Karma by Muharikah | Book Review

June 11, 2020

Karma is the sequel of Stigma, written by the same author. This book was bought during previous BBW, and I somehow know that there will be another sequel (the last one) for this series, I decided to postpone reading it till Dilema comes out :) 

I can't imagine of waiting for Dilema after dealing with Karma. 

Karma by Muharikah | Book Review

Title: Stigma
Author: Muharikah
Pages: 419
Publisher: Iman Publication
Publication Date: March 2019

While Stigma introduced the main characters, Karma is more focus on the relationships between Dr Iman & Dr Faris who got married together and how they managed their relationship with their hidden history. Dr Iman as we all know, is the boss in the ward that Dr Faris works in so it is undeniable that Dr Iman has the dominant side of her as a leader. While Dr Faris is still fighting with his struggle, unfortunately both of them were surprised with sudden bad news - Dr Faris has a lymphoma! And turned out he is HIV positive too. Dealing with both situations, we can see how both of them trying their best to save the marriage, though I feel mixed feeling with the ending. T_T

Karma by Muharikah | Book Review

Based on online dictionary, 

"Karma - (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences." - https://www.lexico.com/en/definition/karma

Karma by Muharikah | Book Review
I love the quote :)

1. "Let the husband lead the family."
I am attracted to this part, maybe because I am still new in this relationship thingy, to be exact... approaching 10 months of marriage. Alhamdulillah. :)

Karma by Muharikah | Book Review

I got the feeling when Faris' position is below Iman at the hospital, but Faris is still Iman's husband to be respected. Point noted.

Well, if you guys have been reading the blog for a quite some time, I guess you can see how independent I can be... especially with those solo travels. Yeah, I can be dominant too. But, I think through out times, I prefer being the follower. :D No matter how I am able to do something at home, I will try my best to include my husband in the decision making so that nobody feels left out. InsyAllah!

2. "Medical service is about human act and human touch."
This is also another reminder to me as a health care worker :)

Karma by Muharikah | Book Review

I have love-hate feeling when attending patient as I can't help to feel annoyed every time I met some kind of cases / patients like:
  • accidents involving patients under 18, especially if they are not wearing helmet and do not even have license!
  • accidents involving drunkens!
  • patients who came in a worsened condition just because they ARE NOT COMPLIANT TO MEDICATIONS!
  • patients who came at 3 o'clock in the morning for something they already have for months and years and they don't even bother to get it checked before.
  • yada yada. Hahaha.

Banyak betul complaints. But, insyAllah for other cases, I am trying my best to give the best with the best attitude :)

Karma by Muharikah | Book Review
Aha... quite a number of cases that I have attended involving huge stress or poor management of it that lead to suicidal attempt - taking paracetamol in huge doses (for eg: telan Panadon 4 papan!), drinking Paraquat (herbicides to control weeds).

3. "Tidak ada karma dalam Islam."
"Yang ada adalah ketentuan dan takdir Allah yang telah diatur buat kepentingan manusia itu sendiri. Setiap perkara yang Allah takdirkan, sudah pasti ada kebaikannya, walaupun kita membencinya."

Karma by Muharikah | Book Review

In this novel, Iman feels like she has done too much sins that Allah is punishing her with lots of challenges. And I think this is the answer to the challenges :)

Karma by Muharikah | Book Review

4. Miracles

"Allah itu Maha Baik, kan kak? Setiap yang pergi, sudah pasti ada pengganti."

Faris passed away. He did not the survive despite completing the chemotherapy etc as the cancer has spread to the whole body. To be honest, this is such a sad new especially after the patient has consistently compliant to all appointments and medications - seems that the limit of our knowledge and ability given by Allah.

But, to know a good news after the sad one... is so refreshing :)

Karma by Muharikah | Book Review
Iman is pregnant!

My rating: ★★★★☆

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