Pardubice, Czech

March 1, 2014

I had free afternoon & evening on last Thursday; always wanted to go anywhere; I mean I want to be on a journey, regardless of the destination. You can do many things actually when you are on something you don't drive it yourself - bus, train, aeroplane. My target was to finish my reading that day, and it took approximately 60 minutes of reading and maybe more minutes for further understanding.

So, why not get onto any train/bus and go somewhere? 

I went to HK Hlavni Nadrazi (main train station), and just picked up the closest time of the train. Yeah, Pardubice (I was hoping it will be Pardubice haha; just because it will not be too far for 6-7 hours journey). I had done reading on this town sometimes before, hopefully it will not be a problem. I said to myself. 

I don't have bus pass for this town, so, instead of spending money on that (I mean the tickets), I chose to walk. The 'district' of Pardubice is large but the town is not that big; so, just walk :) Pardubice town is just similar to HK, only the buses / trolley buses look kind of old. And I once heard that some seniors went to Pardubice for shopping, yea I think I understand why. More choices, more shops, more sales eh?

St. Bartholomew’s church (Kostel sv. Bartoloměje)

Do you want to know why we can see at least 1 clock tower in every town in Europe (?) I just discovered this not too long ago; just sharing with you guys. Clock tower is a tower with four clock faces - so, it can be seen from four different sides. It can be alone or as a part of church or town hall. 

And the reason for the existence of clock tower was because about middle of twentieth century, most people did not have watches, and even clocks for the houses are very rare. At first, clocks were made without faces, so, people just focus on the sounded bells to be alert for the time to work & pray. They were always placed near town centers; usually as the tallest structures - so that the sound will spread well through out the town. 

Green Gate (Zelená brána)
Interesting fact - the tallest clock tower in the world is the one in Mecca and just few meters away form Masjidil Haram. Dunia akhir zaman bila manusia berlumba-lumba nak bina bangunan pencakar langit T_T

Zámek Pardubice
Not sure what is inside; but is said to be museum with lots of exhibition. It opens until 18.00, and there is reduced price for students. I don't really have the time to enter, as I am more interested to enjoy the town itself. 

View from Zámek Pardubice

Josef Gočár Winternitz Mills Pardubice - located at the bank of Chrudimka river. It is still in operation till now and their production are mainly on wheat & rye flour. Not open for public, so people don't have chance to visit it except just view from outside. T__T

I was walking along this river - Chrudimka (if I'm not mistaken) - on my way to Park Na Špici. But the park was a bit far from the main road and the sun started to set, so I took a U-turn. The view was very nice, extra bonus with the sunset - managed to make me totally immersed into it. 

Looking at the reflections on the water; suddenly I realised myself - everyday we will look at ourselves in the mirror. But how many times, do we really look at ourselves as other person - try to be someone else shoes and look at the image. Are we good enough, have we done anything wrong that we haven't realised?

Sometimes, try to think; do we want to meet ourselves?

Pardubice Town Hall (Pardubická radnice)

Town hall from my understanding, is a place where the 'higher' people get together with the community to discuss almost everything about their town, and maybe about current issues and any problems that for sure require ways out.

Eastern Bohemian Theatre on Republic Square (Náměstí Republiky)

All in all, Pardubice is worth visiting for short trip, not only as a transit station in Czech :) Hihi. 

Not to give up, no matter what life throws at you. Look around, people do have their own problems. Watch and learn, how people settle them; even if it is unintentionally  :)
Ad-Deen, Buzulucka

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