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May 8, 2011

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It is actually Jong Kook's song - It's Love. 

There is someone doing English version of this song. Although it is not really accurate to the real translation, I found the new lyric is really touching and the one I imagine that the song is dedicated to is my mother. ;) 

When i looked at the video description, "ummm... i cried when i did this cover... i thought of all the sacrifices my mom went through to raise me" I feel the same too. 

And i even cried, in the middle of night when everyone is already sleeping. Thinking back the way I respond to my mother, I feel really ashamed with myself. She spent and still spending everything she has to the family, especially to us, her children and specifically me, one and only daughter. 

She did the best in raising me up. She will always by my side whenever I need someone to talk to. She never ignored me, except the moment sometimes she was really upset with my attitude. 

Yes, I admit. I am a bad daughter. Always troubling my parents a lot. Always make them worry about me. But, I try my best to fulfill most of the things they wished. That is why they named me Amanina. Their hope. 

I pray that Allah will bless you always. A short doa that covers everything as we will be peaceful when Allah bless our life. :)

p/s - It is supposed to be 365 days in a year. 
p/s/s - First paper on this Wednesday. Thanks friends for the best of luck wishes :)

All the best, assalamualaikum.

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