Hiking Trip ; Cesky Raj, Czech

October 25, 2014

What's interesting about Cesky Raj?

First and foremost, Cesky Raj means Bohemian Paradise. It was declared as the first nature reserve in Czech!

And when we say paradise, just imagine any of the most beautiful places that we have been. The real paradise or heaven; for sure we can not have the real view. Not yet. But, when we see somewhere beautiful in the world, it increases our expectation and hope, and insyAllah efforts to get into Jannah, our realllll paradise. Ameen.

So, that the first thing about Cesky Raj. The name itself.

What else? :D

Depends on which routes you take (or maybe not really) - you can feel you travel in different places! Emm, I mean, surrounded by different type of forests - sometimes, it can be full of oak trees, others can be simple maple trees, spruce, pines etc. Separately. Hihi. I'm still doing my best effort to learn more about the trees in the forest T_T bear with me. :)

Pine trees

Since it is located at the north of Czech and not that so far from Adrspach, most of times you can still admire all the sandstone rocks :) The top rocks themselves were told (maybe) to be the base of sea, long long long time ago. You can imagine, how deep we are on the ground compared to previous thousands years. :O The main town here is Turnov - called as the heart of Bohemian Paradise. Before, I thought Turnov and Trutnov are the same place, but nope, Trutnov is more to the northeast. Check the map.

There are many castles if I'm not mistaken, but the one I went last time is Valdštejn Castle - originally a Gothic castle. To get into the castle, you need to cross a narrow stone bridge - with some statues on both sides - it kind of similar to a smaller version of Charles Bridge.

Valdštejn is the oldest castle in Cesky Raj. It was approximately constructed around 1260 by Jaroslav of Hruštice from Markvartic family. He was the ancestors of lords of Valdštejn. The castle was owned by Valdštejn family until 1380, after that, few changes of owners take place.

From what I've been told, the last person who own it in about 19th century was the one who created all the trails to get to the castle for tourists, with some look-out points and spas there.

Aha, when you want to enter the castle, you need to pay 25 kc (student price) - you will get few papers of guides / map; they help you to understand the castle more. There were so many information on them, so, I just read first few pages. :p

Like I mentioned before, you can plan your trip here, in Mapy.cz. :)

After we spent most time at the castle, we planned to continue our walking. But, we took a wrong way, that lead us towards Turnov Mesto. Haha. We were right on the green route as planned - but after nearly 1km, I realised that we took the opposite way (helped by GPS). We supposed to go deeper into the forest, a bit more to the south of Cesky Raj. :p 

But well, it is okay, we got to see how Turnov looks like. :)

The moment we arrived at the train station of Turnov, I feel worried about the tickets. In HK hlavni nadrazi, we bought 4 return seats from HK - Karlovice Sedmihorky - HK. However, since we would like to go back to HK from Turnov on the earliest train which did not pass Sedmihorky, we need to change the tickets. It was not an easy task, with our not-so-good Czech language and Google Translator, we managed to change ticket with extra +- 100kc/4 persons. So, the total return tickets costs less than 200kc per person. :) That's still nice prices for all the beautiful creatures we've enjoyed. Hihi.

JazakunAllah khoiran katheera, hiking mates. :D

Till next mission, bye!

v Khaulah

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