins and mixture of indian spices, served with raitha
= 230kc

Curry Palace in Prague, Czech
Chicken Tandoori 300g
- chicken legs marinated over night in yogurt, ginger, ground spices and saffron
- roasted delicately in the Tandoor oven
= 185kc

Curry Palace in Prague, Czech
Plain Naan = 40kc
- soft bread
Cheese Naan = 60kc
- cheese bread 

  • Lamb Biryani 150g          = 230kc
  • Chana Masala                  = 155kc
  • Prawn Madras 150g        = 195kc
  • Chicken Tandoori 300g   = 185kc
  • Cheese Naan                     = 60kc
  • Plain Naan                        = 40kc
  • Vittel 1L (mineral water) = 95kc
  • Take Away Box                 = 30kc

= 990kc (including 15% VAT)

  • Authentic taste of Indian food, simply delicious and suitable to our Asian tongue :)
  • The food price is actually fair enough for large portions of food! We even take away left over food (like briyani and tandoori). Just if you think you can't finish the whole portion, simply share with friends or take away. Take away box is charged, so maybe you can save on that by bringing your own small food plastic container.
  • Careful of the hotness of the food - like Phall and Jalfrasie dishes.
  • There are many vegetarian dishes to choose if you would like to.
  • Mineral water is obviously expensive. Bring your own water. 1L mineral water only cost 15kc in Tesco.
  • Or maybe you can try mango lassi - a trademark of Indian restaurants there. 
  • Clean dining area, clean toilets.
  • Excellent, friendly service and staffs. They even offer us any praying mat when we told them if it is possible to pray there. No prayer room but we just pray at the table, not many people around at that time. 
  • On the maps, the nearest tram stops are Letenské náměstí and Korunovační. We went there by Uber anyway, directly in front of the restaurant. 

Curry Palace in Prague, Czech
It was like a feast for the three of us. :D

Curry Palace
Jirečkova 13
Praha 7, 170 00

+420 233 378 342
+420 775 146 252

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri, 11:00 - 22:30
Sat - Sun, 13:00 - 22:30


SS, Perak, Malaysia

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