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January 1, 2018

I am excited to write a new post today. It is 2018, guys! Wohoooo. 

A brand new year insyAllah! Really looking forward to more uncertainties it will offer. And hopefully, I have prepared my heart and mind perfectly better for 2018. :)

After checking the best nine pictures on Instagram, I realized I already described most of the events behind them in my blog. :D Wahaaa, senang kerja nak recall. 

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My first snowboarding experience ever. Too bad that I tried it only during my final year there. But, never mind, still one of my best memories!


I love to collect postcards when I was in Czech. Just for now, all postcards are safely stored in my wardrobe. I am not allowed to stick anything on my bedroom wall. Haha.


The day I guided a hike for a family of 5. :) There are not much of any other travelers / backpackers I met who requested personally to hike somewhere in Czech. :D But I used to take few Malaysian students from Sweden, Egypt and China to go hiking in Adrspach.  


My favourite route to run / jog / cycle in Hradec Kralove. :) It is beautiful in any weathers, any seasons as well.

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One of the best 2017 moments is this! Finally graduated from Charles University! :D

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I totally have no idea that I will have the chance to hike somewhere in Tanah Haram. :) 

Ya Allah, the feeling was really great to be able to imagine how Rasulullah hike this hill to calm himself from the surrounding people and this was the place Rasulullah s.a.w. received the first revelation (wahyu). I felt so overwhelmed to have a chance to pray on top of the hill and inside Gua Hira'. SubhanAllah <3 <3

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I still remember the date. 12/1/2017. The day I passed my first STEX exam in 2017 and it was Ayah's birthday too :) I always have the thought of walking on a frozen river, and I got the chance that day :)

To trust myself.
And to trust Allah.
On how He leads my heart.
Wow, another thing to be grateful, Alhamdulillah <3


My countless time at Letenske sady, my all the time favourite place to hang out in Prague. Not really hang out I must say, but I love to be there, so much! :)


Another beautiful town in Czech. :) It was when I took my parents to Cesky Krumlov.


I am glad that I am doing this post. A good feeling to have on the first day of 2018. I received lots of love in 2017, I should not forget and ignore this fact. Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah!

May 2018 be great in its own way!
O Allah, for any challenges You plan to test me, may You provide strength and courage as well. Ameen! :)

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