When I Am Craving Cakes

May 6, 2017

I am avoiding cafes these days. Haha the main reason is to save some money and obviously the next one is sometimes I can't help myself with the temptation of sweet stuffs they have!

And one day, Fatin tagged me with the Blue Sky Tag in which all questions are almost answered but still the post is kept as draft. You know what, Fatin... the very first question turned me into a baker the last few days. Haha. It results into this....

A Red Velvet Cake!
Ignore the messiness, I am an amateur anyway.  :D

In previous post, I think I shared that one of my great achievements is when I can cook or bake something for the very first time and it turns out to be good.

Yes, this red velvet cake is the latest example. :p

Anyway, I would love to recommend my friend who is definitely talented in baking and she has created lots of beautiful cakes. And ehemmm, actually the recipe for this red velvet cake is from her as well. 

Well, can you imagine, for someone like me who is honestly not that good with cooking and baking can make a delicious cake like this... of course, the real owner of the recipe can make it more marvelous!

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I always have a bias to white chocolate ^__^

If you would like to order cakes made by her, you can contact her Instagram shop... maybe for any events or occasions or just simply enjoy the cake together with friends and family members.

Here are few details for general ideas:

1. How to make orders?
You can just DM her on Instagram. It is better if you can order 2 weeks earlier as she's working as well.

2. What kind of cakes does she bake?
Any cakes upon request - it can be chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, carrot cake etc. Just, she does not do fondant. :)

3. How much is the cake?
Basically the whole cake is approximately RM70-80, depends on types of cakes and fillings. 

4. Which areas in Malaysia does she cover? 
Well, mostly around KL, Bangi, Shah Alam etc.

5. Do we need to self pick-up or any delivery included?
Either. She can deliver to you but depends on the time and usually the delivery charge is already included in the price. 

For any further details, you can ask her directly on her Instagram :)

She's awesome, honestly!

From the recipe that she shared with me, I can feel the rich filling and she will definitely use the best ingredients for the orders. :)

Have a nice weekend everyone!
HK, Czech

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