Cycling Trip ; Ceska Skalice, Czech

October 10, 2014

This is the best thing I love to do ;) Spend time with nature. Yeah, I can say I spend quite much, but it feels different every single time. The journey, it will never be the same. What I get throughout the way, that's what I'm looking for. Enjoying the beauty of sky, reflected trees on the river's surface, green emerald water, fishes swimming happily, super clean environment - these are bonuses! 

Cycling is my another favourite. I love walking-hiking more. Even though both are energy-consuming T_T. 

So, this is about my latest trip! 

Česká Skalice

It is a small town at the north of Hradec Kralove, worth 64 km cycling; return. Along the way, I went through Smirice, Jaromer and few others really small towns and neighborhoods. The good thing I observed, there were so many Czech people cycling along with us with their own destinations; in which that show how healthy life most of them are living. When few couple of elderly ride their bikes constantly faster than you, there must be something. :O Ouch.

My target of the trip; Rozkoš Reservoir, known as the East Bohemian Sea. It is generally a water reservoir, can be seen if you travel from Adrspach back to Hradec Kralove by train. It's so beautiful from far! It is manmade, about 2km long. I read somewhere that this reservoir comes from Upa river and basically there are some power stations there (dams) and used to protect the area during flood. Since it's quite nice and kind of safe, it becomes the place for recreation, mostly water sports. 

I love you, dear Kelly! 

And this is the town of Jaromer, and in the picture if I'm not mistaken is a church. Yeah, you can see the cross on top of the roof. It is more quite than Hradec Kralove for sure. I didn't read much about this town, but it is kind of famous with Josefov Fortress; obviously a military defence area.

The fortress is intended to protect against attacks of Prussians but it was not used much as most battles occur somewhere else. And another important fact, Ceska Skalice is also famous with the battle between Prussian and Austrian armies. It is said that many people died during the battle and there are many graves there in Ceska Skalice, but I'm not sure where it is exactly 

Go along this river to get to the place I told before. This is the most favourite river in Hradec Kralove - Labe. Well, as people know HK itself is beautiful with the confluence of 2 rivers - Labe and Orlice, that run along the city. No wonder most people love them so much - for me I feel like they put peace to the city. 

I would like to suggest if you are travelling in Czech. Of course, it is in Czech language, but it is quite friendly and even better than Google Maps. also helps a lot if you want to find some routes - either walking, hiking or cycling. Download it on the phone, and insyAllah you will find your way easier and will not get lost. Hmm, getting lost is fun actually but it is not really when you are a girl. :)

Let's get healthier, preserve the nature and peace yourself out! :D

See you when I see you,
Assalamualaikum <3

v Khaulah,

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