An Autumn Forest

October 10, 2014

Hey, finally I'm here!


I miss blogging. T_T

Lately, I realised I keep mostly everything inside or just telling certain people, it's tiring. Many things happened in short duration of time. Good things, not good things. Just, I think I experienced many different situations I had never been before. Learnt how to handle things; professionally. Learnt to consider other people's feeling, not sure to think of my own or not. Learnt to put myself into other people shoes and see things from their point of view. Learnt to be a better listener. Learnt to be a better daughter to my parents. Yeah, everything is a process of learning. Continuously.

Sometimes we can never get things the way we want. Because Allah always give us in the way we need.

I appreciated this quote so much. It supposed to be posted since July, but I'm not sure why it remained in my draft till now. Maybe, some things are better left silent?

Aha, by the way, it is autumn now! You can see leaves falling around, beautiful colours - mesmerizing! I can't really say which seasons do I love the most. I keep changing my preferences and I may love all seasons! I was doing a random quiz and I got this. That's why this entry is named that way :D

And I think it kinds of suit me. A deep person, maybe? I can't really expressed myself and often get other people misunderstand things I want to say. Sobss T_T

I leave this ayah for us to ponder.
And autumn, you are so something!

Not a leaf falls but that He knows it. 6;59

v Khaulah

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