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January 6, 2015

Living far away from my home country make me realized how grateful I should be. Missing the family that I used to see at least once a month, missing the seas and beaches a lot (there are NONE of these in Czech T_T). And of course missing the food. Traditional food. Malay food. 

Well, so far, I can't see any Malaysian restaurants here (which I guess a lot maybe in UK - I haven't been there ;p). So, every time I'm craving for something that can fill my Malaysian's delicious taste of bud, it is either I will ask someone to make it for me (yeah, I know - muka tak malu, but I'm don't really ask a lot T_T) or I need to do it myself. Sedap tak sedap, belakang kira. What to do, I'm not a good cook. 

My second attempt of Laksam.
Here we go!

My biggest challenge was to make the laksam itself T_T. Out of 10 trays, only 5 are properly done & cooked. Ouch, I wasted lots of my rice flour :(

But, no worries, I learnt the trick!

So, let me share with you how I make my laksam. Simple laksam. Maybe more suitable for students like me :) Servings for 4 people.

To make the laksam, I use;-

i) 3 cups of rice flour 
- (I used IKEA plastic cup. It doesn't matter what types of cup you use, just make sure you use the same one for the water)
ii) 2 tablespoon of wheat flour (the normal one ;))
iii) 4 cups of warm water

How to make it?

1. Prepare your steamer (pengukus) & heat it. 
2. In a bowl, put both rice flour and wheat flour together with warm water. 
3. Make sure to stir them so that they mix well.
4. Put a small baking tray into the steamer. *you can use anything actually; like a pot cover, a plate*
5. Spread very very very little amount of oil onto the tray. (you can use pandan leaves :D)
6. Pour the laksam mixture into layer (not too thick or too thin) 
7. Wait for it to be cooked - about 2-3 minutes 
8. Remove the baking tray from the steamer, place it onto a plate. BE CAREFUL, it is really hot.
9. By using spoon and your fingers, fold the laksam. I think it is okay to fold it while it is still hot. 


For the laksam's gravy - I use;-

i) 4 boxes of Sardine (total about 500g) - I just take the fish without the tomato sauce :)
ii) 500ml coconut milk (santan) 
iii) 1 inch of ginger
iv) 3 onions (I only have Holland onions here)
v) 4 garlic 
vi) 1 small spoon of black pepper powder
vii) A few asam keping
viii) Sugar and salt to taste

How to cook the gravy?
1. Blend the sardine, onions, garlic, ginger, santan and black pepper powder.
2. Pour the mixture into a pot, then put some asam keping.
3. Add sugar and salt (depend on people's taste)
4. If the gravy is quite thick, put some water. But if you like thick gravy, just leave it :)
5. Leave it to cook. 

Finally, serve it and eat!

I added some salads, cucumber, bunga kantan and sambal to put more taste to it :)

p/s - reference . thank you! :)
p/s/s - I feel awkward to take pictures while cooking. But still, I need to record this for my future reference :)

Till then, 

v Khaulah,

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