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December 29, 2014

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v Khaulah,

Beautiful Sky of 2014 [Part 1]

Looking at the sky is my favourite thing to do. Aimlessly; at the same time, thinking.
Thinking about life. And also 'life' after life.

Like, self reflection.
I did a lot, I guess, basically in 2014. I hope I've changed to a better person with better personalities, after all the things happened in this year.

A tough year.
Full of tears, but still there is always happiness somewhere in between.
Well, Allah has said so in Quran, in surah Ash-Sharh (94), verse 5 and 6.

For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.
Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.

So, let me share my collections of sky in 2014 :)

7/1/14 - Beautiful sunset | Palachova Hostel, Hradec Kralove, Czech

19/1/14 - My first road trip | Hradec Kralove - Prague, Czech

26/1/14 - Let free of myself from books | Olomouc, Czech

1/2/14 - Spent time at the mosque | Hradec Kralove, Czech

16/2/14 - Gloomy day | Warsaw, Poland

16/2/14 - Weekend escape before start of new semester. | Warsaw, Poland

27/2/14 - Day trip | Pardubice, Czech

27/2/14 - Reflection of sunset | Pardubice, Czech

1/3/14 - I can't recall this T_T | Orlice river, Hradec Kralove, Czech

10/3/14 - The park in front of Ad-Deen, I guess T_T | Zizkovy sady, Hradec Kralove, Czech

14/3/14 - I was so distracted with the missing flight MH370. May Allah blessed all of them involved. | Hradec Kralove, Czech

20/3/14 - Going for class in the hospital. The building up there is the emergency department. The red thing on top of it is heliport - used to land helicopter, taking critical patients from countryside. | Fakultni Nemocnice, Hradec Kralove, Czech

20/3/14 - Going back home - Zizkovy sady; Hradec Kralove, Czech

21/3/14 - Train ride to OSEM (medical) programme | Olomouc, Czech

25/3/14 - Walking home | Hradec Kralove, Czech

29/3/14 - Hiking trip to Narnia's famous acting site | Bohemian Switzerland, Czech

30/3/14 - Another beautiful sunset from my window | Hradec Kralove, Czech

More to go :)

I hope these pictures give you peace while facing one of the hardest time for our country; the flood :) Yes, of course the main element of peace is to turn back to Allah and remember Him always. 

"Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah . Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured." Ar-Ra'd 13;28

I can't be there at this critical time, but insyAllah my prayers will be continuously. Ameen. May Allah grant you with strength and patients. Important thing; redha and believe in His plans. 

Till then,

v Khaulah

[Behind The Scene] Astronomical Clock Prague; Czech

December 27, 2014 Prague, Czech Republic

Before I continue with the stories / facts behind this famous astronomical clock, let me show you how busy or packed this area will be at every hour. I mean it, every hour, EVERY, everyday. (or maybe not really at midnight - I haven't been there for that specific time) :)

This was somewhere in September 2014, I guess; where autumn is one of the nicest time to visit Prague. Full of brown, orange leaves getting ready to fall off. Even the weather is nice with not really high temperature nor low. 

Let me introduce the history of this clock. 

1. As maybe many of us know, this is one of the oldest astronomical clock in the world, being installed there since 1410 (like middle ages time). It is placed near Old Town Square (which is significant area for European countries). And it is still functioning till now! :D

2. Legend said that it is one of a kind after the creator named Master Hanus was blinded by members of the council. Why? They heard that Hanuš want to build this kind of clock in other town too. Ouch, just because of that? T_T <-- this story was said to be false.

3. Then, the real history exposed. when it was actually made by clockmaker Mikuláš of Kadaň and Jan Šindel. Šindel was a professor of mathematics and astronomy at Charles University. :)

Basically, it had been repaired so many times and some things were added to the tower (in which THAT attract people to see it)

So, what makes it famous?

Of course, the mechanism of the clock - but it is hard for me to understand all astronomical terms or theories. So, can we skip it? Teheee 

Other than that, for sure THESE ANIMATED FIGURES:-

These 4 figures (2 on left side and another 2 on right side of clock); they represent 4 things during the making of the clock (with meanings)

Start with the left one - the first is; we can see a figure admiring himself in a mirror. That represent Vanity. Beside it; a figure holding a bag of gold; that represent Greed. :p

Let's move to the right side. The 3rd figure is the skeleton which obviously stands for Death. The last one figure playing instrument; it was said to be a Turk - represent Pleasure and Entertainment.

At every hour, the skeleton rings the bell while the other figures shake their heads side to side. Means? They are not ready "to go" (to die).

Okay, I have share 4 figures at both sides of the clock. What about in the middle?

Of course there are some more! 12 moving figures (that are presentation of statues of Apostles) - that twelve Apostles presented every hour.

You can watch this video to have more view on the moving figures.

Honestly, I am not a city/town traveler type. I enjoy nature more than watching/understanding the buildings. But, who said we can not learn anything from historical building? 

The beloved sisters on their graduation day last July, 2014 :)

Just take a look at all characters of the figures - vanity, greed, death, entertainment. 3 of them are kind of pleasant things to do / to have in this world.

1. Vanity; feel like we are the best compared to other people. In which sometimes make us become more egoistic, not to listen to other people's advice. 
2. Greed; yeah, feel greed to have everything good at one time. Don't worry much, do things one step at a time okay?
3. Entertainment; addicted to all those fun stuffs, entertainment most probably will lead us far away from Allah. And we don't feel excited to do religious things. Sobss T__T

But, at the nearest end, they are not permanent while we will return to the Creator by dying. Right? Have we prepare ourselves? Gulppp.

Till then,

v Khaulah,

Christmas Market in Prague, Czech

December 23, 2014 Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

December in Europe, as we all know is synonym with Christmas markets. In Czech, it is called vánoční trhy (vaa-noc-nii ter-hi). Maybe not all European countries hold this Christmas market, but it is more famous in Germany especially Nuremberg, Dresden, Frankfurt etc. Actually, I was planning to go to Dresden (since it is the closest to Prague) to experience the market there, but because of the demonstration, it was better not to go :) 

So, what can you expect from Christmas Market in Prague, Czech?

First of all, huge beautiful Christmas trees, like mostly everywhere. Like the one down here, it may be more than 15 meters. Maybe. 

There will be so many tourists! 

That time, I was looking forward to meet some Malaysians but, I guess I can't find any. I just met a group of Singaporeans when we were buying something from the stall there. The reason I want to meet some, maybe because I really would love to help them asking for lower prices or maybe having conversation while suggesting few other places to go. 

By the way, that stall is managed by a Turkish  guy and he gave us discounts (which is not so common to get discounts after bargaining here in Czech :p) But, I can say that if you know basic Czech language or you can say few words prettily good, Czech people will be amazed with you. And then you can ask for discounts :) It works for me, few times before! Yeay!

Aha, basically at the market, you can find lots of Christmas products; ornaments and decorations. Hmm, of course traditional Czech wooden toys, cookies, crafts, handmade soaps, scented candles, souvenirs (snow globes, key chains, fridge magnets etc). What else? 


The famous one, for sure trdelnik, langoš, pirohy (dumplings), varieties of nuts (chestnut, caramelized chasew nuts, almond), spring potatoes, parek (bun with hotdog) etc and since this is Czech, there are hot wine, honey liquor (called medovina). Well, this country is well known for it's beer / alcohol. (I know I mentioned this few times in previous posts :p)
** the one I bold - insyAllah can be eaten from the Christmas markets.

Czech pirohy (dumplings)

Trdelnik - rolled bread?

For more information about Christmas market in Prague, you can simply check this website

Actually, I was more excited to go ice skating there, but I don't know why I can't find the ice rink. It was normally located in front of Karolinum - official hall for the university for matriculation day or graduation day. It was just not there T___T

The most famous place to go in Prague - Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí); significant for the astronomical clock which can gather thousand people every hour. :p Basically, at every hour (when the long needle meet number 12), there will be 4 moving figures at the clock and that are what tourists want to see. I will share more details about the clock next time, okay? :)

Before I forget, please take care of your bags and valuable things. There will be so many people you will meet and even the night I went there, my friend's bag was opened by someone. Fortunately, he/she didn't managed to take anything. Pheww. 

O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted. (Al-Hujurat 49;13)

p/s - I don't celebrate Christmas, I'm just celebrating the diversity the Czech people have. Well, not even 20% of them are Christians though :) 

v Khaulah, HK


December 22, 2014


Last Friday I  had a opportunity to taste langoš. And it was homemade by my Czech friend, Lucie. :) Well, I was looking forward to eat langoš since the langoš stall was opened just few meters from my flat. But every time I want to buy on my way to hospital or back, there were so many obstacles. Like I didn't bring the money, I was fasting, the stall was already closed, the stall was not opened yet bla bla bla.

Then, on this fine day, the technician was coming to my flat to set up the Internet. Yeah, I just got my own Internet! My flatmate already asked Lucie to help us to communicate with the technician. And even, the technician used her name on the receipt as the person receiving the service. The reason was that, my name is very long to write. Haha. Ouch. 

Really, Malaysians' names are considered long here. At least, mine. ;)

So, basically, langoš is a flat bread that is famous especially in cold weather. Actually, it is not originated here, but from Hungary. It is made by quite basic ingredients like flour, yeast, salt, milk and water. But I'm not sure about the ways of preparing it. Then, the dough is fried in oil. 

To eat langoš (Czech version), we just need to put loads of tomato sauce and grated cheese. Being a Malaysian, you can also put sambal ikan bilis and slices of cucumber. Well, at that time, I cooked nasi lemak just to let Lucie try Malaysian food. It was a bit spicy, and I hope Lucie do not get diarrhea. Alhamdulillah, I guess she didn't :) Hihi.

We already ate most of the food. Haha.

I was so excited when Lucie said she can make the langoš for me. It was like; my dream comes trueeee. Hmm, actually, I heard just few days ago, the langoš sold at the stall in Christmas market contain non-halal ingredients which is lard. Know what it is? 

Lard; pig fat that is usually used as cooking fat. You can read the rest in wikipedia, just type 'lard'.

p/s - 2 weeks holidays are here already. Pray for me to use my time wisely, yeah! :)

Till then,

Bushra, Praha

Giveaway By Eny Abdullah

December 17, 2014

This is another blog that I love; with lots of simple recipes she shared on the blog attached with many beautiful pictures. I love large pictures! :) 

Blog Eny Abdullah.

How to join; Click JOIN GIVEAWAY.....

1. Follow Cooking & Photography Blog Eny Abdullah -

Actually, I thought I want to reduce joining any blog segments, but I can't help by joining this one because I followed her blog since I become active in blogging again. Let's be a supportive blogger! :D


By the way, my group will be having Pharmacology test tomorrow. 

Generally, pharmacology is about the way to treat disease by using drugs. So, we need to learn the name (and some commercial name), type of drugs, the pharmacokinetics (on how our body responds to the drugs; from administration, distribution through the body, metabolism and excretion of drugs). Hmm, what else? Of course, how the drugs affect our body (pharmacodynamics) in terms of their mechanism of actions. Other things, for sure we need to know the adverse effects (side-effects) and to whom we should not give the drugs (contraindication) and so on and so on. :)

Pharmacy students and pharmacists, you got my respect! Memorising the names of drugs are already 'killing' me gently. 

Pray the best for us,


v Faculty of Medicine,

Live Ice Hockey in Czech

December 14, 2014

It is already season for ice skating :) I am not a good skater though. So far staying in Czech, I just tried ice skating once. Here, you need to give money / something valuable as deposit for renting the shoes. But, in my town, they don't rent the shoes T_T

Well, in Malaysia too, people have the other alternative to go ice skating which is the new IceScape IOI City Mall. The ice rink looks fabulous and way better than the one in Sunway Pyramid (during my time going there). I wish there will be an ice rink in Perak soon. Hee. :)

Looking at all ice hockey lines on the ice rink reminds me of my experience watching an ice hockey match here in Hradec Kralove, Czech; just a few days back. 

7th December 2014.

It was a memorable first hand experience, sitting in front of ice rink with cold temperature. I always wish to watch any games since I arrived here, but I missed them since 2011.This was only after 3 years! Yeay. :D

The match was between Mountfield Hradec Kralove (MHK) and Sparta Praha in which the latter is higher in rank. It was a league match; till now Sparta is in the 3rd rank, while MHK is in the 8th place. I already knew that Sparta Praha is a strong team; actually when doing physical examination on patients at the hospital. T__T Well, you can know more facts about Czech itself while chatting with patients.

One interesting fact about the match was that our doctor (also as lecturer) said he saw us on the television! He is an ice-hockey-fan; while having a break from his night duty, he watched the match live on the tv. And he said he saw 4 Malaysian girls! For sure, personally, he didn't recognized any of us like the name and so on. But, I guess, we are the only one wearing the hijab and that is sort of our identity. :)

Guess where were we? Hihi ;) p/s - zive means live.


By the way, my friend put the memories into this video :) Watch it guys, maybe you can have general idea of how ice hockey game looks like and how are the reaction of the supporters. <3

Since ice hockey is not familiar to me and I guess, most of Malaysians; so, let me share with you something I read from Wikipedia and others :)

1. Directly from the name itself, ice hockey is a game played on ice; basically by 6 players (including goaltender) from each team - they will try to shoot a hockey puck into the opponent's goal.

2. It is called the fastest game on Earth; due to its fast-pace.

3. The first time when ice hockey is played in Olympics is in the year of 1920.

4. 7 countries which predominate the international competitions; Canada, Czech Republic, Russia, Finland, Slovakia, Sweden, USA.

5. It is a full allowed body contact sport! So, we can expect many injuries and fight :p That's why all players need to wear lots of protective equipment.

6. To be an ice hockey player, absolutely you need to know skating awesomely well! So that you can turn around and move faster on ice.

7. Crowds cheering for their teams with some beers in hand. T_T they can be emotional too.

Looking forward for more winter games soon :D (even though I have no skills of snowboarding, skiing and so on. haha)

Till then,
Assalamualaikum and bye!

v Khaulah,

Segmen Follow And Blogwalking By Muhammad Shahril

December 13, 2014

After joining 2 segments by bloggers, I really agree that they help promoting or get to know other blogs. :) Well, you will have a list of bloggers joining the segments just like you and from there, who knows you will find your favorite blogs (I did; hihi.) 

So, let's join another one! :)

I don't really aim to be a winner. Just, I would like to get into the bloggers' community to share good stories and experiences so that we can learn something or gain the benefits; together :) Well, it is better to be good together instead of just sticking good things to ourselves, right? 

By the way, this segment will end today 13th December 2014, 11.59pm (Malaysia). Hurry up if you want to join!

Like usual, click the banner above or H E R E

v Khaulah,

[Giveaway] Hello from Canada

December 7, 2014

Well, again. My first participation of blog's giveaway! :D

I fall in love with her writings the first time I dropped there. (It was yesterday, actually hihi) <3 The words are just cool and awesome as she is. :) May happiness and success always be with you, together with Allah's blessings and guidance, dear Farah. 

The giveaway is just simple and 10 fridge magnets from Canada are waiting for the lucky winners :)

Just answer simple question, which is;

Apakah URL blog Doodles of Life?
(What is the URL of blog Doodles of Life?)

The giveaway is opened until 21st December 2014 at 1:00 AM (Malaysia).

Click h e r e or picture above to join and get more details! :D

v Khaulah, 

The Most Profitable Business

December 5, 2014

Have you ever know any business which will not make you loss or bankrupt?
Have you ever done any business which you don't have to spend A LOT of money, energy or thought?
Do you know any business where you don't have to compete with other people to get the profit?

I just learnt this and want to share with you; this one kind of business :) 


O you who have believed, shall I guide you to a transaction that will save you from a painful punishment? - Quran 61;10

Allah asks us, the believers; insyAllah you and me, all of us. But, what kind of business is it? And what should we do to survive the business?

[It is that] you believe in Allah and His Messenger and strive in the cause of Allah with your wealth and your lives. That is best for you, if you should know. - Quran 61;11

Even myself, I feel it is easier said than done. But wait, Allah already mentioned there; it is the best for us. So, let us try! And if we believe in Allah's existence, we should believe in what He said too. Believe that He sent messengers for us; the Prophets to guide us along the way turning back to Him. People may say that prophets are no longer here, so how are we getting guidance? 

Aha, do we realised Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him; left us with Quran and his Sunnah. InsyAllah Allah will protect them Quran from being adjusted. 

During his return from the visit, the Messenger (saw) cried. The companions said, “What makes you cry, Oh Messenger of Allah?” He said, “I miss my brothers.” They said : “Are we not your brothers, Oh Messenger of Allah?” He said, “No, you are my Companions. My brothers are those who will come after me and they believe in me without seeing me.” (Ad-Darami, At-Tabaraani, Al-Hakim)

MashAllah, why we cannot love him while he always miss us? T___T

When we said a business, there must be something that we will get in return. The profit. So, what do we get here?

He will forgive for you, your sins and admit you to gardens beneath which rivers flow and pleasant dwellings in gardens of perpetual residence. That is the great attainment. And [you will obtain] another [favor] that you love - victory from Allah and an imminent conquest; and give good tidings to the believers. - Quran 61;12-13


Of course we don't have the visual of the Jannah (heaven). But, look around ourselves; watch the sky, watch the beautiful rivers flowing in between the stones, watch how different kinds of colorful flowers growing around us, giving beauty to this world. Jannah is FAR more than all these.

We do believe the pain we have after exercise even though we can not see it;
We do believe the wind is there, blowing us but still we can not see it.
We do believe the electric current is the one making electrical appliance working, but still we can not see it.

We feel it. Then we believe in it. :)

Feel that Jannah is there, waiting to be granted to us. Believe it.

For remembrance of Allah is the cure for all ailments of the heart!

That are good deals, right? So, do you want to be the person doing great business with Allah? Let's try guys! InsyAllah, you will love it as how other people do love what they did for Allah :)

InsyAllah, may Allah grant us happiness, blessings, health and Jannah. Ameen :)

Salam Jumaah. Kahfi, everyone?

v Khaulah,

1st December

December 2, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hi there,

I'm currently updating from my new flat; yeah, I moved again and insyAllah hopefully this will be the last one till I graduate. Ameen.

Today is the first day living here officially. It is farther to the hospital than previous house, but there are public buses frequently available for me. Well, I am still cycling to the hospital (hmm almost to everywhere I need to go). :) But, it is getting cold now and the wind is much more stronger. When the ice starts to form on the roads / pavements, I think I need to start locking my bicycle in the store. Haha. It will be dangerous if I keep cycling though.

Aha, I passed my Neurology credit today! It was a group work to check a patient. When admitted to the hospital, she had a brain stroke and was not able to move right part of the body; at least at that time. At the end, we conclude she has brain lesion with right hemiparesis and also upper motor neuron lesion (based on positive Babinski sign etc). It was quite smooth to do the history taking with the patient. Neurological tests for head and neck, cranial nerves, upper limbs, lower limbs etc must be tiring for the patient, but she kept trying her best to help us with the physical examinations. Alhamdulillah.

Since it is already December now, even in Malaysia too we can expect many decorations for Christmas. They put many big Christmas trees, together with the big ornaments in few places and even decorated trees along the road with beautiful lamps of different colours. That can be seen in different departments of hospital too. I expect loads of discounts in stores. <3

For our general knowledge, Czech Republic is one of the least religious countries in the world. Most Czech people in previous time adopted Christian as religion; the largest one historically. But, it seems to decline a lot until at least 30% are non-religious and most of them are undeclared. So, I can say that Christmas is celebrated here mostly as annual occasion. Like a tradition of family togetherness; decorating a tree every year, share gifts with loved ones, have dinner as a family, spend holidays at the mountain with the family members.

By the way, on Christmas day, all supermarkets are closed. I still remember how we don't have anything to eat on this day during our first year and we didn't prepare for it. :(

p/s - I'm looking forward for the market; especially Trdelnik and caramel cashew nuts. :D

v Khaulah

The Power of Malaysian Passports

November 21, 2014

Biometric card is just like our identity card (kad pengenalan) with picture and few details. It is used here as an alternative of passport. 

My Czech I.C.

I had a question from my international friend about the biometric card used here in Czech. She asked if having biometric card with long-term residence visa in Czech allowing us to travel to all EU countries without any problem. By the way, she is NOT a passport holder of any EU countries. 

Actually, I have no idea about it. I just thought that having visa only allow me to stay in Czech with no further questions being asked. Well, any Malaysian passport holders can be here without visa for 90 days per half year though. That's good :D But, when I'm flying home, I will present my biometric card along with passport every time I pass Czech customs. Exceed 3 months, right?

I'm trying to help her finding more information, I suddenly remember I read online about "How Powerful is The Malaysian Passport?" Ahaa, now I realised that Malaysia is one of the top 10 most powerful passports in the world! It is tied with Malta, at the ninth place, two rank behind South Korea.

What does it mean?
The power of the passports indicate how far you can travel in this world without visa. For example, Malaysian passport holders can travel to 163 countries without the need of visa :D Alhamdulillah.

Check here for more details :)

Picture credit to

Or maybe you can check the wikipedia - visa requirements for Malaysian citizens. or change it to any citizens you want to know. 

For my friend's case, her passport does not allow her to travel to EU countries without visa. I hope she will be able to apply for every visas to each countries she would like to go. I think it's quite hard to do them here, but I'm sure she will get them done :)

Let's travel the world and reflect new experiences to be a better person :)
Have a nice weekend, people!

v Khaulah,

Segmen Blogwalking by DJH

November 20, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hi! :D

I just started to be active again in this blogging world, so, I was thinking why not I join any blogwalking segments. :)

To be honest, this will be my first time and let's see how it goes. <3

This segment will end at 11.59 pm, 22nd November 2014

Lets join together and get to know each other by our writings :D

v Khaulah, 

Trigames, Prague 2014

November 18, 2014

Worth taking part. :)

Our little family in Czech :)
Picture credit to Bridget Yong

Trigames ; is one of the way to gather all Malaysian students here in Czech. It used to be iGames, which means inter-varsity games between 3 localities where Malaysian students are studying. Prague, Hradec Kralove and Olomouc. But iGames was ended last year. Due to decreasing number of students in Czech (most students had graduated), the concept was changed to Trigames.

3 major games; competed by 3 teams - combination of all students in whole Czech. The names of the teams was very unique and medical :D

Anasarca :D or maybe AnaKorea AnaMuslim hehe

Anasarca (Yellow/Orange)Generalised edema - what is that? Basically, it occurs when fluid in vessels get into tissues and cause them to swell. 

Beri-beri (Red)It occurs to patients with deficiency of Vitamin B (thiamine). There are two types of beri beri. Wet type - it can affect the heart function leading to heart failure. While dry type - can affect nerves and lead to paralysis. 

Cirrhosis (Blue)Liver cirrhosis is the most common one in Czech, I guess. Hmm at least the most patient I've met. Basically, cirrhosis is the scaring of liver tissues after being injured - in Czech case - due to alcohol. 

Enough of the introduction. :D

I was in Anasarca team. We didn't win the whole games, but I guess, I got what I expected from this Trigames.


Yes, eventhough I've been to all iGames for the past 3 years, I can still feel a lot of gaps between localities. I felt so awkward to have conversation with people I don't really close to. Hmm, maybe still at the time being. But, still, I managed to chat with people I've never greet before. I managed to know more students that I've never seen (or maybe I don't realised) before. 

Even we just had the time to plan our strategies on the day of games - it was just nice; not to have so much winning desire but more to be playful :D 

Oh, I forgot to mention which games were included in this Trigames.


Among these three, I only have confident with volleyball. It is not that I am an expert in it. But, I love volleyball so much and I have some knowledge about the rules and tricks. Hihi :)

I did participate in basketball though. Just mentioning again, I already know I don't really like games with many body contact, so I found it hard to play basketball with so many rough moves and attacks from the opponents. And yet, it was the one which cause me to sweat a lot. Haha. Great! No need to do work-out that day. 

Most of times, we just play other games too - like dodgeball and renovated netball. :D 

With my lovely Kak Akieyyy

I love the feeling of being mixed with other localities. 
I love not to have the impression of 'bla bla Olomouc' or "bla bla bla Hradec or Prague" etc. :)

Thank you, Prague committee for having us as guests in this Trigames 2014. Till we meet again in any events soon.

v Khaulah,

Gorgeous Autumn Walk ; Czech

November 14, 2014

Autumn; I guess it is on the way to close its stunning view with so many bright golden leaves scattered all over the ground. Most trees try to shred their leaves before the cold winter comes. Yeah, it is already quite cold now, especially when I cycle to school everyday. Gloves are important. When the cold, strong wind strike my face, it feels so refreshing - and painful T_T

Before it's over for another year, let me share with you some more amazing views of autumn forest here in Czech Republic.  :D

This is actually Cesky Raj; again. But, this time, I walked in another part of Cesky Raj. And the view here is just different that previous one. :) Check here.

I was there with many new friends! It was actually a trip planned by my juniors, in which they have same interest as me :D And along the way, I managed to help sometime with the navigation as I just learnt about dealing with routes. :) Yeah, girls still can read map, yeay! 

By the way, they are from Poland, India, Libya, Czech, Greece, Cyprus etc. Since most of us are international students, I'm excited to see how non-Czech deal with this hiking-walking thing. And I'm amazed that they love to take pictures too (same like me T_T). 

Piotr, Masha, Pawel, Rishika, Magda, Syafikah, Andria, Basma, Ela, Hanis

It was already late-autumn, in which most trees are leave-less. Haha, I'm not sure if it is a right word, but I just want to say there were less leaves still hanging on the trees.  

It was a lovely walk. <3

I met many people walking with us, and most of them were elderly T_T Just imagine our grandparents walk along the road beside a lake, holding hands, keep themselves next to each other. It was beautiful! 

I also met my Anatomy final-exam examiner! :D Haha, it's awkward for me but, it still feel nice to see him with his lovely wife and 2 shy twins; outside the school time. Final exam here are majority done orally, so, imagine yourself sit in front of your lecturers, answering all those questions. And they can ask you so many things and you don't have the chance to skip any questions or maybe just say, 'I don't know but maybe you can tell me'. :p

I've been joining last year autumn trip with him and other Czech students actually. :)

Apple trees
Going to suburbs or villages or anywhere outside the skirt of towns, means you can have the chance to see or eat so many apples! The apple trees are all along the road and you can just pick it up and eat as long as you know the trees are not in somebody's gardens  :)

Czech is full with castles. Here is another one - a preserved gothic castle; Hrad Kost. It was closed during our visit as they will not be opened starting November till March. 

Basically, most buildings in Europe are based on Gothic architecture. It was a style that come from 12th - 16th century. You can check more about it in Wikipedia; I'm not able to put them into simple words. :) 

p/s If you are travelling to Europe, Czech should be considered to be on your list, okay. Most of times, its beauty is indescribable. <3

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