Thoughts on Bismillah by Ikhwan Fatanna

November 17, 2017

I rarely listened to Spotify for the time being. Ever since I stopped subscribing to its Premium plan, I am no longer able to listen to it offline while running, on the road etc. Trying to save a bit, I don't want to sacrifice my data on musics. 

And I can say, I am always on the road since I returned home for good - to the north, south, east, west. Just Sabah Sarawak I haven't step my feet yet. *laughatmyself*

While in the car, Mak always remind all of us to pray, "dah baca doa belum?" Haha I don't understand why, every time I drive the car on my own, automatically I will recite the prayer - on my own. But, when ever I am with Mak, I only remember to recite it after she reminded me to.

Manusia pelupa T_T

To prevent sleepiness, I listened to radio - it depends on which signal the car received, I have no specific favourite fm. As I struggled to listen to Klasik Nasional when ever my dad is driving, I hope he does not mind with,, etc. Hahahaha.

One lovely song I love to focus my ears to every time it goes on air is this - Bismillah by Ikhwan Fatanna. It was released for quite some time, but me being me, I am not that up-to-date with new songs.

Ada yang sedang berjalan
Ada yang sedang berlayar
Ada yang juga di angkasa
Ada yang baru belajar
Ada tengah temuduga
Ada yang bosan dengan kerja

Tak kisah kita di mana
Kita mula dengan nama kebesaran-Nya


Walau sekecil mana kita langkah
Walau dunia sering bermasalah
Usaha dan doa usahlah lupa
Sebutkanlah bismillah
Sebutkanlah bismillah

Sebutkanlah bismillah
Bila kita menyebut nama-Nya
Nawaitu jahat pun jadikan kita
serba salah
Bila kita menyebut nama-Nya
Semoga yang dilaksana
semuanya terjaga

Tak kisah kita di mana
Kita mula dengan nama kebesaran-Nya


Tidakkah kita percaya
Dengan hikmah yang ada pada-Nya
segala hela nafas yang ku hembuskan
Setiap amalku
Hanyalah untuk-Mu

Chorus 2x


Such a simple song with good messages. 
And catchy beat too, don't you think so?

Humans need reminders, no matter how simple the reminders are.
As simple as bismillah at the beginning of anything we do.

It changes the values of the activities we do.

Sebutkanlah bismillah
Bila kita menyebut nama-Nya
Nawaitu jahat pun jadikan kita serba salah
Bila kita menyebut nama-Nya
Semoga yang dilaksana semuanya terjaga

As simple as bismillah, it can protect us from going deeper into bad stuffs.
As simple as bismillah, it can help to prevent us from nonsense thoughts.
As simple as bismillah, it can help us to focus.

But, I think it depends on our lifestyle too - to see how the word bismillah can affect our life as a whole. When we expose ourselves with bad environment continuously, we become insensitive towards it. We no longer feel that activities are not good. 

May Allah protect us from evil and devils. 

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

Salam Jumaah, everyone :)
Happy weekend too.
SS, Perak, Malaysia

Hiatus by Budak Tomato | Book Review

November 13, 2017

Another book of Budak Tomato. 

I've read Esc and I totally love it. I have a slight of high expectation on Hiatus ever since I saw the promotion on Twitter. Well, I followed Budak Tomato and Muharikah on Twitter and totally love most of their tweets :D

I even bought the book directly from Imanshoppe haha see how excited I am to look forward to this book.

Title: Hiatus
Author: Budak Tomato
Pages: 307
Publisher: Iman Publications
Publication Date: October 2017

When I read the synopsis at the back of the book, my feeling mixed. It is not like I haven't read it from the promotion tweets, but it felt different - to finally able to read the piece and to be honest, to reflect myself with the lessons from the book. 

"Hidup ini perjalanan yang akhirnya bukan pada mati.

Buku ini baris-baris tulisan pada kamu,
Tapi setiap baris-baris ini ibarat garis-garis luka torehan
pada lengan dan peha aku.

Buku ini sekadar buku pada kamu.
Tapi buku ini dipenuhi rahsia aku.

Buku ini mungkin sekadar cerita menagih simpati pada hematmu.
Tapi buku ini luahan jiwa gersan yang memerlukan cinta, pada aku.

Yang kamu pegang ini lebih daripada sebuah buku.
Ini sebahagian daripada jiwa aku.
Ini luka aku.
Ini kecewa aku.
Ini ubat penenang aku.
Ini cinta aku.
Ini air mata aku.
Dan ini, realiti aku.

Ini mungkin, fiksyen kamu.
Tapi bukan, pada aku."


The book is like a novel, sharing stories of Amir Talhah and his life, featuring quite a number of people especially his friends, his parents, his sisters and others - someone he fall in love with, someone who felt in love with him, someone who is going to help him, someone who is going to put him into troubles. Different types of people who actually exist in our own life too. 

Is it a real story?

Don't ask me, I have no idea. -_-'
Only the author and Allah know it.

Towards the end of the book, I read this line saying, "Untuk yang mencari maksud literal dalam jurnal peribadi aku, kau akan gagal cari moral. Percayalah." To be honest, this book puts me into huge confusion. Maybe my imagination is on not that high level to understand but for me personally, this is a heavy book deep inside. T_T

This book also reflects the reality of life - people with histories (that seem to be bad for other people) whose nightmares hold them from changing into a better person. Even, as people who encounter these people, are we going to close our eyes and ignore the facts that they need us? Plus, are we going to accept them to be in our life if they really want to improve themselves? And even if they are not able to change, are we going to keep supporting them?


For this book review, not going to share life lessons I learned as wow I felt too overwhelmed to put the experiences into words reading it. 

But, I will share few parts in the book that I can relate and I found them interesting :) 

Haha entah-entah end up akan jadi ala-ala life lessons jugak. Susah sebenarnya nak keep on reading  books dan belajar sesuatu perkara yang baru dan CONTINUOUSLY APPLY life lessons tu. T_T

1. Distances.
"Kadang yang menjarak tak terasa jarak. Kadang yang terjarak terasa sesak. Kadang yang mencipta jarak ingin membaiki retak. Kadang yang retak itu terbaiki dengan menghubung jarak." - Czsull.

2. Give up?
"Andai jalan takdirku menjadi doktor, jadikanlah aku doktor yang tak mudah mengalah. Mengalah pada masalah. Mengalah pada mehnah. Atau mengalah pada tohmah."

3. Happiness. 
"Bahagia itu tak akan didapati dengan ingin bahagia, melainkan dengan banyak mensyukuri karunia yang ada." - Kyai Haji Abdullah Gynmastiar

4. Dosa.
"Bila kita mula tinggalkan dosa, hidup kita akan lebih bahagia. Bila kita mendekat dengan Allah, hidup kita terasa sempurna." Qiden.

5. Hope.
"Harapan itu masih ada, kita hanya harus terus percaya."

Have you realised that it is actually quite easy to change but it is way harder to be consistent in those changes that we have made?

To fulfill 5 times of prayer from not praying at all is easier than to continuously praying 5 times a day.
To stop smoking is easier than to continuously stop smoking.
To stop saying bad words is easier than to keep on not saying them.
To start covering our aurat properly is easier than to continue covering them. 

Well, people are different.
What is difficult to me may be easy to other people. 😅

May Allah bless our efforts. 

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Halloween Virtual Run (Oct 2017)

November 9, 2017

First virtual run :)

Actually I registered the 21Day Challenge Nov 2017 earlier than this Halloween Virtual Run but seems like I need a motivation to run and this one sounds good. 

I targeted to join 5 or 10km for this but I have no idea how it works that time and turned out I registered for 3km. 

3km pun 3km lah :D

The medal.

Just few days ago in this week, Ayah received a letter on behalf of me. A bit confused as I think I did not buy anything online recently. Haha.

But, hey, it was the medal! I have already hung it in my room, not sure to keep it like that or will put it into storage box like all my previous medals too. -_-' Or maybe I should buy the medal hanger?

Halloween Virtual Run
3km   |   6'06''   |   18:21


Anyway, this is my progress on the 50km-in-21-days mission.

Day 9 | 20.54km out of 50km

29.46km to go.

Few points I re-learned so far:

  • My average pace has improved a bit compared to when I was in Czech. It used to be always be above 7min/km back then. 
  • 6-7 minutes for 1 km, so I tried my best to finish 1 km for every two songs I listened to.
  • Zikrullah for every steps. It helps to keep me able to speak while running - it is my benchmark that I am still running fine.
  • The best way to keep running (if indoor) is to watch videos. I gained both entertainment and exercise.

Fighting, Nina!

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Cycling Around My Neighbourhood

November 7, 2017

Still remember my Kelly? :D

Barely use it right now but I am still trying hard to make full use of it. 

I miss cycling along Labe river in Hradec Kralove. Cycling is not that safe here in Malaysia, especially on road. There was one time I rode on the main road, looked like a crazy girl waving my hands every time I wanted to change lanes. Not to mention how ehemmm drivers in Malaysia behave T___T

 Haven't try off road as I don't think Kelly is okay for such routes. 

Just finished reading Hiatus, hence 'Another day'. :)

Let me take you around my neighbourhood.

My house is quite far from the main road, so I can say it is a bit quite. When there was not much development around, I could even listen to trains passing by from far away. Now I guess, the sound is absorbed by nearby houses. Maybe. There are many new neighbourhoods right now :)

17 years. 
Years our family have stayed here. And counting :)

Kelly was doing great job despite he was abandoned in the store for quite a while T_T

People haven't build houses in this area. 

Random banana trees along the road.

This is pokok ubi kayu. I was nine when I know there was literally 'ubi' down there. I was so enthusiastic about gardening at that age, especially how to plant trees. :D And I thought people just use the leaves as ulam T__T What is 'ubi kayu' in English anyway?

Pokok petai belalang. This is yummy as well as ulam! :D

There are many more trees around - kelapa, all those serai kunyit temu cabai, mangga, betik. :)

For the time being, I need to jog/run more than cycling as I have 50km to achieve within the first 21 days of November.

So, Kelly you take care of yourself.
I locked you outside so you can be friends with the cats. Haha.
Have fun!

SS, Perak, Malaysia



Well, everybody in this world have secrets. EVERY SINGLE PERSON. Secrets that people don't find them interesting to tell others. Secrets that people try hard to hide from the community. Humans are not perfect, nobody is flawless no matter how much compliments other people give to someone.

Truth hurts, I know. 

And another truth, a secret will never be a secret when we share it with other people, no matter how much this person is trusted. Yeah, some people are worth 'dying' for when they kept our secrets hidden from other people. But, most of us tend to share secrets UNINTENTIONALLY. Exactly. They actually have no intention to talk about something that may be quite sensitive to us. They are not planning to. They actually don't want to do it.

Sometimes, thing like this happen. :)

A thing we need to remind ourselves. People share something with us because of one thing.
The trust.

Trust is not something easy to gain, honestly. 
It takes time to develop but once broken, considered sold we are ruined. 

“Whoever conceals [the faults of] a Muslim, Allah will conceal [his faults] in this life and the Hereafter.” - Recorded in Muslim (Hadith 36/40)

The hadith in Malay will be like this,

"Dan barang siapa menutupi rahsia seorang Islam,
nescaya Allah menutupinya dalam dunia dan akhirat."

There are more explanations about this verse, feel free to refer to the book for more details. :)

Just, this is a soft, deep reminder to myself as well.
When people still trust us, don't ruin it.

When we hear bad stuffs about our own friends, don't simply spread because they may sound interesting. If needed, ask the truth from them first and keep quiet. 

And remember the rewards Allah offer us in dunya & akhirah. :)

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Doa Rasulullah SAW Kepada Anas Bin Malik r.a.

November 3, 2017

Maghrib semalam ada kuliah yang disampaikan oleh wakil Jabatan Agama Islam Perak. Topiknya menarik, tentang kekeluargaan dan lebih kepada masalah penceraian yang makin banyak berlaku dalam umat Islam di Malaysia sekarang. 

Mungkin pengisian tentang topik ni akan cuba saya kongsi dalam post lain. Cuma bersempena Jumaat ni, saya nak kongsikan satu doa yang boleh kita amalkan :)

Rata-rata kita tahu siapa Anas Bin Malik dalam hidup Nabi Muhammad kan?

Kalau ada yang belum tahu, mula-mula sekali kalau kita perasan ada banyaknya hadis yang diriwayatkan oleh Anas Bin Malik - bermaksud beliau banyak menyumbang kepada hadis yang kita jadikan rujukan sekarang. Anas Bin Malik ni juga hidup bersama Nabi Muhammad sejak beliau kecil dan menyaksikan sendiri mukjizat Rasulullah. 

Beliau berkhidmat untuk Rasulullah selama 10 tahun (dari hijrah hingga kewafatan Nabi). Anas jugak pernah menceritakan bilamana ibunya meminta Rasulullah mendoakan anaknya, lalu Rasulullah pun mendoakan untuk dibanyakkan harta dan anak-anak. Dan terbukti umur Anas antara yang panjang, hasil tanaman (kurma) yang sangat banyak, anak cucunya juga sangat ramai.


Allahumma aksir maali wawaladi,
wawasi’ li fii daari,
wabarikli fima a’atoitani,
waahsin aamali, 

Ya Allah banyakkanlah hartaku dan anak-anakku,
luaskanlah rumahku,
berkatikanlah semua yang Kau beri kepadaku,
perbaiki amalanku, 
dan ampunkan untukku.

Nah, boleh tengok video ni jugak untuk lebih faham tentang doa ni :)

Digalakkan untuk amalkan selepas solat Dhuha.

Selamat beramal :)

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Here's The Truth, Ladies

November 2, 2017

Wow, maybe this is the first time I am sharing something related to relationships. :D Hahaha maybe I have before, can't recall though.

First of all, this is not mine. My friend shared it on Facebook and well, since age of 20s is mostly the phase of this kind of stuffs, I always see posts like these on my social media. And please let me copy and paste it here for reference.

For my own and yours :)


Here's the truth, ladies.

Being pretty doesn't keep a man.
Being honest doesn't keep a man.
Being loyal doesn't keep a man.
Treating a man good doesn't keep a man.
Being there for a man doesn't keep a man.
Caring about a man doesn't keep a man.
Making an effort doesn't keep a man.
Paying attention to a man doesn't keep a man.
Spending time with man doesn't keep a man.

You could have the best intentions.
You could have the most sincere feelings.
You could be a good woman and still wouldn't be able to keep a man.
Because the only way to keep a man is if that man wants to be kept by you.

You can't force a man to be with you.
You can't beg a man to stay with you.
You can't love a man into loving you.

With a man, you could tell he wants to be kept when the relationship gets hard,
And he does everything to fight for you.
Because a man only fights for a girl he wants to belong to.

So if he isn't fighting for you when things get hard,
Then that means he doesn't want to be kept by you anymore.

The moral of this?

Don't hold on to a man who doesn't want to be kept by you.
No, you're not giving up on him.
It's him who gave up on you.
And it's you who shouldn't waste any more of your time than you already have.

Know when it's time to let go,
Know when it's time to walk away,
And know when it's time for him to be unkept.

Story via
Music by Peder B. Helland


The thing I learned from this video is... similar to what I've shared before, 

"If we can't even control our own hearts, do you think we can control others?"

And, I think this video is not just for girls, it can be actually seen in general.

Another point to be taken into account is "hati manusia memang selalu berbolak-balik". Kan? Pray hard that Allah guides us through anything similar. Relationships, friendships, working life, social life and even anything to prepare us to be better. 

The most important thing, pray hard that Allah will stick our hearts to this deen. Ameen.

p/s - anyone here loves to read IIUM Confessions? Hahaha

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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