Self Reflection - Kim Jong Kook in Malaysia

June 25, 2013

This article is not mine. But, I guess I would like to share it here. Well, I know many of Korean or KPop fans are bloggers too. :)

I can't say it is wrong to be a fan. I am not a Mufti or anyone to make any fatwa. And my words are not a fatwa. People have different point of views and I have mine. It is just that I need to ask you to reflect your point of views by reading this article. Maybe you will have something in mind later. Peace :)

Sources :- Qistina Abdul Malik's FB. She is a fan too, tell you!


[Moderation & Modesty : A friendly message from a fan to another fan]

If i have Kim Jong Kook's (KJK) phone number, i would gather up my faith, call him, try not to shriek when i hear his awesome mosquito voice (hehe) and tell him ;

"Bro you have to stop coming here. I don't know if you noticed, but I saw lots of my muslim sisters crushed their faith, pride and modesty down to pieces upon seeing you. Yelling their throats out and jumping their hearts out upon seeing you.

Or at least, please, just don't let them touch you. It bleeds my heart to see another sister just freely touching and holding your hands.

This is not really your fault, I am just explaining why i think that your presence here will do more harm than good to my fellow sisters."

I was watching the pictures from KJK's recent visit to Malaysia, and nothing hurts a sister more than seeing another sister shutting off her sense of modesty upon seeing him. How many were shouting like crazy? How many were trying to touch his abs? How many were trying to shake his hands? Really? Do we really have no sense of modesty and shame? Have we forgotten what our parents and teachers told us? What our religion taught us?

( "..If you have no shame, then do whatever you wish" )

How many went without their parents permission? How many lied to their parents to come? many missed their prayers? How many forgot to pray? How many didn't even bother about their prayers?

This is not a bias statement. I am not saying this to make his fans mad neither do i hate him. I totally admire and respect his good traits, but i'm putting this from a muslim fan's point of view. A celebrity might be super cool and we might admire them to the highest extent possible, but, our belief and principle should always come first. We are always a muslim first; a muslim doctor, a muslim fan, a muslim singer,etc. The principles of Islam should always come first. Always.

I've been a fan of KJK since his XMan days. Whether as a singer or a performer or a comedian, i think the dude's great. His determination can be quite motivating. But as someone who wouldnt know if i can control myself on seeing him in real life, i prefer KJK staying inside the laptop as he had always been doing for the past few years. No shaking hand, no coming close, no skinship, no crazy yelling, just KJK inside the laptop. Just that.

I wouldnt go around running after a celebrity, thats not how i roll.

I just don't think its fair that our other sisters in syria are fighting their rapists and oppressors, while here we are in malaysia, some fighting among our own, to see who can get a better picture of KJK, or who can get closest to him. Some in other parts of the world are fighting to stand for their right and pride as a muslim women, while some of us here are flushing off our own pride down the drain for KJK. Its.Totally.Unfair.

So here's a request to all muslim fans of KJK who went to the showcase, who yelled, who shook hands, who missed their prayers, and everything else, please, let us, together, REFLECT ON OUR ACTIONS. Are our actions befitting of our muslim names and responsibilities?

Lasty, It'll be a dream come true if i see KJK asking a fan, are you a muslim? And if she said yes, then he says, "ok let's keep our distance then. Don't come too close okay?"
Daebak !

*no offense to the one in the picture, i made sure no faces were shown. This is to remind, not to humiliate anyone.

No offense. No hate. Peace out Papitus!

(Please share if it does any good to any fans.)


Well, good writing, right? I had my self-reflection and I guess sometime, we need to moderate our behaviors. Yeap, I know you just can't resist him. But, we can remind ourselves by thinking of the rewards Allah will give us later by controlling our nafs? :)

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I know the feeling of being a fan. I was a fan. Maybe still a fan. KJK is a shy, talented, hardworking, dedicated man who I know from the screen.  I never met him in real life, maybe I will go overexcited, but please pray that I will not.

And maybe you can also pray so that I feel nothing on him too :)

Ad-Deen, Buzulucka

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