Segment Bloglist February - June by Cik Manis

January 27, 2015

Let's join this segment; by Cik Manis Inani!
The rules are so easy to follow;

1. Follow her blog - DONE
2. Follow her Instagram (optional) - DONE
3. Publish entry about this segment
4. Leave our link on her comment section!

The results will be announced after the segment end and 20 lucky bloggers will be randomly pick. :)


I must say that I like the description on her blog :D

Kadang kadang tak semua benda yang kita nak kita akan dapat & tak semua yang kita dapat itu kekal milik kita selamanya :) 

Well, that describe our life. The life itself is temporary. We will never live forever, so do things that we have or do. :) Thank you! I take it as reminder for me. ^_^

By the way, click HERE or the banner above to join!

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