Korean Age vs American Age?

January 10, 2015

Reunion with Eun Hui after 7 years!

And I didn't expect our friendship still going well after long years of not seeing each other. We first met in middle of 2008, then lost contact, then met again on Facebook and started to keep in touch at least once in two months since then :)

First thing I must say.
She is so beautiful and lovely!

Vaclavske Namesti, Prague

Alhamdulillah for this memorable day:)

I was so excited when she asked me if it is possible to meet if she put Prague in her Europe tour. Awww, I was more than happy to save my day for her. 

And there you go! We met, finally!

Lots of updates to catch up. Well~ we are still on our way to be friends from acquaintances (kenalan). :) We talked about many things and it was awesome to exchange experiences. And she became my 2nd inspired person of solo travelling after a lovely girl I met, Izzah.

Incheon - once upon a time.

Let me share with you something. For our general knowledge.
And maybe exciting one for Korean stuffs lovers. Tehee. :)

Korean age vs American age.

Koreans believe that a baby is already 1 year old when he/she is delivered.*point number 1* (maybe they respect the gestation age) :) And regardless of your birthday, on New Year, you will turn one year older. *point number 2* Meanwhile, American age depends on your birthday. When you are born, your age will be counted as days and months until you have your first birthday. 

Let me give example (if I'm not mistaken) :)

I was born on 15th August 1991
In Korean age, I was 1 year old when I was born, and I am one year older since last 1st January 2015 - that's mean - today I am now 25 years old. While in American age, I am still 23 years old. And on 15th August 2015 - I will be 24 years old. :)

Ouch, 24? I feel old now. T__T

Easier way to calculate your Korean age 
2015 - 1991(year you are born) + 1 = 25

But, imagine a baby born on 31st December 2014. He was already 1 year old on the day he was born. Then, the next day on New Year (1st January 2015), he gets 1 year older - in which in Korean age, he is already 2 years old, while he is only 1 day old in American age.

That's so...unique!

I think this topic came out when I told her about my classmates. Some of them are already 30 years old and some are just passing 20 years old. Still, we mingled together without having to care about the age gaps. We just called each other with names - no brother, no sister, no sunbae, no dongsaeng. Yea, I know people in Korea, when they talk to someone older (even though only 1 year apart), they use term hyung, oppa, noona, unnie. Similar like Malaysia too, right? Abang, kakak senior?

It's culture :) 
And that makes a community more special. 
I respect it by still calling my Malaysians seniors with Kak. Except who refused that. ^_^


So, what is your Korean and American age? Is there difference of 2 years like me?

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