4 Reasons Why I Love Cycling

February 17, 2015

Most of my friends here already know bicycle (bike) is my main transportation in this town. 
Thinking back how I started cycling here... haha, I just remember, the first time I cycle in HK; I got involved in a bike accident! 

It was between me and another cyclist; in which I do not know until now, whose fault it was. :p It happened in front of the hospital, so, I just go straight to the emergency department. Nothing looks wrong physically and nothing wrong on X-Ray too. So, the doctor just diagnosed it as contusion (bruise; simply said, an area where blood capillaries ruptured - in Malay lebam kot?)

The bike's front tire damaged and the bike itself cannot be moved properly. And it was actually my senior's bike. T____T

Bringing the bike back home by bus. 

Pheww, what a start.

At the end of my first year, I bought a bicycle from my senior who's graduating soon. That's the beginning of my cycling adventure :)

After 1 1/2 year, I changed to another bike; Kelly. It was still second-hand. Brand new bicycles in Czech are very expensive! Seriously, like crazy. Yeah, I admit that they are from high quality brand; like Merida, Author etc. But, how can I afford to buy a bicycle for more than RM 1000? T_T


Ceska Skalice, Czech

Okay enough of introduction. 
Let me share my reasons why I love cycling? ^__^


Well, I know and realized that cycling to school / work is quite hard for us in Malaysia. The road itself is not bicycle-friendly; with less pavements to ride the bike and even to walk. 

I'm trying to apply it here, since I have that opportunity. The big decision I made was not to apply for 10 months bus card. It costs CZK 1 500 for September to June. So far, I managed to save money for this but still I need to recharge my card for emergency. 

I still remember one morning when it was raining heavily and I was cycling at that time. I have no other choice but to stop at one bus stop, and take the bus. I was taking my bike as well. Haha. Bicycle on bus / train is not that weird here :)

Another advantage in saving money is when I can't buy lots of things when doing my weekly shopping. Well, how can I hold plastic bags in both my hands while I need to cycle?

Perak, Malaysia


People said that cycling burnt more calories / fat than walking. Actually it depends. For example, going to school with distance of 2 kilometers; 5-7 minutes by bicycle OR 20 minutes walking. Of course in this case, walking win!

But, if we compared 20 minutes of walking and 20 minutes of cycling. Which one will win?

That's it. :)

I'm not saying I am very healthy, but, cycling to school help me not to fall asleep in the class. My weight is still not reducing much, but I am still happy to see my fat percentage drops and my muscle percentage increase. This is only IF the weighing scale is correct :p haha

Along Labe river 


For this point, I can say that I am more exposed to safety rules on roads. There are even traffic lights for cyclists too. And on certain roads, there are no special paths for cyclist, so, we need to share it with cars, taxis etc. I learnt to not forget to use hand signals. I learnt that I need to stop when I see people crossing the roads at zebra crossing. 

Sometimes, I have the chance to ride to school with my classmates - and we called ourselves the bike team. :) I am more familiar with cycling shops, when I sent my bike for any repairs. And I learnt how to pump the tires with Czech gas station's pump style hehe.

Vysoka Nad Labem, Czech


This is the best part of cycling here. :)

Surrounded with beautiful nature, fresh air. I managed to discover few nice places to spend the evening or weekend. I love riding along the river, greeted by the swans, the ducks and other cyclists. 

There were many time when I always try to return home from school / hospital via different routes. That was amazing. I have the chance to see different kinds of Czech neighborhood and enjoy the views.

And that's one of my way to relieve stress too <3

Around Malsovice, HK

I can't think of more reasons for now. :)

And, what about you? :D

v Khaulah,

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