[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Sněžka, Czech :)

September 28, 2016

I shared about day trip plan to Sněžka, Czech on previous post. :) My third time here was at the end of summer 2016, so the weather was just nice, shiny yet windy. Alhamdulillah, my previous 2 trips here were during winter, you can simply imagine snows EVERYWHERE, with icy trails, winter boots, wet socks, white views

Okay, as I promised before, here are few other photos taken during the hiking trip. 

8th September 2016. Thursday.

Keep calm, enjoy and say subhanAllah :) :) :)

Sněžka, Czech
View of Poland - told ya we were at the border of Poland-Czech

Sněžka, Czech
Still confuse to differentiate pine, spruce, fir haha

Sněžka, Czech
Just use normal running shoes this time. I expect no snow. 

Sněžka, Czech
The GREEN hiking trail.
Sněžka, Czech
Amanita muscaria - kinda dangerous mushroom that can cause hallucination. Careful not to eat! We learned a lot about mushrooms as there're many mushroom poisoning cases in the hospital

Sněžka, Czech
First pit-stop. We had light lunch here.

Sněžka, Czech
Cable car in the middle of forest. 

Sněžka, Czech
Spruce trees I think?

Sněžka, Czech
Shadows of us :D

Sněžka, Czech
Just random photo, I think.

Sněžka, Czech
Mesmerizing isn't it? :D :D

Sněžka, Czech
Walking down. The background is the restaurant if I am not mistaken. 

Sněžka, Czech

Sněžka, Czech
The fastest among us.

Sněžka, Czech
See the poles? We assumed this pathway is on Polish side, while the other side of the poles is Czech side.

Sněžka, Czech
Llama, looks like camel + sheep a bit.

Sněžka, Czech

Sněžka, Czech
Transit Svoboda n. Upou. There was an uncle, wondering why we took pictures in front of the bus. It's just a bus, he said. Haha. 

Sněžka, Czech
Group we-fie. 

Sněžka, Czech
On our way going down. 

Sněžka, Czech
I just love the green view :)
Sněžka, Czech
Near the cable car station, at the end of hiking trail.

It was a very nice, flexible trip. :) 

Meet my reliable friends (from left - Fauzi, Maryam, Adilah, Jawahir, Idris), who will always support each other through thick and thin living in Czech Republic. Not to forget Azila, Faizal, Nabila, Kak Raja as well. Thanks guys! <3

I attached here Maryam's video as well :D
Watch and enjoy!

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Day Trip Plan to Sněžka, Czech

September 27, 2016

My interest towards hiking started when I joined the hiking trip to Sněžka, Czech (previous posts HERE and HERE) during my 2nd or 3rd year in Hradec Kralove, Czech. Since then, I began exploring the maps myself to see more hiking trails and routes so that I can go on my own (either solo hiking or with friends). Taking people for hiking trips is challenging a bit, as I am not that sure about others' fitness. Basically, I will choose the easy / medium trail and add at least 2-3 hours to the time estimation given by the maps. 

Day Trip Plan to Sněžka, Czech
On the way to Snezka

And I trained myself to wait for others and be patient with them - I hope I improved this part. 

Well, you can easily go faster when you are alone but you will go further if you proceed in a group. Right? :)

Oh yea, again, I share with you the best map to use if you are travelling / hiking / cycling in Czech.

Day Trip to Sněžka, Czech
From Prague (182km), from Hradec Kralove (71km)

Day Trip to Sněžka, Czech

Personally, it is mental torturing and rushing to do IF you are a first timer plus IF you start from Prague. So, I would recommend to start from my town, Hradec Kralove. Otherwise, rent a car and drive early from Prague OR stay a night there :)

The nearest bus station is Pec pod Sněžkou - which simply means Furnace under Sněžka. From what I read, this town is said to be famous with furnace factories - for heating system. You can expect the feeling is 'a bit' like Cameron Highlands or similar.

This is my recommended schedule.

Day Trip Plan to Sněžka, Czech
My recommendation

Once you arrived at Pec pod Sněžkou, you can expect a small supermarket beside the bus station. I highly suggest you to buy food and drinks here if needed, the prices are doubled & tripled up there!

Day Trip Plan to Sněžka, Czech
Pec pod Snezkou bus station

Then, walk along the road (refer arrow in screenshot above) until you reach a T-junction. Turn left. Walk up the hilly road until you arrive at a large parking area on your right. From the parking area, you can easily see a small bridge and this is the beginning of the hiking trails. 

The first one - GREEN trails. Once you are on this trail, you will easily find the next connections through out the trip :) The whole hiking trip will take about 7-8 hours for beginners like most of us. 

Day Trip Plan to Sněžka, Czech
green - yellow - red - blur

GREEN --> YELLOW --> RED --> BLUE hiking trails

Day Trip Plan to Sněžka, Czech
The starting point of GREEN trail.

Let's enjoy few teaser of views you can expect to enjoy :)

Day Trip Plan to Sněžka, Czech
GREEN trail

Day Trip Plan to Sněžka, Czech
End of GREEN trail

Day Trip Plan to Sněžka, Czech
Change to YELLOW trail

Day Trip Plan to Sněžka, Czech
Yellow trail - 2.5km to Snezka

Day Trip Plan to Sněžka, Czech
RED trail 

Day Trip Plan to Sněžka, Czech
This signboard simply show you are actually walking along the border of Czech-Poland. Change to BLUE trail

Day Trip Plan to Sněžka, Czech
BLUE trail

Day Trip Plan to Sněžka, Czech
Towards the end of hiking trip :)

I will post MOREEEE pictures in the next post insyAllah. :) Stay tune!

Enjoy the views guys, I hope you get the chance to come here in the future. Ameen ^_^

SS, Perak, Malaysia

Let's Meet in Jannah, Abanglong Sayang

September 26, 2016

I am in Malaysia again. And I am glad I made this decision.

Just to let people know, my dearest abanglong passed away last Tuesday night. It will be a week today. Only Allah knew my feeling to be far away that time. Staying alone at home there, made me more vulnerable to tears. Well, I spent almost all days during my summer break with him, regardless at the hospital or at home. I sat beside him in the car. We watched tv together. We shared interest in books together. 

He is simply my abanglong. :) 

I guess my parents will feel his absence even more. 

Lumrah hidup di perantauan. Being far away from your family. And if there is any emergency, you usually will not make it on time. Yes, I didn't have the chance to see him before the burial. I arrived home 2 days after that. 

My abangngah works far away and it took him at least 10 hours to arrive just few minutes before the burial. That's only journey from rural area in Sarawak. Apatah lagi dari Czech ni.


I would like to copy and paste my appreciation post from my Facebook. To thank you (who knows the situation) who prayed for him when he was in the hospital last time. :)

Sebak setiap kali bukak purse nampak gambar ni. He lost weight so much. 

Terima kasih tak terhingga kepada ahli keluarga dari belah ayah dan mak - bapa saudara, mak saudara, sepupu, anak buah, pengasuh & keluarga kerana berada di sisi mak ayah sepanjang saya dan abgngah masih berusaha untuk pulang dari perantauan.

Terima kasih sekali lagi pada keluarga dan juga jiran tetangga, ahli-ahli masjid, rakan taulan ayah & mak, rakan-rakan abglong, orang-orang KgTrosor dan sekitarnya kerana membantu pengurusan jenazah abglong. Lancar semuanya alhamdulillah.

Terima kasih rakan-rakan yang berada di sisi saya dan mesej-mesej rakan semua yang mendoakan abglong saya. Terima kasih kepada insan-insan yang saya temui sepanjang perjalanan dan memudahkan urusan.

Dan terima kasih untuk semua yang terlibat merawat abglong di Hospital Sg. Siput, Hospital Ipoh dan Hospital Serdang.

For abglong, sorry for not being by your side. I'm sure you were calm and happy to leave the world by the way people described your smile and how smooth the whole process was. Thank you for being my best abglong I could wish for. :)

Let's meet in Jannah, abglong sayang. <3

5/11/1985 - 20/9/2016

SS, Perak, Malaysia

GoPro HERO 5 Black is Coming Out!

September 20, 2016

This is the best GoPro we've ever made - GoPro

The best GoPro. Haha ni pihak GoPro lah yang cakap. Biasa la kan, semua gadget terbaru ialah yang terbaik mampu dicipta buat masa tu. 

Dan Hero5 Black ni salah satunya.


GoPro HERO 5 Black is Coming Out!
by GoPro Hero3+ SE #1

1. Waterproof.

GoPro kata, hang boleh bawak keluar GoPro dari kotak terus masuk dalam air. Haha. 

Ni advantage kalau orang selalu dekat dengan air. :) Kadang-kadang jalan susuri sungai pastu nampak ikan-ikan berenang comel-comel semuanya. Pastu rasa nak celup GoPro dalam air tapi lupa bawak casing yang waterproof, so lupakan je niat tu.

Cumanya, we still don't know exactly how waterproof it is. Dan bila takde casing, macam lagi senang pecah je lens dan screen tu. Kot. 

2. Image Stabilization.

Yang ni tak dapat nak confirmkan macam mana, sebab even Hero3+ SE pun gambar okay, video okay. Gambar/video GoPro ni macam fluid sikit, selalunya dia tak gegar sangat. Kalau buat timelapse hiking etc, less than 30% gambar yang gegar teruk.

Anyway, mind you, GoPro works well with good lighting. Kalau gambar kat Hero5 B ni cantik untuk night mode jugak, worth it to change. :)

3. Voice Control.

Think it, say it, do it. Wowowowow.

Awesome sangat bila boleh ambik gambar dengan cakap je "GoPro, take photo". :D :D

Tak perlu nak tekan button apa-apa, control kat phone pun tak perlu. Hero5 B datang dengan 7 bahasa - English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese. Walaupun kadang-kadang gadget ni tak boleh hadam apa yang kita cakap, but this idea is improving day by day. :) 

Macam Cortana Windows ni. 
It spells my name as honeysamanina. Nak geram pun tak jadi. :p 

GoPro HERO 5 Black is Coming Out!
by GoPro Hero3+ SE #2

4. Built in LCD

Pengguna Hero4 mungkin tak nampak ni kelebihan. Haha.

Saya dah lama sangat aim nak beli LCD screen untuk my Hero3+ SE tu. Setiap kali travel rasa macam, 'senangnya kalau ada screen'. Although it consumes battery, I don't have to risk my phone's battery as well to view the photos. 

Tapi setiap kali nak beli, mesti berlapang dada. Lol. "I can survive all this time without a screen, why should I buy it now". Fuh, dilema.

End up, ke sudah tak beli. Bagus jugak, boleh guna duit untuk yang lebih penting.


Available starting 2 October



I am using Hero3+ Silver Edition, so I can sense how GoPro improve a lot. I am still thinking is it worth to change to the new one or simply stick to my current GoPro. :) I don't have enough good reasons to change though, mine is still working perfectly. 3-4 tahun dah kot. Jatuh tu memang pernah beberapa kali, mujur ada casing. :p So far, it works well. I have a spare battery as well. 

Conclusion, it is worth to change if you really need to. And I can say, Hero5B is good enough for first-timer buyer. Maybe not for Hero4 users as Hero4 is already a wonderful one.

All in all, hang cuci mata je lah Nina oi. Ni kehendak semataaaaaa.

Apa-apapun, ingatlah...

Take our time for this.
Right? :) 

Hradec Kralove, Czech

Petřín - Scenic Viewpoint of Prague, Czech

I just went to Petřín hill last Thursday with another two backpackers whom I took around. Again. It is hard to say how many times I've been there. Countless. :D

Petřín - Scenic Viewpoint of Prague, Czech
Amazing, isn't it?

Petřínské sady, is actually a hill reachable by funicular or you can do simple hiking to the top. Last time I walked up there, it took me about one hour plus minus, including time to fill your camera's memory card with gorgeous photos of Prague. No worries, take your time. There will be many people hike up the hill like you. Even, you can find people sit on the grass along the route to enjoy the view. 

How to get to Petřínské sady?

Petřín - Scenic Viewpoint of Prague, Czech
Petřín map

The nearest tram stop is Újezd. If you refer the above map, you can see 3 Újezd tram stops. No worries, they are located close to each other. Even I am not familiar with each stops myself. You can take tram number 9, 12, 15, 20, 22, 57, 58, 59, 91 that will stop here. Depends on your previous location though.

Then, if you want to use funicular, you need a pass (the same pass you used for tram, metro and bus in Prague). I will try to make a blog post on how to buy it. -_-' Otherwise, just be fit and hike up okay?  

Once you reach the top, you can watch beautiful scenery of flowers - depends on your luck as well. Hehe, sometimes it can be lavenders, tulips or roses. And it can also be nothing. :p

Walk around and you will find this big tower. Petřín Lookout Tower (Petřínská rozhledna)It is about 64 meters and said to be Eiffel-look-alike. Agree. It was built in 1891, about 100 years before I was born! Wow!

Petřín - Scenic Viewpoint of Prague, Czech
The tower

On the ground floor of the tower, there is a cafe and a gift shop (I don't recommend you to buy here, a bit expensive). Interesting part of this tower is, people who walk up the tower will not meet the people who go down, simply because there are 2 separate stairs. :D

It does not look that tall, but if you come here during windy weather - it will be challenging to your soul and mental. Haha. The tower will shake a bit, not that much. 

Oh yea, you need to pay to go up. T_T

October:                       Mon - Sun 10-20
November - February: Mon - Sun 10-18
March:                          Mon - Sun 10-20
April - September:       Mon - Sun 10-22

Adults: 120 CZK
Children 6-15years old (y.o.), students 15-26y.o. (bring your student ID okay), >65y.o.: 65 CZK
Children 3-6 y.o.: 25 CZK
Family ticket (2 adults + up to 4 children): 300 CZK

A bit pricey, but I can say you should not miss the stunning view :)

Petřín - Scenic Viewpoint of Prague, Czech
Prague Castle on the left. 

Petřín - Scenic Viewpoint of Prague, Czech
Vltava river - connected with many bridges.

Petřín - Scenic Viewpoint of Prague, Czech
Trees of Petřín hill.

Credit : http://www.petrinska-rozhledna.cz/

Time for...Czech tourism. :)

p/s - I think I want to focus future posts on attractions in Prague and Czech generally. Less than a year left to live in this beautiful country. T_T

Hradec Kralove, Czech

You Know It Is Ice Hockey Season in HK When You See This

September 19, 2016

Fuh, tajuk.

This is a common view, seriously ever year. Since my flat is just less than 5 minutes away from the train station, I always have chance to witness this 'parade'. Haha parade la sangat.

And usually, it is the team from Pardubice. :) I'm not sure what exactly happen between these two ice hockey fans. Haha. 

Lawan Pardubice je, emosi betul nampaknya.
Kalau kalah, lagi lah emosi.

You Know It Is Ice Hockey Season in HK When You See This
I shared the video on Instagram's instastories :)

Can you see the police cars and vans? Yes, they escorted the visitor's fans all the way from train station to the stadium. It is quite far actually and I bet it caused traffic as well. :p If you happened to be around this group of people, they are just okay (so far). There was one time, I witnessed HK fans being the one who started provoking on the road. Isolated case I guess. 

I wish we, the world people have better sportsmanship :)

I shared experiences watching ice hockey match in this blog before. You can read how ice hockey looks like in HK and how we appeared on national TV that show live match. Haha.

Have not have the chance to watch any football match yet, maybe I can put this into final year bucketlist. :)

Hradec Kralove, Czech

Dancing Building, Prague

September 17, 2016

The name of this building is Tančící dům, in English, it can be called as Dancing House. But, people used to refer it as Dancing Building. :) 

If you come to Prague, you will realise how authentic and classical the buildings are. The city preserves almost all old and historic architectures - that make Prague to be awesome and interesting. However, you can still expect modern buildings here and there, but they will not make the city weird. 

The position and style, are just...nice.

Dancing Building, Prague
Dancing Building, Prague

I haven't been up there, but it is said that you can take a rest at the cafe while enjoying the panoramic view from top of it. Of course, with a fee - about 100kc maybe. I prefer free panoramic view from Petrin Hill though. :) Hehe

Anyway, from the picture above, you can actually see a couple dancing together.

Use your imagination and please comment which one do you think is the man and which one is the woman :)

Oh yea, the nearest tram stop is Jiráskovo náměstí, reachable by tram 5 & 17. Meanwhile if you want to go here by metro, take Metro B (Yellow) and stop at Karlovo náměstí station. Otherwise, just walk from anywhere you are. Haha.

How to Get to Dancing Building, Prague
How to get to Dancing Building, Prague

Okay, see you tomorrow. :)

Hradec Kralove, Czech

Self Diagnosis and It Turned Out Right

September 16, 2016

Self-diagnose can be an illness and it can lead to hypochondria (worry about having a serious illness). 

Actually, if you asked any medical students including me, we tend to be like this every single time we learn something new. Every common symptoms might be a clue to cancer. Every heart palpitation (due to exam stress etc) might be heart problems. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

And I just self-diagnosed myself 2 days ago. Unfortunately, it turned out to be real. Ouch.

Entahlah nak rasa gembira sebab berjaya diagnose based on symptoms...
... ataupun rasa nervous sebab diagnosis tu betul. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

This is not a life-threatening condition, alhamdulillah. But, it affects my daily life since the symptoms appear. T_T 

My symptoms?

I felt that my left hand to be a bit numb (kebas) on Wednesday afternoon. Oh, I just thought I slept in a wrong position. But, the tingling sensation does not go away since then. Dalam Melayu, orang panggil kesemutan / semut-semut haha how to describe this lah?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
GP room.

I don't want to wait any longer, I decided to meet the general practitioner (GP). GP is like a first-line doctor if you want to get treatment. In Czech, everybody is assigned to their own GP and it will be for life-time unless you want to change it due to many factors (if you move to another city, if you are not satisfied with the GP etc). So, basically international students have our own GP, provided by the hospital university.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Neurology Clinic.

After explaining my condition and few physical examinations, the GP wrote a reference letter. I was referred to Neurology Department for further check-up. The doctor in charged for Neurology Out-patient was my Anatomy teacher, so alhamdulillah I can expect English conversations. The GP speaks English as well, no worries :)

A thing that was similar when I did the physical examination was, both doctors asked me 'So, what do you think it is?', 'Do you know what is the diagnosis?'


Of course I have a diagnosis in my mind. 

And from the physical examinations, the diagnosis turned out to be real. 

How is carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosed?

Basically, there are at least two physical exams that can show positive signs. 

Image result for carpal tunnel syndrome test
Credit - Google
Tinel's sign - the doctor will tap on the wrist and it can cause tingling and numbness on the hand spreading to the fingers (except the 5th finger).

Image result for carpal tunnel syndrome test
Credit - Google
Phalen's sign - just do the position of hand like in the picture above for 60 seconds. You will feel tingling and numbness as well. 

In my case, I have constant tingling and numbness. But, the numbness and tingling sensation worsened with these tests. T_T

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Flector (NSAID), triamcinolon (CS), Milgamma (Vit. B), Aescin (anti-inflammatory as well)

Medications bought. Now, waiting for next check-up - electromyogram (EMG), to see if the muscles are affected or not. Pray hard it will not be that serious :)

Pray for my exam in 10 days as well :) heee. 

Hradec Kralove, Czech

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