Birthday Eve | Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

August 19, 2017

It is more beautiful in real life!

Right after USS, I walked on Sentosa Broadwalk to the main island... to be exact, I was heading to Harbourfront MRT to take the train to Bugis MRT, the closest station to where I was staying for the night. 

It was already 8pm when I checked in at the hostel. It was hard to estimate if I can reach Gardens by the Bay on time to watch the light show at 8.45pm. I decided to perform my prayers first then plan my route to see the Supertree Grove. :)

Singapore Flyer - The Eye of Singapore

Unfortunately, I arrived at Gardens by the Bay around 9.30pm, obviously I missed the light show.

Isn't it lovely? :)

But, it is okay. The garden itself is still looking gorgeous for me to enjoy the night view. I did not regret my decision of coming here when actually I had the thought of calling it a day before. Alhamdulillah :)

My friend went back to Johor Bahru after USS for her work and I decided to stay a night in Singapore. So, I was alone here at this garden. But yeah.. with some other travelers and visitors as well. There were many people there, despite it was getting close to midnight. 

Honestly, I felt safer compared to going out at night in KL. T_T

Coconut trees :D

Would love to try the skyway in the future :)

To those who do not know yet, Garden by the Bay is actually a project to make Singapore more greener and so many people from different qualifications were responsible to make this project comes true. As we know, Singapore itself is an island of very limited land. The government really plan well for every single project and construction. I will share in future post on how this country maintains the balance between development and nature. :)

With the gigantic Supertree Grove.

Garden by the Bay consists of these:


I would love to enter both observatories but not this time, this is a very short trip to cover. I guess at least 2 full days are nice to explore Singapore city center (minus USS or any other parks). 

Marina Bay Sands, OCBC Skyway, Supertree Grove

These supertrees are NOT trees. They are basically constructions made of concrete covered by steel. Then, plants are planted on the concrete with the help of planting panels. The plants themselves are various and some species are from other countries. If you read the details in its website, you'll be impressed (like I still am) with how detailed this garden is.

The plants are chosen based on few characteristics. They must be easy to handle, lightweight, can survive Singapore's climate etc. 

I am really impressed with the supertrees for their functions :D

Other than becoming an attraction for their wonderful design and colors plus the various species of plants, the supertrees actually have other contributions. The canopy on top helps to shade the area and at the same time, some supertrees are installed with solar panels (to harvest solar energy). I read that visitors can go up the supertrees to enjoy the view of the garden and Marina Bay. Or else, walk along the skyway. Fuh, I can't imagine that. 

Another shot.

Marina Bay Sands at the back.

Meanwhile, Marina Bay Sands is separated from Garden by the Bay by the river. I love the color of the water, it is not that clear but at least, not the color of 'teh tarik' . T_T 

Marina Bay Sands is actually a 5-stars hotel in which a night stay at this hotel costs from S$ 450 (1 King / 2 Twin beds) to S$ 6 000 (suite of 1 King + 2 Queen beds + living room + dining area). Another popular attraction of this hotel is its infinity pool. It does not have infinity shape anyway. 

The view inside Marina Bay Sands.
Another view.

I enjoyed myself on my birthday eve there. Just spending time on my own to reflect how my life has been since I was born. Of course I can not remember details or any memories of the very first few years. But, since I have the chance to spend lots of time with my parents right now, I managed to imagine myself when I was a baby. From the moment I kept quiet in my mum's womb (I was a very good baby lol) until my mum a bit scared then the doctor said I was growing healthily and my heartbeats were normal. :) 

My birth time was close to Subuh prayer, if I am not mistaken 5.05am. I just knew recently that my parents did not want to know my gender in advanced. I am glad I was born as a baby girl (am still a girl though haha) just like how both of them prayed for. A healthy baby girl. :)

I am thankful my parents allow me to do what I want, give permission to go to places far away from them. Maybe there are few things or ideas I can not agree with them due to different perspectives of view and obviously we are from different generations. But, I hope and I pray hard that I can explain my reasons in a polite way... to understand their points of view and not to be rude... with the aim of finding the meeting point of our ideas, so that I can do my plans with their blessing. This is my life-time goal. 

Parents' blessings and prayers are powerful, don't forget that. Ever. 

Credit - @CoutureIslamicArt

Thank you Ayah Mak for sacrificing your energy on me, 
even though you are tired enough.
Thank you Ayah Mak for sacrificing your money on me, 
even though you are struggling hard to gain it.
Thank you Ayah Mak for sacrificing your time on me, 
even though you need to work hard for our family.
Thank you Ayah Mak for spoiling me with your love,
insyAllah I am giving mine as well.
Thank you Ayah Mak for giving me the best education that you could,
Thank you Ayah Mak for remembering my favorites.

Thank you Ayah Mak for your life that you shared with me.

Lots of love,
Your one and only daughter :)

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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