Off and Food

April 21, 2018

Day 47+ of working and life is still bearable, alhamdulillah. 

Laksa and rojak by the sea.

I am such a happy young-at-heart kid every single time I have proper meal. :D 

Honestly, I feel guilty to tell / ask patients to take care of their lifestyle (like to get well-enough sleep, eat proper food in good quantity, reduce stress in life) - when in fact, I am the one who are lacking of them. I am sorry. 


Well, it is just me who are still adapting to find time to have meal in between work, plus feeling guilty to eat while other colleagues are doing their work. The hospital is small compared to any other hospitals but I still find the cafe to be far from the wards that I feel bad to leave to buy meals. 

  • "Eh, doktor, bila masa ada kat sini? Tak perasan pun... tu la, kecil sangat."
  • "Ehhh, I think I saw you there, since when you are here?"
  • "Tu la doktor, meh akak transfer lemak ni, baru la tak sejuk dalam OT"
  • "Kau senang lah nak cari baju kat online shop tu, badan kurus."
  • "Weh, lainnya muka kau dalam nametag."
  • Doktor, makan roti je ke? Patut la kurus."

Honestly, these kind of reaction are new to me. T_T 

Usually, on off days, I will prepare myself with enough stocks of breads, Gardenia will always be my preference haha. 6 tahun duduk Czech bukan main payah nak jumpa roti lembut. So, I will bring 1-2 packs to work plus plain water and air kotak. So, in case I don't eat proper meal, I have my backups :D (in which most of the time tak sempat nak makan pun hahaha)

Sunset in Lumut :D

One good, valid reason to work here is the sea :)

My vitamin-sea. :D

Thank you Allah for this life plan. You surely know the best. Alhamdulillah. 

M, Perak, Malaysia.

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