Dad's Girlfriend

October 29, 2014

After 2 weeks, finally I managed to have a Skype call with my dad :) And indirect phone call through Skype with mum. She was still at school, doing some last preparation for Sport's Day, I guess.

One sweet conversation that make me smile till now :D

My mum called my dad when I was on Skype with him. So, he put her call on speaker, so I can hear her. :D I screamed loud, but she can't really understand what I'm saying but she knew my dad was talking to someone.

And she asked; "Who is that :)?"
Dad; "My girlfriend."
Mum; "Aha, you are now on Skype with Nina, isn't it?"

<3 <3 <3

Hihihi, dad is always daughter's first love and always be, right? :D

v Khaulah

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