Open the Book, Seek Help.

October 11, 2020

Have you seen this book before? Hehe

This is a famous book in medical setting, especially in Paediatric Department. It is available in PDF form but most superiors prefer the juniors to have this book in pocket. 

It is called Frank Shann.
A book consists of name of drugs and doses used. In Paediatrics, the dosages depend on the weight of the baby / children, hence you can see doctors start to open this book every time endorsing medications. Plus using calculator too.

For example, the most common drug used for fever / pain relief in kids.
Syrup Paracetamol 15mg/kg/dose 4-6H (max 4g/day)

Which means, 
- the name of the drug: syrup Paracetamol (brand name can be like Panadol)
- the dose: 15mg/kg/dose. For example: a kid with weight 10kg, the dosage for him is 150mg. 
- maximum dose if 4000mg/day
- 4-6H: means taken every 4-6hourly
- if taken every 6 hourly: the kid will consume 150mg x 4 times = 600mg (still below the maximum dose) 

There are too much of information that health care workers need to remember. And again, it is really hard to know every single doses for every drugs in this world. So, this book makes it easier. Of course, it is helpful apart from calling the pharmacists and double confirm the dosage hehe.

Same goes in life.

Have we ever feel we had too much of things happening in our life? 
We are human beings. We are not robots.

Even robots have the guidebook, so do we.
And what do humans have?


Open the book, seek help. :)
Don't be ashamed.
This is simply a reminder for myself. Huhu.


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