Pasar Presint 8

October 20, 2020

Finally I found a place that I can do groceries shopping without having to worry about the price. Thanks Kak Mulan :)

For the early 2 weeks of my stay in Cyberjaya, I kept on buying stuffs from Grocers (name it - Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, Star Grocer yada-yada), so I posted Instagram stories asking for help and opinions. A lot of information came into my message box.

One of them is Pasar P8. It is actually very close to Hospital Putrajaya.

So, I went there on Saturday with Haziq and haha of course I love the place!
It is a market in a neighbourhood surrounded by apartments, a school, a food court, a local library in Presint 8.

The price of vegetables, fruits, fishes, meats, chickens etc are affordable. I can say, it is almost similar as in Mydin etc. 

The market will be the place for me to get my groceries on regular occasions :)

Here is the map. Luckily it opens daily. 


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