What Should We Know About Traveloka and KL2017?

August 25, 2017

Well, what is trending in Malaysia right now?

Most Malaysians know it right? Yep, exactly. The 29th SEA Games and 9th ASEAN Para Games are currently held in Malaysia. Most events are held around Kuala Lumpur. Despite the fact that sailing was held in Langkawi, to make these events to be easily remembered, they are branded as Kuala Lumpur 2017 - hence the hashtag #KL2017. :)

So, what Traveloka is for in KL2017?

1. Gold sponsor of KL2017.
I am sure you guys realized Traveloka is stated on most banners of KL2017.  It is one of sponsors! To be exact, one of the proud Gold sponsors for this KL2017. Haaa, to those who wonder what is the difference between Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsor... they are actually categorized by their sponsorship - Gold means RM 3M to RM 7.5M. Wow. 

To those who are not familiar with Traveloka or simply have no idea what is Traveloka, let me give you rough idea about it. Traveloka is a platform to get one of the best hotel and flight offers for our travel trips. It is currently getting stronger around Southeast Asia. 

2. Official online travel partner for KL2017.
As the official online travel partner for KL 2017, Traveloka offers a lot for visitors to travel and explore our beloved country, Malaysia - not only for foreigners but for us, Malaysians as well. Malaysia is really truly Asia, this is actually our own advantage to fully use Traveloka to plan our next trip around Malaysia. 

Hello, Malaysia is the latest and on-going promotion (book till 31st August 2017) that we should not missed, especially those travelers who are currently planning their trip. Can you imagine Traveloka offers up to 40% hotel and flight discounts? :O

Honestly, I just enjoyed a good price and experience with Traveloka few days ago. My uncle and aunt were going to perform their Hajj, they need to check in at Tabung Haji Complex Bayan Lepas by 1 am. So basically the rest of us planned to stay a night at a hotel close to the complex. We chose Hotel Seri Malaysia Penang as it is located just 5-6km away and we are frequent guests of Hotel Seri Malaysia, so we are familiar with its standard and style. 

To my surprise, the price offered by Traveloka was RM150 for a family room (3 persons) while the hotel itself charged RM 200+ for that specific date. The room rate is usually around RM 160 - RM200 - it depends. 

Awesome. :D

3. Other Traveloka's offers for KL2017.
If you have the chance to watch any live games at Bukit Jalil, why not drop by at Traveloka booth there? 

I really want to join the other Malaysians at Bukit Jalil or any other venues. I am an athlete myself :D Seriously I love sports and activities involving our body so much. Other than to cheer for our national team there, maybe this can be my second chance to meet KJ in person. :D However, I have other priorities to do this month so I am cheering in front of the television! :)

Fit Malaysia - Ipoh
#talldarkandhandsome :D :D 

It is said that Traveloka organizes few contests there (like photo-booth and placard contests) and who knows any of us may win the prizes. I have been told that the prizes total worth of RM 200 000! Since I can not be there right now, you guys have one competitor less, hehe.

Anyway, for people who stay far away from Kuala Lumpur (like me), no worries guys. We still have chances to win something from Traveloka! Wohoooo.


Go to this link http://travelokakl2017.com.my/. and next to the home button (on top of the page), you can see 'contest'. "Predict The Winner, Be The Winner!" The contest is as simple as ABC. You can read the instructions on the page itself. RM100 travel coupons are offered! WOW. RM 100 means so much to me, honestly. :)

Ahaaaa, to those who want to watch any live-streams and would like to keep updated with KL2017, you can simply stream the videos on the same link. This is very helpful Malaysians who are staying or currently abroad. I had problems myself to enjoy live sport events (like Thomas Cup etc) when I was in Czech back then. So, this time, to those Malaysians out there... you have no excuse to say you have no idea how to keep updated with this event as I have told you :) :)

Simply click on the link I mentioned earlier and you can access YouTube and Facebook Live for KL2017.


Let's cheer for our national team and our country!
#KitaJuara #BangkitBersama #KL2017

All the best, athletes of Malaysia!

SS, Perak, Malaysia

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