The Baju Kurung Girl

March 24, 2019

I adore girls with baju kurung in the hospitals, as I can't tolerate the heat much to wear baju kurung at work. The only time I wear baju kurung is when I have the shortest working hours which is normal shift (7am - 5pm), otherwise I will wear trousers with blouses instead :)

One of the thing I wish not to happen on the day I wear baju kurung is "dr, patient bed xx collapse / asystole" (in which I hope will not occur on any day pun actually) 

Because it seems so hard to climb up patients' beds to do chest compression. 😅

Doing CPR can drain much energy and I pray patients will have fast recovery and discharge very soon. Ameen!

Tempting Veins

March 23, 2019

I am currently in my 4th posting, to be specific I am now in Surgical department. Wahh, time surely flies very fast. It was just a year ago when I started my housemanship and now it is already my 2nd year. I've been trying to update my experiences here, but after quite a while not updating stuffs in my own blog, it feels awkward. Haha.

But, I planned to update a glimpse of my daily life in short posts regularly. I don't have much time to really make posts with something like "3 life lessons I learned from...." T_T in which the one I really miss to create. 

Honestly, working as a house officer need energy - mentally and physically. I am sure being medical officers and specialists require more energy, just... being a house officer is my level for now.

Why the bulging veins?

I don't realized I have them actually. But, whenever I encountered patients with difficult blood taking, I automatically look at my own hands, only then I realized them. Suddenly I wish all patients have these bulging veins, just to avoid the need to prick the patients more than once just because it is hard to do so. 

And actually, after working for more than a year, I can say that blood taking needs experiences, good instinct and sensation from our fingers. Sometimes, doctors can't really see the veins but we can feel them with fingers. 

Such veins are more visible in people with less fat, patients who are not edematous (no water retention in body) and people who workout a lot.

And most doctors have bulging veins, thanks to frequent CPR we need to do, maybe some retraction done during operation... ohh, maybe fundal pressure to help delivering the baby in C-section? Hehe

Just a random post, I guess?
I miss blogging, but I think I lost that magical blogging touch. T_T

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