4 Things We Can't Recover in Life

February 12, 2015

Hi guys, assalamualaikum :)

I just did my final exam yesterday and now am having 'holidays' for 4 days before starting new semester! Wohoo, alhamdulillah, all went well and I'm looking forward to do my blogwalking! It's been a while, and I really appreciate all the comments and will try my best to visit your blogs :)

hari-hari bertapa, bertapa hari-hari

So, what to do with this 4 days?

I need to proceed with my [Roadtrip] Where East Meets West' posts. Hihi. I must finish it before the real feeling go away. 

But, first let me take a selfie share with you this beautiful, meaningful story. :)

Before that, I need to claim that the pictures and story are not mine. :) I took them from HERE and they are actually in slideshow. I tried to use embedded code but it turns out to be small for my blog. 

How is the story? :D

What do you feel? At first, I tried to put myself in the lady's shoes. Maybe I don't really get angry if someone beside me take my food, as sometimes I do offer food to strangers while waiting for public transportation. While, for that man, I was amazed as he keep calm till the end. 

Let's get back to the title of the post. 4 things we can't recover in life. What do you think? 
Okay, here we go. ^_^

At first, I don't get it; the relation between stone and the stories. But, soon I understand that throwing stone is actually what we do. The stone.... after the throw, is something we did and we can't take it back. Just imagine, you play pranks to someone who doesn't like pranks - and turn out he/she really hate it. And he/she can hate you too T_T

This is the most common thing that happen in our life. Saying something then you regret saying it. That's the reason I guess why people keep saying, "think twice before you said/act". Words can be good but at the same time can be painful to others. 

For example, school/college bully on someone who doesn't have pretty face or fat guy/girl. (I saw this on movies actually, haven't experienced in real life). Sometimes, the harsh words can cause them to attempt suicide! or if less than that, it will be a torture to his/her psychology. 

Ahaa, doing something on the RIGHT time, at the RIGHT place with the RIGHT surrounding - this is what we in life I guess? It can be anything; planning to do any ceremony, doing something for someone. 

What I can reflect from the story; is about the moment we did something wrong to someone, but we have no more chance to ask forgiveness. Huhu. Like people said, doing something bad to Allah, insyAllah we can repent but if to people, we need to find them and ask forgiveness. T_T

Forgive people every day. so, we don't need to carry the burden of hating anyone. :)

This is very general and I can say we can apply to anything we do, even while reading this post, perhaps? Time is a valuable thing and obviously, we can't turn back to even 1 millisecond of our life. 

Cherish it and use it wisely. 


I think there are more things we can't recover in life; like - trust after its lost.

Do share some thoughts yea. :)

Do good to people as how we want people to do the same to us. - quote

May this post benefits us. Ameen.

v Khaulah

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