Three Different Perspectives

February 11, 2018

Just a random thought after watching a Korean show entitled Leaving The Nest 2. The show is about teenagers who traveled to Greece without help from parents and older people. At the same time, the show is shown to their parents to see how their children behave and act outside their controls. 

A thing that makes me think is.... towards the end of the show - episode 9 if I am not mistaken, there is a part when a father mentioned in the show how he changed after his son's travelling. 

Sekadar hiasan :)

In terms of what?
He said, cutting on drinking and smoking.

He received gifts from his son - ashtrays and something related to drinking.

From his son point of view... I do understand that he wanted to give something that the father would love to use, or just something related to him.

But, from the father's perspective, he realised that those habits were too much exposed to his son. Like, he felt like maybe he smoked or drank a lot in front of him that make the son admitted that those habits belong to the father.

And for me personally, wherever I went travelling, I found that ashtrays are beautiful especially to give away as presents. Just, I don't feel good to buy and give them to smokers. It feels like I am encouraging them to continue smoking by providing the ashtrays. To be honest, I don't like the 'smoking' part itself and I am allergic to cigarettes' smoke T_T. 

One situation.
Three different perspectives. At least.
And it depends on how someone thinks :)


Well, nothing much in this post. Just to share my thoughts on this so that, in the future if I read this again, I can remind myself there are at least two views on something. It can be good, it can be bad as well. Depends on how we see it :)

Kita melihat dengan kaca mata apa?

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