Sisters at Heart

September 3, 2018

Both are the youngest in the family.
Both are the only daughter.

My beautiful cousin, Farah.

I am very happy for your marriage, Fa. :) Although I can't be there physically to help through out the plan towards your D-day, deep in heart I am wishing all the good things for you.

And I am ultimately happy to be granted with 3 days off just to be there on that day, to witness the akad, the reception and to be your bridesmaid :) Still remember the day when Mak Yang helped with video call on your engagement day when I was too far away. 

Thanks for being a good sister. 
Thanks for sharing ears to listen to my stories.
Thanks for praying the best for me.


May you have a blessed marriage in this world and still be together, happily towards the Hereafter. :)
Ameen ameen!

M, Perak, Malaysia

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