Ahoj, Dobrý den.

Currently in a small town in northern part of Perak, Malaysia
A graduate from Charles University in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.

I became a blogger since January 2010 but just found my passion to write again in October 2014 until now, insyAllah. 1991 baby and my life has developed me into a tough, an independent and adventurous girl. Like a survivor, Alhamdulillah.

hanisamanina.com is a mixture of English & Malay medium blog, now. I know basic Czech language; I can converse at least medical stuffs. :)

Why am I blogging?
To be honest, my inspiration to blog is because of my dad, he is a blogger as well, a bit on hiatus right now. Haha. 

Growing older, I experienced lots of memories that I can think can benefit others as well. So, why not share them here? 

As I told you, my life challenged me to be a better person day by day. I am not saying I am the best or I have all the good qualities. As I gain some new experiences (just like other people), so I love to ponder mostly everyday, to reminisce (recall);- is there anything bad I have done. Is there anything that I should follow. And even, reading something give new knowledge right?

So, I decided to share what I get and what I know, so that other people may get the benefits too :)

What topics I'll write about?
Experiences. And motivation. Mostly on my hiking adventures, travelogues, studies, general about life.

I am a positive girl. I love positive things. And I don't want myself to lose positive values. So, I will try to spread positive stuffs too :)

Who would I love to connect by blogging?
Friends, people sharing the same interest, other bloggers with different genre. I'm still learning to have good friendship as hmm I can say I'm attached to my family; a lot. <3

Hope to enjoy blogging life with you guys :)
Thank you!
Děkuju moc.

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