A Morning Stroll at the Mangrove Park

April 17, 2018

Haha, I can't tell how much I miss blogging and blogwalking. 

Anyway, it is another off day today. Going to share something I did on one of my previous off days - which was hmmm, more than 10 days ago? There are postcalls that I am still strong enough to still drive home - for 2 hours ride one way. But, there are some days I totally dozed off upon arriving home, took my bath and performed my prayer. The moment when I thought I would take only 30 minutes to an hour to rest before driving... would turn out to be 4-5 hours sleep. Heee.

And the day I went to this Taman Paya Bakau was that kind of day.

I decided to stay instead. 

That morning, I went breakfast with a good friend - we used to know each other during high school and our parents are friends to each other as well. And turn out, we are colleagues in the same hospital right now. I have no idea to know someone here, but the moment I know she is in the same place as mine, I feel happier :)

After breakfast, I proceeded with this mangrove forest plan, while she had something else to do.

So, yeah, I went there alone. There were other visitors as well, but they came in a group.

Mangrove trees

To be honest, the place is FULL of monkeys! I warned you guys, there are a lotttttt of them. Since I went there alone, I thought I could survived till the end until I was nearly ambushed by one of them.

Gosh, I wonder how I survived my high school life with monkeys.

See. They were waiting for me. 
But, I finally succeeded till the end! :D

Tadaaaa, the view was so amazinggggg!

The river. 

It is interesting to see the mangrove trees and imagining how they help with the ecosystem to prevent flood. Something I used to see from books.

Well, I think my parents had took me and my brothers to this kind of place when we were still small kids.

Good view, good air.
Thanks to this family of three for allowing me to join them. :D

Life survival skills of mine, please stay with me and never fade away :) After nearly being ambushed by the monkey, I slowly retreated until I saw this family started walking approaching me. Gently, I asked permission to join them walking together.

"Boleh je dik, takde masalah :)"

Kak Farah and family.

The mangrove roots searching to water source, maybe?

All in all, this place is very nice to hang out with friends and family in the evening of during weekend. Just, because of the monkeys, please be careful with the bags, phones and please please don't bring any food with you. I can say, the safety is about 6/10. But, the pathway is well taken care of. Very clean too! :)

There are jambatan gantung as well, just under renovation right now. 

Here, I attach a map to this place. :)

Till next post.

M, Perak, Malaysia

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