My January's Embarrassing Moments

January 31, 2017

Fuh, we are on the last day of January already? I just can't admit it will be February in few hours, tik tok tik tok. Pecuttttt, hati pun dah kecut. T_T

Still freezing.

This post is just for memories :) #finalyearsyndrome

I was in Cardiology department one fine day and was reading some patients' files. The doctor asked me to take a break first while he tried to finish his work on the daily reports. Suddenly, it snowed heavily. In every wards, there is a door to the balcony. I was so excited to take pictures from that position so I went out to the balcony.

One thing I totally forgot was, doors in Czech are mostly automatic locked from the outside.

Yes, I was trapped at the balcony, with snows falling on me while I was only in my white coat.

The staff who opened the door for me kept laughing. Hmmmmm T_T

And this was the picture taken from that balcony. ;p

There was another embarrassing moment in the computer room which is always quiet as we use this room to study and not for discussion.

I adjusted my earphones to both my ears and clicked 'play' on my Spotify. Suddenly the musics came out to be so loud. I tried to reduce the volume and realized people were staring at me.

Ya Allah, I thought I had already connected my earphone jack to the laptop!
Face palm.

DPH / VAT is similar to GST.
Yes, it is 15% (for groceries, transports, health care / medications),
the rest is 21% (like for electronics etc)

I took buses a lot nowadays since my bike's brake was not working well and I have not send it to the bike shop. It was not that easy to adapt with the buses' numbers and which routes they take. The last time I used buses regularly in my town was maybe 3 years ago. Even, I don't really walk near bus stops.

One night, I was walking out of a bus and started to walk towards my flat. My eyes were on the phone when I nearly got myself crash with the bus stop's glass wall.

Not to mention, how many times I took the wrong bus T_T

And this did not include yet how many times I remembered that I had renewed my bus card ONLY after I arrived home, by walking! Hahaha.

Fakultni Nemocnice = Faculty Hospital 

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. Too many things to think about that I already tried to calm myself and organised my priorities. It was a strong feeling of positive and negative, sometimes I feel butterflies everywhere. And then, sometimes thinking about the future can excite me so much nevertheless does not take my worries away. Haha.

Anyway, I had similar life cycle through out January - woke up in the morning, went to class, study, eat, pray, study, study, study, study, pray, pray, pray, video call, skype, sleep.

I miss negative ions! It is too cold now, but insyAllah I will cover as much as I can after this exam. 13th February. Doakan yea. Hihi, thank you sangat untuk yang sudi mendoakan.

A good friend of mine once told me that maybe we get things we want not because our own prayers, but others'.
Doakan sesama kita yea  :D

Till next post.
Good morning, Malaysia.
Good night, Czech.

HK, Czech 

How To Keep Our Home Safe While Travelling

January 30, 2017

Living abroad for 5 years and counting is challenging when it comes to survival - like searching for a good place to stay, with good environment, good neighbors (although we barely know each other), good landlord (if we are on rental term) and good security. 

In Czech, most people live on flats / apartments although we don't have a lot of sky crappers here. It is quite different if compared to Malaysia, at least the place I live in Perak. Obviously, there are no apartments / flats in my small town and neighbors usually know each other until a point they can sense any unfamiliar people going to our house. :p

It's not Kra-love okay? Pronounce as Kra-lo-ve. :p

1. Door and window grills. 

One way to assume if that area is secured or not, look at the doors and windows. 

If you don't need any grills on them, the risk of leaving the house for holidays or even to go to work is lower. I still remember when someone broke into my aunt's house, the polices blamed her for not installing the grills on her windows. Duh.

I barely see grills in houses / flats in Czech actually. One interesting fact about doors here is they are automatic locked from the outside, even doors in the building. So, basically if you want to go out for a while (for example to throw the rubbish bags into the main rubbish bin), it is either you don't close the door or you need to take the house key with you. 

For long travel, make sure to double triple check that we have close and lock all windows and doors!

Tadaa, the main door mostly looks like this. You need a key to open the door from outside. 

2. Ask the neighbors to look after our house.

Usually there are always neighbors who stay at home during holidays or festive seasons. For example, their house is the one people keep coming, I mean they are the grandparents whom their children's families are heading to. 

Don't put high hope or pressure on this actually as other people may ask their help as well. Haha

3. Don't update our travel on the go.

I know some people can't help to share the sweet memories while travelling instantly on Instagram, Facebook or what ever social medias we have. I have that moments as well. Just, most of times, I update or upload anything after I leave that specific places or when I arrived home after travelling. 

Basically my Instagram is not really instant but more to Latergram? Hehe

When we update our holidays live on social media, we are actually letting people know that no one is at home. I am not saying that it is wrong and I am still trying to adapt with the fact that people have the right to share anything online. Just, we need to bear the consequences. That's it. 

I want road trips T__T

4. Arm the security system.

I mentioned in one of my previous post that I love the idea of living in apartments / condominiums (when I am still this young) as they always come with good security systems (CCTV, guards) and equipment that I can use like gym, swimming pool. Well, in other neighborhood as well, there are good security systems nowadays, with entrance control etc. 

I've been to my friend's house with good security when all doors are automatically locked with alarm every night. It sounds good though as alarm can at least keep us and our neighbors aware that something wrong is happening if it rings. Of course there are also false alarms. Haha.

But, there is no harm to install security system for our house, right? There is even wireless home security that you don't have to drill or mess up with the house. 

5. Take all main keys with us.

Some people put emergency keys somewhere around the house, right? 

From my own and other's experience, please do not leave any main keys at home - like under the flower pot, under the carpet. Even, take the car keys with you. 

It may not be important, but can you imagine when you lost your car keys when someone broke into your house? You have no idea maybe he / she will return to the house to steal the cars. And I don't think to change the whole security system for the car is cheap. Fuh, better take precautions okay.


There are few other things I always try to do before leaving the house for travel / going back to Malaysia for summer holidays;
  • Clean the house (roughly) especially no dirty plates in the sink, no wet clothes in the washing machine, no garbage in the house.
  • Switch off most electrical appliances - otherwise we may risk the house for short circuit and fire. Usually, the only appliance I let it on is the refrigerator. I tried to clean out most wet food, but....failed. Haha.
  • Close the curtains so that people can't see inside.
  • Tell my landlord about my trips.
  • Take my bike up the stairs into my flat. 

All in all, we really can't expect the future. Just like it is important to have medical insurance for any unfortunate events later in life, the same thing we need to do to our own house before leaving it for a couple of days or maybe even overnight. 

Hmmm. Life...
HK, Czech

When A Czech Guy Talked to Me in Indonesian

January 26, 2017


I never expect I can converse in Malay with a Czech! 

Well, actually it is not that weird to find some Czechs who can speak few Malay or Indonesian words. If you go to souvenirs shops in Prague, some of them will greet you 'selamat datang', 'terima kasih', 'datang lagi' etc.

But this guy is awesome! Haha, he was speaking more in Indonesian while I was more in Malaysian. 

I was in a cafe, doing my revision when suddenly a guy sat in front of me trying to say something. I thought he is a junior of mine as there were few times when juniors approached me (knowing I am a senior) and asked about tips for certain subjects. 

I was so shocked when suddenly he introduced himself in Indonesian. 


I used to watch sinetrons when I was a child, of course I know few words in Indonesian. There was an Indonesian sister here working in my town few years ago and yeah, I talked to lots of Indonesians during transit in few airports. Just, I keep wondering every time, yes every single time I met any Indonesians, I tend to get into conversion with Indonesian slang instead of they converse in Malaysian slang. :p

It is a bit funny when I try to adapt Indonesian words into my Malaysian sentences. -_-'

cuti - libur
boleh - bisa
kawan - teman (ah sudah, teman ni boleh jadi 'saya' dalam loghat perak)
gembira - senang
bla bla bla

It is okay, for me language is more about communication. As long as you understand each other, then this language issue does not really matter.

I am still amazed that he managed to learn a new language on his own. 

Boy, it is too late to meet you at the end of my study here.
But, it is better late than never right?

One interesting fact about him is he can speak Czech, Japanese, Indonesian well just not English yet. 

Image result for jaw dropped


We exchanged emails (yeah, we are cool like that) and let's see maybe you guys can meet him, studying and working in Indonesia or Malaysia any time soon. He is planning to. 

I always consider myself as a Malaysian little ambassador in Czech and actually a representative of Islam as well. There are always opportunities to show how good a Muslim who is practicing Islam to foreigners. 

Just, the problem is these people see us as good Malaysians who are polite, behave, hardworking etc. Not as Muslims. Alahai.

I can feel it, 2017 is amazing so far. :)

InsyAllah, hopefully these amazing moments will continue with my graduation in July insyAllah and more exciting events afterwards, ameen.

Ameen ameen ameen!

HK, Czech

Discipline and Attachment

January 19, 2017

Have you ever think why people who smoke find it so hard to stop smoking? 
Do you have any idea why Allah prohibits us from drinking alcohol?
Have you been in any situations when you just can't stop eating and living sedentary life almost all days?

I hope from this post, I will manage to relate these things. -_-'


Honestly, quit smoking is a hard task to do. When you inhaled nicotine on regular basis, you will be addicted to it. So, big claps to those who never start smoking, people who stopped smoking and those who is still trying to stop smoking.

Smoking among women is kind of rare in Malaysia, I think. But not here, you can see women holding cigarette in between their two fingers almost all time. The hospital I'm studying right now just released an official statement about making this hospital as smoking-free, means smoking is not allowed. It was since May 2015/2016, if I'm not mistaken. Smoking can be seen spiking during winter, I've been told that it keeps people warm.

A thing about smoking is it involves other people as well, not just the smokers!

Can you imagine you are walking / cycling somewhere, breathing cold air in winter when suddenly you pass by a smoker. I feel like dying, gasping for air. That's me, a girl without any asthma what so ever. What if that some with respiratory illness?

About alcohol, I've shared many times here that alcohol is really a normal thing in Czech. And it is an important question to ask to every patients admitted. 

'Do you drink any alcohol?'
- "No.'
+ 'Do you drink beer?'
- 'Oh, yes. About 3 tins a week.'

See, general population here don't even consider beer is an alcoholic beverage! Not to mention red wine. -_-'. Here, we are being taught alcohol is good if taken in appropriate amount. I can't disagree that alcohol has its own advantage - for example red wine is good for our heart. 

But, people should aware how many admission to GIT department with liver problem associated with alcohol. We need to understand that, things with even slight advantages can be totally bad when we can't control it.

That's the problem here.

Back to the point. Discipline.
And education.


While in Malaysia, we face another challenge - our tasty food. T_T And all those extra calories, bad fat, cholesterol, sweet stuffs that lead to so many health diseases. I am not saying we need to totally stop eating those food, but as one of my favourite Tweeters said, always count our daily calories. I do, occasionally. 

I have the advantage here as I don't have Malaysian food around, so I can find other alternatives - which is to have healthy, simple meal. Baked fish, chicken, soups all week. 

But, I totally can't control myself when I return home.

My point in this post is, once we have the attachment, we try our best to fulfill our desire to satisfy ourselves. The problem to be discuss within ourselves is... are we attaching to good or bad things? I am starting to get myself involved in a situation I have no idea how the future of it will look like, so I kinda afraid of how should I react to it? Am I doing the right way? 

And I am more afraid if I am not doing the blessed way. T_T

"Allah is the turner of heart. But, don't do wrong thing just because you think you can change it later and expect Allah will give barakah." - quote from a talk. 

Doakan yea. May Allah bless us all. :)

I am trying to gain more knowledge on how to pursue things the right way, so I list them out here - mixture of what I tried and what I will do.

  1. Ask myself, what actually is my goal?
  2. Will Allah love my goal?
  3. Am I into and willing to be involved in this situation?
  4. Read, read, read and read to understand about the situation.
  5. Ask people you trust about their experience (if they are willing to share, that's a bonus). Otherwise, ask for their advice.
  6. Don't simply take advice bluntly. Analyse them, choose the good one that you think it will help you. People have different styles and preferences but the basic are usually similar. 

Okay guys, till next post :)

HK, Czech

Finally, I Walked On A Frozen River

January 13, 2017

12th January 2017.

It is a very nice day.

Well of course, it is Ayah's birthday today in which he already reminded us not to wish him on Facebook, lol. I hope that passing my exam today gives you happiness, Ayah :) And thank you guys for wishing me good luck, awww you lovely people. Alhamdulillah. 

Have I told you that I renewed my bus card?

Ouch, that's a tough decision but I think that's the best thing to do for now. It is snowing frequently lately, and I usually wake up with thick snow over the roof that can be touched from my windows. The roads are getting slippery.

Haha, so many excuses.

My bicycle broke down - that's the exact reason, to be honest! T____T

And I was so occupied with exam preparation, I didn't have time to send the bicycle to workshop. Actually, so many people worried about my safety and my friends always be like, "Ninaaaaa, kau naik basikal lagi sekarang?!", "Weh, naik bas laaaa."

Well, guys. Betul la Allah nak tunjuk, the next morning after my bicycle covered with snow like this, my brakes failed to work. Frozen maybe? Haha

That was my story few days back.

Today, soon after I finished my exam, I went straight to musolla for Zuhur prayer. Here I met a first year Muslim boy doing his revision on anatomy. Ouch, time really passes very quickly. I still remember myself spending my breaks in between classes here, revising notes with my friends. 

That. Was. 5. Years. Ago. T_T
Now, I feel old. Again.

Ayah kept reminding me to be extra careful when I told him I planned to walk on the frozen river. I bet, he is getting tired to control her daughter not to do stuffs like this. -_-'

I just follow my instincts. What I did was, take the first step onto the frozen river while holding my friend's hand. Feel the river, is it moving or not? If not, take more steps until you satisfied. And, please don't be too confident to cross the river. :p

A thing for me to ponder, if I can take risk for this, I should allow myself to take the similar risk to trust other people.

To trust myself.
And to trust Allah.
On how He leads my heart. 

HK, Czech

[Fun Sunday] Insert Your Own Caption

January 8, 2017

I was procrastinating a bit upon waking up early in the morning. Before getting into study mode, I scrolled the Instagram and guess what, I came across this photo back in 2014. To be exact, it was taken on October 18, 2014. 

It is a bit funny to think what actually I had in my mind. Hahaha.

Play time.

Insert your own caption. 

Would love to read your ideas! 

p/s - You can read more about that hiking trip HERE.

Speed mode activated.

HK, Czech

Evening with Swans & Ducks

January 6, 2017

Look calm on top,

Paddling like hell underneath.

I lost my jet lag battlefield again. It was improved at least the past 3 days. But...

Exam is coming up soon and only now I can feel the adrenaline rush. Haha. The feel is a bit different this time, well there is only 3 students who are not done with this exam and I am included in the lucky 3. It was supposed to be done by the end of September but I postponed it to return to Malaysia that time. 

All the best to me. 


Do you guys know that the male ducks are more beautiful and colorful than female ducks? 

Brown ducks are mostly female. :p

There's some other lessons I learned from these two creatures. Maybe some other time, if I will remember ;)

Another bucket list - walk on a frozen river :)

Salam Jumaat semua. 
Kahfi jangan lupa, okay :D

HK, Czech

First Day of School on A Snowy Day

January 4, 2017

First Day of School on A Snowy Day

It was snowing heavily on the 2nd day of January. While my class started on 3rd day, I was pretty sure the snow would be still there last morning. And yes, the road was covered with snow I found it quite hard to walk despite I've already wear my winter boots. 

There you go, struggle number one. Haha. 

Naa, I've been reminded and keep reminding myself to be grateful with snow. So, alhamdulillah. :)

First Day of School on A Snowy Day
Totally not okay for bicycle. I was glad I was not cycling last morning. 

I miss HUSM's environment though. Although the wards are so busy almost everyday with many doctors, many students, many family relatives - at least I can walk free on my own. The doctors here teach a lot, that's a bonus, just due to language barrier it's still hard to talk to the patients smoothly and comfortably. 

I miss asking the patients, "Pakcik, masa pakcik datang hospital tu kan, pakcik rasa sakit dada tu macam panas ke, menyucuk-nyucuk ke, dada ketat ke camne?". I know, I learned all these in Czech language, just they don't sound as smooth as in Malay / English. 


First Day of School on A Snowy Day
The hospital. The building in the picture is for Neurology department.

But, I'm learning and recalling so many things that I've learned while in HUSM. Honestly, my HUSM experiences make my first day even nicer as I know better what should I expect from the cases. 

Atrial Fibrillation
Ischemic Heart Disease

Quite a few number of cases I've seen in Malaysia.

One more thing, the doctors here are dealing with technologies - typing here and there, no files seen in the patients' room except with the presence of doctor-in-charge. But, I do respect my doctor yesterday when he spent some time, sit down next to the patient to explain slowly about the future plans to him. He said that Czech system is quite up to date but we as doctors need to spend time with patients effectively.

First Day of School on A Snowy Day
The device looks like this. Credit - Google.

And, I just know most patients in Cardiology ward are provided with Holter monitor. No need big machines and patients can move freely to toilets while being monitored by doctors and nurses.

Okay, done with class.

First day after returning to Czech is always the busiest one. I need to renew my data plan as it was expired after more than a month of not using the phone number. I went to Vodafone which is used to be just the same row as my flat but it moved to the new mall. Alahai.

First Day of School on A Snowy Day
Vodafone in Aupark.

Oh, towards the end of my study here, finally I changed my sim card to the one compatible with 4G/LTE. I should change it long time ago, I never know it is for free. Lesson learned - ask if I don't know about something and don't assume. T__T

First Day of School on A Snowy Day
Limau mandarin = mandarinky.

Currently, I have these as my best friend. Flu, please go away. :(

Struggle number two, I was being a cheapskate for not renewing my bus pass and prefer walking on snows with running nose and sore throat while my face being hit by the strong, cold wind. 

Padan muka. 

HK, Czech

My December's Highlights

January 2, 2017

Oh yes, I love 2016's December. A lot! 

I enjoy almost everyday of this month, well the most significant reason is I am with my family. Although I was in Kelantan most of the days but I think I used all opportunities to go back home every weekends and that was one of the best decision I've ever make. 

1/12/16 - On call.

1. Well, I didn't do the full 36 working hours for normal HO for on call. I just joined the on-called HO from 9pm till 6am. And it was already exhausting. From that day, I decided I need to continue with my fitness plan to keep fit. T_T

2. From what I understand, only one HO need to cover the whole beds in one ward during on call. Sounds crazy, but that will be my future. Haha.

6/12/16 - Wheel Clamp.

3. I just knew wheel clamp in Malaysia looks like this. I wonder how much will it be to remove the clamp. 

I found this to be so classic. :D

8/12/16 - Goodbye Forever.

4. I arrived home and called my cats, Tam and Teh. Tam was not pregnant as he is actually a boy - I just knew this fact 2 months ago when Tam got sick. Same goes to Teh, it is a he! T_T

5. My dad told me that Teh passed away during my first week in HUSM. Ya Allah, sedihnya rasa. And Tam, he was nowhere to be found T_T I am not sure if he is still alive somewhere or else.

6. And this cat, Perang - he (I think) was totally not clingy with us. After the death of other cats due to Parvovirus infection, he surrendered himself to us. He literally walked into the cage when my dad asked him to. :O


9/12/16 - Cinema.

7. I went to watch Fantastic Beasts with my parents and it felt awkward to step into a cinema after at least 5 years. But overall, the movie was really nice just I don't like the heroin's characters much. Haha. Like, don't you feel guilty after putting that boy into so much trouble?

8. I wanna watch Dear Zindagi, but there was no showtimes for this movie in the cinema I went. Only selected TGV I think - Mid Valley, DPulze?


11/12/16 - Eify's Twins.

9. While on my way to Kuala Lumpur, I dropped by Eify's house to meet her identical twins :D 

10. Eify was my desk-mate during high school and guess what, most of my desk-mates are married. Haha. And I was not able to attend their weddings. Distances do us part but not my prayers insyAllah.

Nisa Zafirah (2) and Maryam Zahirah (1). I hope I got their names right. 

12/12/16 - Capital City.

11. My first Big Bad Wolf. I read that some of my friends claimed previous years of BBW were better, but never mind, I still think this event was awesome! The prices of the books were way beyond my expectation. I bought at least 5 books and let's see if I managed to read them T_T

12. My cousin and her parents were going to perform umrah, so my family and I dropped by at their homestay to spend time with them. 

13. I love the idea of living in a condominium, with all awesome facilities - parking, swimming pool, gym, security. But, it sounds better to live in a house on the ground, isn't it? With opportunities to plant any trees we want, no need to take any lifts / stairs to go home. All these will make sense when we grow older as there will be more health limitations.

The swimming pool is actually on the 6th floor!

14. I flew back to Kota Bharu with MAS and that was my first domestic flight from KLIA. :D

15. Actually I made a mistake while planning this trip. That Friday and Saturday were already public holidays in Kelantan. I was allowed for a free Sunday from my supervisor so, it makes one more free-day. Then, I just realised Monday was another public holiday due to Maulidur Rasul. So, I bought my flight ticket for Monday night.

16. Just few hours after purchasing the ticket, I found out that Tuesday would be another holiday for the new Yang di-Pertuan Agong. T_T

15/12/16 - Walking Around Kota Bharu.

17. Yes, I was going home again for the weekend. Haha.

18. I planned for this 6km walking route since my first few days in HUSM, but the weather didn't allow me to do so. But, I managed this time! My parents were quite upset with what I was doing. T_T

17/12/16 - Wedding.

19. My primary school friend got married! 

20. I missed so many wedding invitations as I was so far away in Czech. So, since I am in Malaysia this time, why not? I used to go to any weddings with my parents, but this time, I went first with my friend and my parents joined me later. Oh yeah, both my and bridegroom's parents are colleagues. :D It felt awkward when most people knew I am my father's daughter. "Ayah mana?" "Ayah tak datang sekali?" "Duduk asing-asing ke?" Adoi. 

21. And you, thank you for the continuous smile. :p

First experience to watch this kind of wedding as well. 

18/12/16 - Pantai Senok, Kelantan.

22. The weather was so nice to walk on the beach, so my junior and I decided to rent a car to Pantai Senok. Yes, the getting-famous beach that looks similar to Nami Island, Korea. 

23. Just, I don't understand why there's rubbish EVERYWHERE?! Why don't people throw all food packaging, plastics whatsoever in the bins? T_T Haish.

24. We planned to walk to the light house when suddenly a guy blocked us saying there's movie shooting going on. T_T 

Spot people around the light house. 

22/12/16 - Last Day in HUSM.

25. Bidding farewell to people I've been friends with. I felt a bit emotional as there were so many friendly people I met while in Kelantan.

I'll miss this place. 

23, 24, 25/12/16 - Pantai Timur Road Trip.

26. I went for a road trip with my family from Kota Bharu, Kelantan to Sungai Siput, Perak passing through Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan, Genting Highlands, Tanjung Malim. This marked my 3rd year in a row for road trips in December.

Masjid Kristal.

27. The last time I went to Kuala Terengganu was on 2002? And I haven't been to Kuantan before. So, Peninsular Malaysia completed, now let's aim for Borneo!

Teluk Chempedak - the cleanest beach compared to Kelantan's and Terengganu's :p

29/12/16 - Balik Kampung.

28. Well, my kampung on my father's side is just 10-15 minutes drive. After having our dinner together, I played this with my dad, my aunt and my cousin. And yes, I was at the last place. ;p

29. That day was when I've been told about a fact that I have no idea that someone was taking so serious about something. Impressive.


31/12/16 - Off to Prague.

30. Sent my abangngah to KLIA in the afternoon, then my parents and I went to Kuala Lumpur again. After buying few books from Kamal Bookstore, we went to KLCC for the Skybridge and found out the tickets sold out. T_T

31. Introduced my shoes-bucket-list brand to my parents. Skechers, why are you so expensive?

It is sooo comfy!

32. So many people at the park, maybe they were waiting for New Year Celebration?

33. Goodbye Malaysia. :) See you when I see you.

p/s - Thinking hard if I should make myself new year resolutions or not.

HK, Czech

New Year 2017 in 3 Countries!

Here I am again, 3am, curling up under my duvet, can't get back to sleep. Haih, let's face this jet lag mode when I have classes starting tomorrow which I bet I will get tired in the middle of them. I have an exam coming in the middle of January - the one that I postponed last September. Hope I can manage my time to study for this. 

But, first, for the sake of new year, I really want to write something. :)


I started the year with an awesome experience - being on a plane when the clock passing 12am on January 1st. The captain said happy new year and off we go, taking off from KLIA to Istanbul. I was expecting many fireworks and yes, I can really see them from my seat. The fireworks look soooo tiny, like very small blinking spots. My friend said that we were passing Putrajaya when the biggest fireworks can be seen. 

Well, the flight was uneventful and I safely arrived Istanbul at about 6am to catch a connecting flight to Prague, boarding at 7.30am. The clock on my phone still haven't been updated to the real local time in Istanbul - it still showed local time with daylight saving time (I don't understand why). Don't want to take any risk, I went straight to wait at the gate. 

If you just want something sweet to eat, just go to any duty free shops and find this Turkish delight :D

Then, another new adventure approached. I just realised I didn't have much experiences taking flight on a snowy day. There you go, snow started to fall when the Prague-bound flight took off. The sky were so brightly white and I can say that most of the Earth's surface I was passing over was covered with snow. T_T

A ha, yes, the plane was flying over Bulgaria, shown in this picture. Can you spot the snow?

Approaching Prague, I could not really tell was the flight there yet. Suddenly the plane was already touching the runway. I was so amazed of how the pilots can land the plane safely on a foggy runway. Gosh, good job and thank you, guys!

-9 degree Celcius, body and mentally shock. 

I arrived home at about 2pm and it was white all the way from Prague to Hradec Kralove. After unpacking KFC chickens from my bag and I went to sleep for awhile as there were fireworks to catch at 6pm. 

Oh yes, in Czech they celebrate new year just like the rest of the world on 1st of January at 12am. However, the official fireworks performances by the cities / towns would be on January 1st at 6pm. The reason is really something logical and I love how they approach this matter in this way. Well, kids enjoy watching fireworks so much. So, why should we let them enjoy the fireworks at 12am when they supposed to go to sleep at this time?

6pm. There you go. 

Šťastný nový rok z Malajsie, Turecka, Česká republika!

May we improve ourselves throughout this year :)
HK, Czech

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