How to Apply for International Driving Permit (IDP)?

July 4, 2017

International Driving Permit (IDP) or locally known as 'lesen memandu antarabangsa' is something familiar to me. I've started driving in Europe since few years ago, so basically I renew the permit every year since then. :)

Gonna miss renewing this. :)

I am not sure which other countries that do not require any IDP for Malaysians to drive, so far that I know they are Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. 

So, if you are planning to drive in another countries, you can use these steps to apply for IDP. You can ask help / pay any agents working for JPJ but I would encourage you to apply yourself if you have the time. 


1. Prepare these documents:
  • original identity card (IC) - I would really recommend you to update your IC if you haven't and if you still have it since Year 6 lol. The new chip is working / detected better for the government system. 
  • original Malaysia driving license - make sure the expiry date is more than 1 year.
  • 1 piece of passport sized photograph - make sure you mentioned that you want to use it for IDP as JPJ wants a slightly zoomed photo. It will be glued to the IDP booklet.
  • RM 150

2. Go to the nearest JPJ and take your queue number.
  • as for people living in Ipoh, you can either go to the main branch (I prefer this) or UTC branch.

3. Hand in all documents to the officer and said you want to apply for IDP.

4. Wait for few minutes, usually the officer will ask you to sit down first.

5. After 5-10minutes, walaaa, there you go. Done.

JPJ Ipoh Main Branch.

The process is a bit different currently. Before, I think we need to:
- fill in a form (JPJ L1)
- prepare 2 passport sized photographs
- photocopies of driving license and IC

But, thanks to the upgraded IC, JPJ can obtain most of documents from the chip on our IC. Simple. :)


Going to miss driving around Czech, I wonder when will I have the chance to be there again after going back home for good soon. :) After housemanship, I hope. :)

Driving in Malaysia is more challenging I can say due to the traffic jam and geography. But, of course driving in somewhere unfamiliar is interesting as well, especially when learning about all those vignettes, tolls, rules, speed limits and of course the opposite site of driving.

And not to forget, I received my first speeding ticket in Czech!

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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