Hiking Trip - Bukit Engku Busu, Perak

September 21, 2018

Wahaha. Macam tak percaya je saya berpeluang pergi hiking masa housemanship ni.

So, this time, my friends and I went to Bukit Engku Busu, Lumut. There are at least 2 hills to hike if you come here - the other one is Bukit 300 (located close to Teluk Batik). Going to hike that hill soon, insyAllah.

As usual, need to read a bit about the hill. I honestly read this blog post a long ago, since I was still in Obs&Gyne. Just, I didn't have the opportunity that time. :) And my memory about the things I've read already faded away T_T

Our team - Hamizah, Hanis, Haziq, Sham

Just a little introduction about this hill. It is approximately 331 meters high (1087 feet) and named after a king(?) or prince(?) notsurethough, Raja Engku Busu who was been invited to help eliminating pirates in the area. The pirates were disturbing most of the Dutch, British ships etc. However, he was killed and lost the mission.

Manjung that we know today is actually being called as Dindings. The new name has been used since 1st January 1982. 

Welcome to Trek Merentas Hutan Bukit Engku Busu :D

If you read the blog post I mentioned earlier, you can imagine how challenging the route is. Most of it is covered with roots that we need to climb to get higher up. At some slippery areas, there are ropes provided to help us. If I am not mistaken, there are 8 check points to reach the peak. 

Nampak je mendatar... tapi....

Feels nice to see this thing in the middle of hiking. Energized. 

With Hamizah.

Seeeeee. Roots everywhere. 

Seeing roots like that reminds me of 4 seasons I experienced before. Can you imagine how trees can survive different seasons with different challenges? Because Allah has created them with all the needful preparation. For example, don't you think the roots play a huge role?

"When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind."

Exactly though.

If someone has deep roots of religion, send them anywhere insyAllah they won't change.
If someone has deep roots of love, go and meet a lot of people - insyAllah they won't stray away.
If someone has deep roots of knowledge, insyAllah they won't be bothered with evolution of ideas and even look forward for more.

Rasa macam dah lama tak tadabbur alam. I think I need to start on this again. 


The peak of this hill is actually covered with plants and trees, so don't expect beautiful views from the peak. But, just before the peak, there is a route on the right that we can enjoy the view of the sea and TLDM. People said that we can see Pulau Pangkor as well but I am not that sure which one it is.

Overall, we took about 3 hours plus (I think so) to hike and get back to the base. It was challenging for me but with non-stop motivation of "sikit je lagi", "tu haaa, dah nak sampai dah".... I feel like, yes I can do this. Haha.

Well, biasa la tu. Ayat "5 minit je lagi" dah biasa dalam kamus hiking ni. :D

Breath-taking enough.

To get here;

Thanks guys for the day, till the next hiking trip!
Bukit 300 pulak okay?

M, Perak, Malaysia

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