Warsaw, Poland (Part 1)

February 18, 2014

Hi! Assalamualaikum. 


I'm back and hopefully I will not ignore this blog again. 


Just got back from Warsaw the day before yesterday. Yep and today I have started my classes for summer semester. Penat belum hilang sepenuhnya, tapi alhamdulillah okay je, mampu cergas lagi :D

Sooo, how was the trip? I can say Warsaw is quite amazing, with beautiful architecture, infrastructures; I mean it is so modern; not a typical European city - compared to Prague (quite classical with its heritage). ;p We went to Warsaw by train from Hradec Kralove, Czech with two transits - Pardubice and Ostrava. The journeys started with not good time-management (mine). T___T While buying few Fornetti (small breads), I made my group missed the train because of less than one minute late. Sorry :( Then, we supposed to stop at Ostrava hlavni nadrazi (main train station), but we went out at an earlier station. Lol. Fortunately, the train that we need to board to go to Warsaw, also stop at that station. :p

We arrived at the Warsaw Central at the estimated time :) Hehe thanks to Qina, the junior who welcomed us at the train station - otherwise we do not any Zloty money to even buy the tram's tickets T_T The money exchange was already closed at that time. 

In Warsaw, there are a lot of buses & trams; while underground metro do exist but we didn't use it at all. Aha, the ticket price; 3.40zloty for 20 minutes, 15.00zloty for 24hours. The currency at the time 1Euro = 4.11zloty. It is quite similar (a bit higher) than Malaysia (1Euro = RM4.50).

Since we arrived at night, there are not so many things to be explored; actually not with the backpack :p. So, we just went to have dinner at Arkadia - one of shopping malls in Warsaw. To be honest, there are loadssss of malls there! Like seriously a lot! - Same with cafe, fast food restaurants - name it - you can get it almost at all streets. I'm not a shopaholic, so I don't really see that as attractions.

We planned to eat at a Polski restaurant - Zapiecek; but it was already closed, so we ended up in Sphinx restaurant. I ordered spaghetti bolognaise - in which I feel so noob for not realising all bolognese contain meat T_T (it is not stated there though!) I just ate up some portion of my friend's food :p 

Some people and even an ustaz said that meat, chicken in Poland is halal - due to most of Polish people are commited to Christianity (they said the way of slaughter kind of similar to 'ahli kitab'). But it depends on how you believe about it. I am not sure it is for the whole Poland or only KFC. Since I don't really set my mind to accept/reject that fact - I just choose not to eat. 

"Dari Abu Abdillah An-Nu’man bin Basyir r.a.  berkata : Aku mendengar Rasulullah SAW bersabda : ‘ Sesungguhnya yang halal itu jelas dan yang haram itu jelas, antara keduanya terdapat perkara-perkara yang syubahat ( tidak terang halal atau haramnya ) yang tiada diketahui oleh banyak umat manusia. Barangsiapa menjaga diri dari perkara-perkara yang syubahat itu, maka ia telah menjaga agama dan dirinya. Dan barangsiapa yang jatuh dalam perkara yang samar (syubahat) maka ia akan tergelincir masuk ke dalam perkara haram. Sepeti seorang pengembala yang mengembala di kawasan daerah terlarang, sedikit lagi ia akan masuk ke dalamnya. Ketahuilah, bagi setiap raja ada tempat larangan, dan tempat larangan Allah itu adalah perkara-perkara yang diharamkanNya. Dan ketahuilah pada setiap jasad itu seketul daging. Jika ia baik, baiklah seluruh jasad itu dan sekiranya ia rosak maka rosaklah seluruh jasad itu. Ketahuilah segumpal daging itu ialah hati." (HR Bukhari dan Muslim)

If you do believe you can eat it, proceed. :) I was expecting more cheaper seafood in Poland - because it has its own sea. But looks like Poland is similar to Czech in this case. 


We reached our junior's apartment nearly midnight - by walking through cold wind to save money. 

Lets the adventure continues; next entry. :D

Ad-Deen, Buzulucka

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