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December 4, 2017

Wohooo, it is time for another giveaway :D

After becoming one of the winner for Siqah's giveaway, I am hoping the best for this one as well. HAHA. Saya seorang yang memang jarang sangat-sangat menang lucky draw whatsoever tapi I should not stop trying. Efforts - is what I am currently looking forward to apply in my daily life. :)

The rules are:
1. Follow Blog [ LINK ]
2. Follow Instagram @nadiaizzaty.nia [ LINK ]
3. Follow Bloglovin' Nadia Izzaty [ LINK ] ( whoever have the account )
4. Copy the banner and write a post with the title " Duck Giveaway by Blog Nadiaizzaty.nia " ( Please backlink to this blog ).
5. Most importantly, publish the post and leave your post link in the comment column below.

To fulfill all the rules is an easy task for me as I've done rules #1, #2, #3 ages ago, I am sure. But I am so sorry Nadia as I join this giveaway this late. My life is quite time-demanding right now for me hoho. 

Anyway, here I am, one of the participants! :D

Pray for me :D

"Semoga Hanis Amanina jadi first winner dan menang Duck Scarf!"

Hihihi :D

Click any of the pictures above to see more details on the giveaway, or simply click HERE!

The giveaway will end on 25th December 2017, be fast guys!
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