Ahoj, Dobrý den.

Currently working as a junior doctor in a small town in northern part of Perak, Malaysia
A graduate from Charles University in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.

2020 is the year I hope I can start spending more time writing and sharing my stories of my every day life, things I've encountered at work, self reflections etc. I have been a blogger since 2010, it makes this blog a 10-year-old kid. Wow, I am surely getting old.

I appreciate life more when I started staying thousand miles away from my family, adapting in a totally different lifestyle and environment in a country far away from Malaysia. Czech has been my home for 6 years and all memories I've experienced there are still fresh in my heart.

Life challenged me to be a better person day by day. I am not saying I am the best or I have all the good qualities. As I gain some new experiences (just like other people), so I love to ponder mostly everyday, to reminisce (recall);- is there anything bad I have done. Is there anything that I should follow. And even, reading something give new knowledge right?

So, I decided to share what I get and what I know, so that other people may get the benefits too :)

Hope to enjoy blogging life with you guys :)
Thank you!
Děkuju moc.

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